Cakes Delivery in Ukraine

Grilyazh Cake
$ 18
Prague Cake
$ 19
Choco Heaven Cake
$ 22
Four Meetings Cake
$ 24
Kyiv Cake
$ 25
Waiting For Love Cake
$ 25
Fruits Cake
$ 27
Esterhazy Cake
$ 28

Kyiv only

Saint-Tropez Cake
$ 28
Brandy Cherry Cake
$ 35
Out of stock

Kyiv only

Black Forest Cake
$ 45
Chocolate Cake
$ 49

Kyiv only

Yogurtino Cake
$ 55

Kyiv only

Napoleon Cake Elite
$ 55
Cheesecake Cake
$ 59
Custom Cake
$ 65

Cakes Delivery in Ukraine

Birthday, New Year, March 8, anniversary, Valentine's Day, or a simple sign of attention to a loved one - in honor of any significant event, order cake delivery in Ukraine from Kievdelivery and give the atmosphere a solemnity. The site contains more than 20 varieties of these desserts: chocolate, with fruit, with buttercream, with an airy sponge cake, with a photograph, or a classic cake according to a traditional recipe. We send only high-quality, fresh, and delicious cakes with delivery to every area of Ukraine. We warn you: such a gift causes a strong desire to get a festive service, brew aromatic tea, and slowly enjoy every moment.

How to Choose a Cake

There are many traditions that are associated with this dish. For example, on name days it is customary to make a wish and blow out the candles, and in the midst of stag and hen parties, a huge fake cake with a surprise may suddenly appear. During the wedding, the newlyweds solemnly cut a dish for guests, and at parties, future parents will recognize the gender of the child by the color of the filling.

Each event requires its own rules. Therefore, if you decide to buy a cake with delivery in Ukraine, consider the gender, age, and preferences of the recipient.

  • Chocolate cake is a versatile option that can be gifted to a colleague, close friend, man, or woman, regardless of their lifestyle.
  • A cake with berries and delicate vanilla sponge cake is popular with young women and children. It is usually given to lovers, brides, sisters, mothers.
  • Custom-made cakes are an exclusive and original gift. It is often bought for the closest ones, whose hobbies and tastes are well known to the donor. Children will be happy to see the image of their favorite cartoon characters. A woman will be delighted with edible flower decorations, hearts, macaroons. In honor of the anniversary, you can order the delivery of a cake with numbers.
  • Photo Cake is usually given to lovers, brides, or spouses.
  • Classic "Tiramisu", "Napoleon", "Prague", "Kievsky", "Cheesecake" are a kind of tribute to traditions. An option for those who want to be confident in the gift or know a little about the recipient's preferences.
Pay attention also to the size of the cake: if the addressee lives with a large family, he will probably have to share the treat with the household. Try to choose desserts from natural ingredients and remember that some of them can provoke allergies - nuts, honey, or berries.

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Where to Buy Cakes with Fast Delivery

Kievdelivery delivers bouquets and gifts in every region of Ukraine. The range includes luxurious flower arrangements, cakes, soft toys, grocery baskets, flowerpots, balloons, perfumes, and cosmetics. You can add a greeting card to the gift. The site has a system of discounts from 5%.

We buy or prepare all desserts shortly before dispatch, therefore the date and time of delivery of the goods are discussed in advance with the addressee. This category of gifts has special packaging that protects them from dirt and damage. The cakes are transported in an air-conditioned vehicle. With the consent of the recipient, the moment of delivery can be captured in a photo or video.

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