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Carnations Delivery in Ukraine - fast, affordable, reliable!

Carnation (or Dianthus caryophyllus according to Integrated Taxonomic Information System) is a symbolic sensual flower that helps express all the colors of emotions better than any words. The bright and at the same time modest flower bears gentle beauty and improbable force in itself. Therefore, it easily finds its admirers and causes a sincere smile on the face of the recipient. If you want to congratulate a beloved one on holiday, to do something nice for him or her, then give up the template options, be original. Order delivery of carnations in Ukraine for low cost and the masterpieces of nature will do everything for you!

When and whom to present carnations to?

It has long been the tradition to accompany and meet the returning men from the war with a bouquet of red carnations. Therefore, flowers have symbolized loss, courage, bravery, and victory. Modern symbolism allows presenting carnations for different holidays and occasions:

  • Carnations are presented to women and men because they represent honor and glory. A miniature festive bouquet is a good birthday present for a grandmother.
  • A bouquet of red carnations presented to a girl on May 9th ( Victory Day in Ukraine and Russia)  will remind you of the victory of your ancestors.
  • Arrangement of pink and red flowers is proposed to be bought and presented to the second half in honor of the wedding anniversary. Flowers will express respect, passion, ardent love.
  • You can present pink carnations for teachers, doctors, parents. With the help of such a gift, one can express the words of gratitude for good deeds.
  • Arrangement of roses and carnations is often presented to the bride, symbolizing honesty, luck, love, and purity.

We advise ordering of bouquet made of carnations 3-4 days before the holidays on the website of Kievdelivery. Our punctual couriers deliver carnations to every address in Ukraine. The price of carnations bouquet in Kyiv depends on its quantity in the bouquet and the selected variety.

Types of carnations in Ukraine

Carnations are divine flowers, distinguished by a variety of cup shape and leaves. Experienced florists of our online store skillfully combine them with other varieties of buds. Exquisite flower retains its charm in mono-bouquets, complex arrangements. They are combined with roses, peonies, irises, alstroemeria, tulips. Their presence gives the bouquet originality, delicate spicy-sweet fragrance, and color expression. Our florists make compositions from flowers of different groups:

  • Standard - 60-80 petals in a flower.
  • Bush - numerous inflorescence on the stem.
  • Chinese - have one inflorescence on a stalk.
Chinese Carnations in UkraineBush Carantions in UkraineRed Carantions in Ukraine
The diameter of the decorative flower should be 8-12 cm, the length of the stem - 90-110 cm. Petals must be firm and dense. When composing bouquets, florists of our flower boutique take into account quality standards so that the recipient enjoys the elegance of the present for a long time.

Today the carnation is the most demanded culture thanks to simplicity and elegance. Each year, about 25 new species are identified. The total number of varieties reaches more than in 2000.

Colors of carnations and their meaning

Previously, carnations were grown only in red color. But the development of florists' business does not standstill. Today, the color range of elegant flowers of an incredibly pleasant aroma is diverse. Therefore, if you are confused by the symbolism of a red flower, then you can choose the buds of a different color for the gift. The main thing is to give the right message to the dearest person. The meaning of carnations in different colors is:

  • White - wish success in all your endeavors.
  • Red - freedom, victory, and leadership.
  • Pink - an expression of admiration and gratitude. It symbolizes the recipient that he or she will never be forgotten.
  • Mixed or Sparkling colors - a symbol of separation. Basically, it is given to positive people without bad motives. Just a variety of flowers attracts special attention.
  • Yellow - a request for forgiveness

The pros of carnation bouquets in Ukraine?

Our online catalog presents photos of bouquets with carnations of different styles. They can be concise, luxurious, delicate, bright. Compositions are offered as a gift, and also serve for other purposes: they are used to decorate the halls before the celebration, they decorate the wedding arch. Beautiful spicy flowers have a number of advantages:

  • the lush shape gives a charm for a bouquet;
  • thanks to the increased resistance, the plant does not require constant care and retains its decorative qualities for two weeks;
  • ideally combined with different varieties of ornamental plants;
  • the sweet fragrance uplifts and gives positive emotions.

In order for the presented bouquet to please with its charm for a long period of time, you need to choose the right place for its storage. A vase of flowers is recommended not to be placed next to daffodils in order to avoid premature falling off of the petals. The room should be aired often.

Where to buy carnations with delivery in Ukraine?

Kievdelivery online shop offers a huge range of bouquets. You can buy any arrangement from the available options or order a unique bouquet. After studying your preferences, florists will make a beautifully simple, or complex bouquet. Low prices, high quality of goods will pleasantly surprise you, which will force you to contact us again!

  1. The reputation of our boutique is the highest on the Ukrainian market. After all, we work only with reliable suppliers, offering customers fresh flowers only.
  2. Our team consists of highly qualified specialists who competently and conscientiously approach the work with delicate plants.
  3. The flower delivery service is distributed throughout Ukraine.
  4. We accept applications from residents of Canada, Europe, the United States who wish to congratulate relatives in Ukraine.
  5. Transportation of ordered bouquets is carried out on specially equipped cars. Therefore, even in the sultry heat or frost, we will deliver the bouquet in the best possible way.
  6. You can order delivery of a present just before the start of the gala event. Despite the difficulties on the roads, our couriers will deliver the order on time.
  7. Set affordable prices so that each of you could please a loved one.
Give bouquets of flowers to the dearest people - remind them of wonderful relationships. No need to wait for a special occasion for a gift, because loved ones always wait for pleasant moments! If you are abroad, order a bouquet with carnations in Ukraine right now, and our couriers will carry out urgent delivery to the specified address!

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