25 roses bouquets delivery in Ukraine


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25 Red Roses
$ 82
25 White Roses
$ 89

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25 Red Roses in Box
$ 110
25 Luxury Red Roses
$ 139
Happiness Together Set
$ 145
Elite Gifts Set
$ 155
25 Luxury White Roses
$ 165

25 Roses Bouquets Delivery in Ukraine

Order delivery of 25 chic roses from Kievdelivery for a special person in Ukraine - make a pleasant surprise that you will not forget. We create not just bouquets, but real works of art, because we use premium quality Ukrainian, Ecuadorian and Dutch roses. Our couriers will deliver the flower gift to the recipient on time, even if only the recipient's phone number is known.

The assortment of roses in Kievdelivery

Flowers are given on holidays, in honor of an important event, or simply as a sign of attention. But a bouquet of twenty-five beautiful roses is not just a pleasant compliment, but a real delight and splendor. With all his looks, he tells the recipient about the depth and seriousness of feelings.

We offer a choice of passionate reds, delicate whites, or sophisticated pinks from Ukraine, Ecuador, and Holland. These flowers do not shout about their beauty, but delicately make it clear that they do not need additional advertising. 25 proud and majestic roses transform the space around them and attract the eyes as if from childhood they were brought up in a family of hereditary aristocrats.

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How to choose a bouquet of 25 roses in Ukraine

A chic set of flowers - a gift that is stunning at first sight. This wow effect can be extended if you think over a spectacular accompaniment to a beautiful bouquet:

  • An elegant vase is an appropriate addition to a flower arrangement. 25 graceful flowers in an ugly vessel will lose some of their attractiveness. If you are not sure if the recipient has a suitable vase, then worry about having one. We offer to purchase a high-quality vase for a bouquet with delivery, in which the gift will sparkle with exquisite colors.
  • Sweets in a duet with beautiful roses will conquer a woman's heart, disarming even the Snow Queen. Kievdelivery offers delicate cakes, gourmet chocolates, or sets of sweets and other fresh desserts for every taste.
  • Toys and souvenirs. A small, lovingly chosen little thing will capture the event in the memory of the recipient for many years.
Don't trust the ladies who claim they don't like flowers. Probably, they have not yet received a bouquet of 25 premium roses as a gift and have not experienced the delight they give the recipient. Please your beloved, mother, or another close person in Ukraine with a chic set of roses delivered from Kievdelivery, and we will do everything to convey your congratulations with dignity, quickly, and with love.

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