7 roses bouquets delivery in Ukraine

7 Red Roses
$ 28
7 Coral Roses
$ 29
Sweet Tenderness
$ 35
Out of stock
Pink Roses in Daisies
$ 39
7 Pink Roses Pure Mix
$ 39
White and Pink Mix
$ 45
Pink Inspiration
$ 48
Floral Cloud
$ 48

Kyiv only

Tender Cloud bouquet
$ 49
Good Morning
$ 52
Love Heaven
$ 52
For My Darling
$ 54
Need You Much
$ 55
Pink Super Mix
$ 55

7 Roses Bouquets Delivery

Kievdelivery offers to order bouquets of 7 roses with round-the-clock delivery across Ukraine. Our florists lovingly create compositions from Ukrainian, Dutch or Ecuadorian roses, the beauty of which can only be compared with the depth of your sincere feelings. We send flowers to anywhere in the country on the exact day and hour according to the agreement. With their help, you will bring true pleasure to your loved one from contemplation of perfection created by nature and lovingly collected in harmonious combination in bouquets with 7 roses from Kievdelivery.

Who to choose a bouquet of 7 roses

Looking for a gift for a loved one? Do not forget to take into account the traditions of the country in which the addressee lives. In Ukraine, the number seven has been considered magical since ancient times, attracting good luck and prosperity. 7 elite roses will make a strong impression on the recipient and leave only positive emotions.

The Kievdelivery showcase presents options exclusively from some roses or compositions, complemented by other types of flowers. Roses combined with airy carnations, spontaneous daisies, elegant lilies, and delicate alstroemerias will sparkle with new meanings. Such combinations will convey your message as accurately as possible: congratulations, declaration of love, an apology.

7 roses bouquets 1 roses bouquets 2

Where to order same-day delivery of roses in Ukraine

Some events can be prepared in advance. It is convenient to order 7 roses in advance as a gift for your birthday, New Year, Valentine's Day, or any other holiday. This will help you not to succumb to the festive turmoil and be sure that the gift arrives at the addressee on time. Kievdelivery offers discounts: save from 10 to 30% on the cost of a bouquet by placing an order a month or more before the appointed date.

But some of the events burst into life without warning. In this case, use the super-fast flower delivery in Ukraine from Kievdelivery:

  • We collect bouquets 2 hours before dispatch, so they always look presentable and fresh.
  • Florists use high quality and strong flowers. The bouquet will delight the recipient for a long time with a cheerful appearance and fragrant aroma.
  • We transport the compositions in an equipped car, deliver them in the best possible way and present them sincerely as if we were giving them to our loved ones.

We will bring flowers not only at home but also to work, to a restaurant, hotel, hospital. The recipient does not always have the opportunity to put the bouquet in water and enjoy their gorgeous aroma. In these cases, you can complement the bouquet with a beautiful vase, in which the gift will look harmonious and aesthetically pleasing.
Kievdelivery will deliver your sincere congratulations to any part of Ukraine 24/7 and guarantees that the addressee will receive the bouquet exactly in the form in which you intended.

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