Gifts and flowers for new parents in Ukraine

Small Teddy Bear
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Bella Bunny
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5 White Roses
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Coco Bear
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Umka Bear
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Simba Lion
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White Hugs Bear
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Ferrero Collection Candy Box
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Pinky Bunny
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7 Coral Roses
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Husky Cute Jack
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Malinkin Bear
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9 Pink Roses
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9 White Roses
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Because I Need You
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Pink Roses in Daisies
$ 39

Gifts and flowers for young parents at an affordable price

There is hardly a more significant event in the life of young parents than the birth of a long-awaited baby. Numerous relatives, colleagues, friends prepare beautiful congratulations and are in a hurry to buy gifts for young parents, a newborn. And the way they want this wonderful event to be remembered for a lifetime, the present should be not only useful, but also original. What to give young parents for the birth of a daughter or son? The Kievdelivery online store has prepared a lot of inspiring ideas that can be used by all guests of the site.

The client can order an author's present that reflects the unique idea of the donor. We always listen to the wishes of the customer to make the gift perfect.

What flowers to present new parents with?

A gift for the birth of a baby should bring benefits and joy to the family. Therefore, buying a presentation should be approached carefully. First, young parents are given a bouquet of flowers, and only then the main gift is selected for it. When choosing colors, it is necessary to take into account the gender of the newborn baby:

  • If a girl is born, the parents are presented with floral arrangements made of hypoallergenic flowers: roses, carnations, tulips, eustomas. The shape of the buds should be miniature and neat. The palette should be slightly muted. Usually tulips are presented at the birth of a daughter - they are the personification of the beginning of life and a new stage in the life of the family.
  • If a future man was born, then we will talk about buds with a bright color palette with a clear outline. Contenders can be irises, symbolizing courage, courage, strength. Gladioli represent honor and dignity. But, if you want to give the bouquet of childish innocence, boyish excitement, then you can order a composition of different colors for young parents: light, roses, daisies, gerberas, chrysanthemums. It is desirable that the inflorescence be blue and purple - you get a spectacular bright gift.
  • Подарки для молодых родителейЦветы для молодых родителейДоставка подарков для молодых родителей

    6 rules for choosing a bouquet for young parents

    A bouquet for parents for the birth of a baby is an excellent tradition that brings a lot of positive emotions, joy and happiness. But joyful moments can turn into a real nightmare if you don't follow the rules of etiquette. Therefore, use the helpful tips from experienced florists:

    1. The flora that will be included in the bouquet should not have a strong persistent scent. Strong odors can cause allergies in the baby, and the mother will feel headaches.
    2. Choose flowers that you have already given away many times. In this case, you will be sure that they do not cause any harm.
    3. Do not pay attention to artificially colored buds - next to young parents, the baby should not have any chemistry. The Kievdelivery website offers only hypoallergenic plants that are not treated with chemical solutions.
    4. The packaging of the bouquet should be soft and the edges are neatly wrapped. There should be no characteristic rustling. Sisal, unpainted kraft or felt will do. If the bouquet is presented at home, then it is better to purchase a floral arrangement in a chic vase.
    5. The bouquet should not contain rhinestones, sequins, accessories.
    6. Choose flowers without a lot of pollen.

    What gifts to present young parents with?

    Often, young parents are given gifts that are intended for a newborn baby - toys, diapers, undershirts. In the process of fuss, friends and relatives completely forget that the appearance of a child in the family is the same holiday for parents, so they also want a little attention. The Kievdelivery online store has prepared excellent options that may be worthy of their recipients. It is proposed to explore a wide range of flowers and gifts for young parents at an affordable price Kiev:

    • Gift sets consisting of a soft toy, a bouquet, a box of chocolates.
    • Baskets filled with sweets from foreign manufacturers, ripe fruits, which are of great benefit to the new mother.
    • Cakes decorated with exotic fruits, soaked in delicate cream.
    • A set of delicacies, champagne, wine.
    • Orders for photo puzzles are accepted. A specialist of our site needs a photo from the discharge from the maternity hospital. Believe me, this will be the most valuable gift that will remind you of the most pleasant moments in your life.
    • Balloons with congratulatory lettering.
    • Soft toy made from environmentally friendly materials.
    • Eternal flower under a transparent flask. The present will always remind the moments of the long-awaited event, decorate the interior.
    • Bouquets of flowers of different varieties: roses, daisies, gerberas, tulips, lilies, carnations, irises, chrysanthemums, spray and ordinary roses, violets, bells, lush greenery.
    • Floral mixes tastefully composed by talented florists.

    The number of flowers in a bouquet should be traditionally odd. How much the flower arrangement will be depended on the financial capabilities and the customer's imagination. Remember that gift baskets are appropriate when parents are already at home. The design of the flower arrangement is of great importance. It will be ideal if you prefer to complement it with a soft toy, graceful ribbons, balls. After all, the present should please the eye, remind of the long-awaited moment.

    Delivery of gifts and flowers for young parents Kyiv, Ukraine

    Delivery of flowers and gifts to newly-made parents works according to the rule “from hand to hand”. Therefore, in the application form, we ask customers to indicate the recipient's address, phone number. Couriers will deliver the order to your home, to the hospital. You don't have to carry your order all over the city, worrying about its condition. Ready-made gifts and flowers for parents are fully consistent with the photo you used to order. Delivery is carried out by professional vehicles in order to preserve the freshness of plants and products. We always send our clients an SMS report.

    Whichever gift you choose, the most important thing on this momentous day is to give new parents, their baby, maximum attention. We, in turn, will do our best so that the gift is presented in the most beautiful form and will be remembered for its charm. We do not forget about our clients either, so we spoil them with discounts, promotions and other tempting offers!

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