101 Roses bouquets delivery in Ukraine

101 Pink Roses
$ 375
101 Mixed Roses
$ 375

Discount %

101 Red White Roses
$ 375
101 Yellow Roses
$ 378
101 Red Roses
$ 380
101 Coral Roses
$ 385
One Thousand Roses
$ 495
101 Luxury White Roses
$ 550
101 Luxury Red Roses
$ 550

101 Roses Bouquets Delivery in Ukraine

It is not easy to talk about feelings at a distance, but a bouquet of 101 roses from Kievdelivery will express everything without words. We guarantee that the high quality of the best Ecuadorian and Dutch roses in the flower market will make a great impression on your lady. We will deliver a gift to any locality in Ukraine 24/7 by taking a photo of the moment of receipt (if the recipient does not mind). You will see the delight on the face of a dear person and experience an intoxicating feeling of jubilation as if you are nearby and hand over a surprise with your own hands.

Types of Roses to Order at Kievdelivery

  • Classic red roses are a safe bet for any occasion. They are exquisite, therefore they are very popular. Order a bouquet of one hundred and one red roses with delivery, which is based on Ukrainian (budget option) or imported luxury quality roses.
  • White flowers are perfect on their own or in combination with other shades. Their majesty will strike your chosen one in the very heart.
  • Pink roses emphasize youth and charm. They are delicate, but effective, which is why young beauties like them so much.
  • Yellow flowers exude energy and positivity. On them, like at sunrise, you just want to admire endlessly.
If you have not decided on the color, choose a mix from classic or spray roses. And don't forget about the vessel for the bouquet. As soon as the delight at the first sight of the surprise dies down a little, its owner will have to look for a suitable container to place the gift. Kievdelivery offers to choose a beautiful minimalistic vase. She will emphasize the beauty of the gift and help to place it in the interior.

101 roses bouquets 1 101 roses bouquets 2

The process of 101 roses delivery in Ukraine

Florists at Kievdelivery choose first-class flowers for their work without a single flaw. Our bouquets last for a long time, decorating the room and catching the eye. They exude exquisite aromas, becoming a huge event at any celebration. The high quality of each bouquet of 101 roses is guaranteed by the following features:

  • We buy flowers at the base, not from dealers. Florists check every bud and leave only luxury quality.
  • Flower arrangements are stored under special conditions and no more than two hours. They always look fresh and effective.
  • Couriers use equipped cars, in which the flowers retain their original presentable appearance.
A large bouquet can replace a full-fledged gift. But sometimes you want to leave the impression of such an exceptional surprise for years to come. A postcard with a fiery message or sincere congratulations will help with this. We will translate it for free from any language of the world and deliver it along with the bouquet.

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