Alstroemerias Delivery in Ukraine

Simply Miss You
$ 33
Because I Need You
$ 35
Out of stock
Spring Spray
$ 39
Elegance Bouquet
$ 45
Amazing Feelings Bouquet
$ 45
Salsa of Love Bouquet
$ 45
Floral Cloud
$ 45
Elegant Stars
$ 48
Colorful Feelings
$ 48
1000 Kisses
$ 92

Alstroemeria Delivery in Ukraine

Decorative flowers of alstroemeria are available for delivery in Ukraine and attract special attention for unique reasons. When they first began to explore the European lands, they were called "the gift of the sun", and beautiful legends were created about them. Solar plants perfectly tolerate a hot climate, reaching a height of 80-150 cm. Alstroemeria has an elongated leaf shape, some of them rotate around its axis, creating a lush bud. The petals are painted in different colors, and bright dashed lines appear along with them. We propose you to buy alstroemeria bouquets in Ukraine in our flower shop for every celebration. The plant of magical beauty originally had other names: “Peruvian lily”, “lily of the Incas”, “parrot lily”. The final name of the flower was due to the Swedish botanist by name of Alströmer. It was he who first brought to Europe two seeds from Spain, forever reviving the plant in his country.

Alstroemeria in bouquets - elegance and style

Alstroemeria - unique flowers that look great in mono bouquets or in mixed flowers bouquets. They are perfectly combined with roses, lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations, complementing the bouquet with pomp, bright notes, and fragrance. At any time of the year you can order bouquets of alstroemerias because unlike tulips and lilies, they bloom all year round in our online shop.

Alstroemeria, like roses, are always available on our website. You can order them for delivery in Ukraine with any color scheme. The range of products in our store is constantly updated with new varieties. With us, you can buy the buds of the most unusual colors to melt the heart of an unapproachable lady or to please a loved one at the other end of the World.

Meaning of alstroemeria colors 

Alstroemeria is appropriate to give the second half, a friend, mother, recalling tender or friendly feelings. It is believed that the divine flower brings good luck, wealth, success in new affairs. But some shades of this ornamental plant symbolize something very important:

  • The buds are richly red - talking about passion, ardent love. Therefore, they give such alstroemerias to the second half.
  • Pink - indicate sympathy for the girl. A great way to express your feelings on the first date.
  • White elegant Alstroemeria means friendship, a special predisposition to the addressee. White alstroemeria bouquets are intended for friends and colleagues. A mother-in-law or step-mother will receive as a gift a floral gift with glitter in their eyes.
Red Alstroemeria in Ukraine Pink Alstroemeria in Ukraine White Alstroemeria in Ukraine


An exotic plant can be ordered not only for a gift but also for decoration. For example, they will look good in the newlywed's room, garden gazebo, wedding hall. Cute buds of the original colors will look amazing in the hands of a girl who has gathered under the crown. We offer to order a bouquet before the start of the solemn event. Couriers perfectly cope with the task of flower delivery in every Ukrainian city, of course, if you make the order beforehand. Cut flowers can retain a delicate aroma and charm for up to two to four weeks. The main thing is not to forget to add water into the vase so that they do not wither.

How to order alstroemerias?

Delicate resistant buds, like tin toy soldiers - are beautiful! It is a real pleasure not only to receive but to present such flowers to your beloved person living in Ukraine. The reasons are numerous: Birthday, wedding anniversary, March 8, New Year and other family dates, and of course the main reason - "no reason at all". It is possible to pick up a necessary bouquet of alstroemerias according to the photos presented in the catalog. Flower arrangements will be bright, delicate, perky. Therefore, here you will find the right composition for the date. Ordering a flower gift is easy and simple and for this you need:

  1. Decide on the occasion.
  2. Click on the "Flowers" section and select "Alstroemeria".
  3. Choose the most luxurious bouquet.
  4. For greater effect, you can add a soft toy to the bouquet, chocolate in a charming package. A gift ordered from us is inexpensive and interesting.
  5. A bouquet of charming flowers perfectly expresses the feelings experienced by the recipient. Therefore, we suggest adding text to the color composition, which will be printed in a romantic font on an elegant postcard.
  6. Making a request, do not forget to specify the date of delivery of Alstroemeria in Ukraine. If you are planning to arrange an unforgettable surprise for a dear person, then our Kievdelivery flower online boutique offers to indicate the required delivery time. Couriers will not let you down - deliver the order on time.
  7. Pay for the order with a Credit card or Paypal and wait for the words of gratitude from the mouth of a loved one.

On one branch of alstroemeria blooms up to 15 inflorescences. Therefore, even an inexpensive bunch of several stems will look magnificent and gorgeous. Due to the variety of shades of one inflorescence, the floral surprise looks colorful and bright, which instantly improves your mood and makes you forget about unpleasant moments.

Cheap Delivery of Alstroemerias in Ukraine

Our team consists of professionals who are well aware of their work and professionally dedicated to delicate plants. This allows us to work smoothly and competently:

  • Consultants assist in the selection of bouquets, listening to the preferences of the client;
  • Managers accept applications without forcing customers to wait for confirmation for a long time;
  • Florists make bouquets of divine beauty and different styles;
  • Couriers carry out timely delivery on a specially equipped car.

We accept requests and orders for delivery in Ukraine not only from local residents but also from people living abroad: Europe, Canada, USA. After all, fate forces relatives and friends to disperse all over the Planet. And so you want to give them a little attention, do something nice. We are always ready to take an order from any country! The catalog contains photos of arranged compositions with alstroemerias, but we have prepared other ideas that each of you can use. Despite the low price of alstroemeria, the bouquets with them look fresh and well-groomed at any time of the year! 

Cost of Alstroemerias

Seasonal Flowers 17 USD
Because I Need You 28 USD
Simply Miss You 29 USD
Pinky Mix 32 USD
Elegant Stars 32 USD
Elegance in Bloom 35 USD
Floral Cloud 38 USD
Spring Spray 39 USD
Colorful Feelings 42 USD
11 Pink Roses in Style 45 USD
Amazing Feelings Bouquet 46 USD
Salsa of Love 47 USD
1000 Kisses 48 USD


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