Luxury Roses Delivery in Ukraine

Red Luxury Roses by the Stems
$ 5
White Luxury Roses by the Stems
$ 5
Pink Luxury Roses by the Stems
$ 5
9 Luxury White Roses
$ 45
11 Luxury Red Roses
$ 55
11 Luxury Pink Roses
$ 55
Spring Splash
$ 69
15 Luxury Red Roses
$ 74
15 Luxury Pink Roses
$ 75
17 Luxury White Roses
$ 79
Extra Roses Box
$ 87
Love Surprise
$ 99
25 Luxury Red Roses
$ 115
25 Luxury White Roses
$ 120
Perfect Love Set
$ 125
Happiness Together Set
$ 135

Luxury Roses Delivery in Ukraine

Kievdelivery welcomes its respectful customer reading this short article about elite roses delivery in Ukraine. It means that you are not agreed for less, you want the best only. Elite roses are your right and respectful choice. No compromises, no alternatives "quality or price". We do appreciate your choice and it is a very correct one.

Roses, as well as all flowers, are a very specific product that needs special treatment and experience in order to be produced, delivered to florists, arranged in the bouquet and then delivered to the customer and most important - to bring joy and happiness to the recipient for many days. We truly believe that only imported elite roses from Ecuador, from the Netherlands, from Kenya can fulfill all these demands. They are tall, strong, with huge buds, big leaves, thick stems - this is why we call them elite. Rose farms that produce such roses have 100 plus years of experience in raising the specific types of roses. They constantly work on creating new types and colors of roses and their results are terrific.

Kievdelivery works with the largest importers of roses in Ukraine and does know when the next plane or truck wish roses arrive. This is why our florists can always make the choice for the freshest roses in Ukraine possible. Yes, bouquets of such roses are very expensive, but nobody has doubts that things of high quality cost a lot and imported roses of 80-100 cm height are no exception.   

Types of Luxury Roses

Imported red roses of elite-quality mostly presented by Freedom, Black Magic, Tagazzi, Star 2000, Forever Young, and others. They are huge, thick, strong, with red or deep red color of petals. Presenting elite rose or bouquet made of elite roses is like presenting a diamond - no worries, just complete win.  

Imported White roses of elite roses in Ukraine are mostly presented by Proud, Polar Star, Limbo, Vendela, White Chocolate. The titles sound very romantic and this is how these white roses look like. If you want to charm your lady with strong rose fragrance - all you need to do it so order bouquet of white roses.

Imported Pink roses of elite-quality are presented by Titanic, Hermosa, Topaz, Dekora, Iguana, Bella, Carrousel, and others. Unlike with premium roses, our Kievdelivery florists do not have to worry about the time these types of roses would live after being delivered to the recipient. They are the masterpieces of the floral industry. They do show and transfer what they have been created for - tenderness and romantic impression. 

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Send Elite Roses to Ukraine Today!

Kievdelivery provides a fast and comfortable online process of ordering at the company's website. Clear and bright pictures, detailed description, reviews and testimonials, additional products, necessary fields for making the order - everything is combined with one aim - to deliver your feelings in Ukraine. You make an order, we process, prepare, and deliver your order. Please note that we are not talking about the quality, about the location, parts of Ukraine where we operate. It is part of our everyday routine to have all products presented on our website available for delivery in every city where we operate.

Elite roses are a unique and expensive product and it is true that bouquets made of elite roses are expensive, respectful, charming, and impressive gifts by itself. Please do not have doubts when ordering elite roses. Your expectations will be realized in life in the best possible way. 

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