51 roses bouquets delivery in Ukraine


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51 Roses Mix
$ 160
51 Red Roses
$ 164
51 Pink Roses
$ 175
Elite Passion Mix
$ 175
51 Red White Roses
$ 175
51 Pink White Roses
$ 180
51 Yellow Roses
$ 185

51 Roses Bouquet Delivery in Ukraine

The expression of passionate feelings for a person living in Ukraine will be the prompt delivery of bouquets of 51 roses from Kievdelivery. Our experienced florists create stunning premium quality fresh flower arrangements at an affordable price. Perfect roses are ready to ship 24/7. They always look neat and elegant, as if they just returned from a beauty salon. Delight a loved one with an exceptional gift by ordering a chic bouquet at Kievdelivery.

What color roses to order for a special occasion

Actions exceed any promises, so do not hesitate to make beautiful gestures, and we at Kievdelivery will be happy to help. Choose the color of the roses, and our professionals will take care of the unmatched quality and fast delivery.

  • The flame of red roses cannot be conveyed in words. By their color alone, they tell the addressee about a deep passion more eloquently than poetic recognition.
  • Pink roses are both gentle and majestic. Their aroma is more refined than elite perfume. They are eye-catching like a red carpet superstar.
  • White roses are aristocrats among all flowers. They express the richness of feelings, meaningfulness, and a balanced decision of the sender to be there, no matter what. White roses transform any room, as does expensive porcelain or rhinestone.
  • Yellow flowers cheer up because they look fresh and cheerful in summer. It is appropriate to give such roses to a person with whom you have a warm relationship.
Not sure which color will impress your mistress? Choose a flower mix. For romantic girls, bouquets with a soft color gradient are ideal. Vivid red and white or multi-colored contrast from many shades will impress women with aesthetic taste.

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A gorgeous bouquet of 51 roses with delivery

A set of fifty-one passionate roses is gorgeous as a solo gift. It is so impressive that one would like to prolong the delight from its contemplation for many years. Do this by attaching a card to the flowers. We will translate text from any language of the world free of charge and will gallantly hand it over to your beloved or close relative.

Not every home has a vase that will enhance the beauty of a gorgeous bouquet of 51 roses. Another way to complement a gift is to purchase a stylish vase. Its laconic design will not draw attention away from flowers, but will only become an appropriate addition.

Place an order for 51 roses in Kievdelivery and be sure that the recipient, looking at him and thinking about you, will experience only delight and joy.

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