New Year Gifts Delivery in Ukraine

Cup with Your Photo
$ 9
Red Wine Local
$ 9
White Wine Local
$ 9
Semi-sweet Champagne
$ 12
Red Wine Imported
$ 13
White Wine Imported
$ 13
Rose Wine Imported
$ 13
Fruits Cake
$ 22
Photo Jigsaw Puzzle
$ 24
Out of stock
Red Caviar (small jar)
$ 24
Ferrero Prestige Candy Box
$ 25
Silver Electronics Card
$ 29
Christmas Centerpiece #5
$ 35
Huge Citrus Gift Basket
$ 37
Chocolate Surprise basket
$ 37
$ 42

New Year Flowers and Gifts in Ukraine

Use the modern online delivery service of gifts and flowers for the New Year in Ukraine to share positive feelings with dearest people. Kievdelivery offers delivery of bouquets, exclusive delicacies, gifts 24/7. We work with high-quality flowers and materials only, keep reasonable prices, and create real New Year's masterpieces from flowers. Order your favorite gift on the website of the company from anywhere in the world, and Kievdelivery will do everything so your beloved one will receive it at the appointed time.

The Customs of New Year Gifts Sharing

In the post-Soviet space, the Eve of the New Year is celebrated on a larger scale than religious holidays. In the past, the authorities tried to unite people through state events, came up with new traditions. Today's Ukraine continues to cheerfully celebrate New Year Eve, choosing memorable gifts as a sign of attention to loved ones.

Since Soviet times, it has been postponed in the Ukrainian mentality that flowers as a gift for the New Year are a symbol of special attention. It used to be difficult to get a flower bouquet during the cold winter months. The custom of giving flowers for the New Year came to Ukraine relatively recently but is still regarded as a manifestation of warm feelings. If you have not yet chosen what to send as a present for the New Year, we recommend you looking at traditional or thematic bouquets of fresh, strong flowers from Kievdelivery.

The sets with sweets, toys, and elite perfumes make a great impression. Our showcase presents gift options for women, men, children. The components for the congratulation sets are carefully selected, packed neatly, and courier delivered to the addressee no later than two hours after order submission. Place an order for a flower arrangement in Kievdelivery company from any country, and we will deliver it with care and love, as we would deliver to our own loved ones.

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Top 5 ideas for New Year gifts in Ukraine

Pleasant pre-holiday chores can take a lot of energy and can be the happiest part of the year. Kievdelivery wants to remove the burden of worries from the shoulders of dear customers and make the process of choosing gifts for the New Year in Ukraine comfortable for everyone. For more than 13 years of work in the flower industry, we have compiled the top 5 best New Year gifts. We believe that our tips will help you pleasantly impress your loved ones.

  • 5th place - a bouquet of flowers. A universal option, it is impossible to miss with it. Florists at Kievdelivery collect bouquets of fresh flowers, which they buy from stores, not from dealers. This guarantees the premium quality of each flower. Our bouquets last long and look luxurious.
  • 4th place - gift sets. We offer to order a combination of flowers and dessert. These are two gifts in one, which means twice as much fun! Do you know the tastes of the addressee? Then choose a bouquet and a sweet addition in the form of the freshest cake or selected chocolate. Doubt? Our managers will be happy to help!
  • 3rd place - perfume. It is easy to choose an elite male or female fragrance here that will complement the floral bouquet. Noble flair from exquisite perfumes will remain in the memory of the recipient for a long time.
  • 2nd place - New Year's compositions. On holidays, it's nice to receive a themed gift from a loved one. The selection of a surprise for each event separately indicates that the sender has carefully approached the choice of a sign of attention. Buy a set of Christmas balls, a composition of fir branches, and fruits as a New Year's gift to convey a truly festive mood to the addressee.
  • 1st place - fruit basket. The impressive fruity composition is not only a pleasant compliment but also a delicious treat. Imagine how happy parents or friends will be when they receive such a gift! They will find him a worthy place in the house, they will treat themselves and offer delicacies to the guests, remembering the sender with gratitude.
We use only high-quality products and fresh flowers: we purchase them from proven bases, control the shelf life, and presentable appearance. We carefully pack fruits, chocolate, cheeses, and other delicacies, creating prestigious sets. Each component is selected for a harmonious combination. Such combinations will pleasantly surprise even a sophisticated person.

Where to order the delivery of gifts for the New Year in Ukraine

Life is beautiful, but you shouldn't wait for it to present a gift itself - take the initiative into your own hands! The onset of big holidays is a pleasant occasion to show your loved ones that you care about them. However, it is not easy to show your full feelings while in another country.
With the help of high-quality New Year gifts, you will create a holiday mood for yourself and your family, and the thoughtful Kievdelivery service will contribute to this:

  • Sending to the residence. In whatever city of Ukraine your relatives are, we will deliver the gift in the best possible way.
  • Freshness control. Regardless of the price of the set, the addressee will receive a premium quality gift.
  • Round-the-clock delivery of gifts to Ukraine. You choose the time and date of receipt, and we adapt to your wishes.
  • Secure payment. Place an order through PayPal or credit card and rest assured that your funds are protected by a reliable service.
  • Delivery by phone number. Even if you do not have the complete address of the recipient, the logistics service will send the gift to the right person, and the courier will hand it personally.

Our online flower boutique is filled with chic gift options. It is not difficult to find a compliment here for a loved one, dear friend, respected colleague. Kievdelivery specialists will offer exclusive sets of alcohol, cheeses, delicacies for adults, and bright compositions of chocolate, fruits, toys for children. If the recipient does not object, our couriers will record the moment of delivery of the gift, and then send a video or photo to the sender. You will see lively emotions on the faces of dear people as if you are nearby. In the New Year, take with you only pleasant memories, and together with Kievdelivery give them to your loved ones!

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