Roses in boxes delivery in Ukraine

9 Pink Roses in Hatbox
$ 45
11 Roses Mix in Box
$ 45
11 White Roses in Hatbox
$ 53

Discount 5%

Sweet Heart Box
$ 55 $ 52
15 Pink Roses in Hatbox
$ 65
19 Red Roses in Box
$ 68
Red Passion Box
$ 75
19 Pink Roses in Hatbox
$ 75
23 Roses in Box
$ 79
Romantic Flowers Box
$ 83
Chocolate Roses Box
$ 84

Discount 5%

25 Red Roses in Box
$ 89 $ 85
Extra Roses Box
$ 95
29 Red Roses in Box
$ 97
My Heart is Yours
$ 139
Roses in Heart Box
$ 139

Delivery of roses in hatbox in Ukraine

Kievdelivery offers to order roses in a box with delivery everywhere in Ukraine. In the online window of our flower boutique, you will find bouquets of roses in hat boxes and wicker baskets, the beauty of which will melt even an unapproachable heart. Each bouquet is formed immediately before shipment from fresh flowers purchased at the wholesales. All arrangements are offered at market price, with additional discounts available! But which option should you choose? Florists of Kievdelivery offer to order the delivery of flower arrangements, based on the significance of the festive event.

Roses in a box - who is suitable for such a gift

Flower etiquette states that bouquets in flower boxes are not given on the first date, and this is the only limitation. For the rest occasions, it is enough to choose the color, quantity, and shape of the hatbox to present an appropriate and meaningful gift. The Kievdelivery assortment includes options from nine or more roses, decorated in a classic round, unusual square, or heart-shaped box.

  • The round shape looks neat and solemn at the same time. The frame is decorated with a satin ribbon to match the colors. Such a bouquet of roses in a box is a universal option for a gift to parents, relatives, friends.
  • The square box resembles a mini rose garden and looks stylish in the interior. It is convenient to store small things in it, for example, photos or letters. A very romantic option, especially as a gift for a young lady.
  • A heart-shaped box filled with fragrant roses is for love confession. Floral etiquette offers to buy roses in Ukraine as a gift for a beloved woman: wife, lover, or mother.
  • The basket is suitable for decorating a flower arrangement because it allows you to create multi-level deep installations. You want to look at bouquets in a wicker basket for hours.
Compositions of roses in boxes for men stands apart. We offer strict black, universal gray, or solemn burgundy flowers in boxes options. Such a gift will appeal to both a businessman and a creative artist.

Secrets of roses bouquet in a box

The rich appearance of such bouquets is not the only advantage of the gift. Many people want to buy roses in a box because of their ability to look fresh and cheerful for a long time. Flowers in floor boxes do not need a vase. They are placed in an oasis - a special material that has the following properties:

  • It feeds the plant. The sponge is impregnated with a solution with trace elements that extend the life of the cut flower. Roses in a box last at least a week without any signs of wilting. They are often used for decoration.
  • Prevents dissolution. The buds will remain in their original condition within 5-7 days.
  • Protects the flower from bacteria. The sponge retains moisture, so the plant is constantly in the water. However, thanks to the antibacterial impregnation, it does not rot, but on the contrary, exudes a pleasant floral aroma for a long time.
  • Maintains the shape of the composition. Each flower is held at a certain angle by the material. The stems are firmly fixed, so they do not change position during transportation. Thanks to the oasis, you can buy roses in Kiev and order delivery to the region without the danger that the bouquet will lose its decent appearance.

Before being installed in the box, the oases are saturated with a nutrient solution, which gradually evaporates. To extend the life of the bouquet, add 100-150 ml of water every 3-4 days.

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Advantages of bouquets of roses in a box from Kievdelivery

There is no better way to talk about feelings than to express them in the language of flowers. By purchasing roses with delivery in Ukraine from Kievdelivery, you will demonstrate care, love, respect, and warm affection, being hundreds of miles away from your dear person. We will deliver flower compliments even to the most remote town or village of Ukraine on the exact day and hour. Organized service, high quality of the selected flowers, and reasonable prices will make the sending of gift bouquets equally pleasant for the addressee and the sender.

Principles of Kievdelivery delivery of bouquets in Ukraine:

  • We do not arrange bouquets earlier than 2-3 hours before the delivery time. Our suppliers are proven flower bases with many years of reputation and vast experience. That is why our roses last for a long time, exuding a sweet floral scent for at least a week.
  • Affordable prices for any flowers: roses in a box, in a basket, or compositions in a traditional bouquet - on our website there is an option for any occasion and at a low cost.
  • Florists at Kievdelivery are attentive to every detail and prioritize quality. Bouquets are collected from the most beautiful, fresh, and strong flowers, so sometimes the shades in the finished composition are slightly different from what is presented on the site.
  • The company's employees transport flowers in an equipped car, where the optimum humidity and temperature are maintained. Our compositions look great regardless of the season or weather.
  • We offer a photo or video report. If the happy owner of the bouquet does not mind, we will remove the moment of presenting the gift. So you will make sure that the flowers are received, and you will see with your own eyes happiness on the face of a dear person.
At Kievdelivery you can buy roses in a box, buy a suitable souvenir or a sweet present for them, and order delivery for any date. The earlier the order is submitted, the cheaper the bouquet will cost. Make an order a month or more before the appointed event and get the maximum discount - 30% on any composition. You can leave a review of our work and purchase a lifetime 8% discount. For each new client there is a nice bonus - minus 5% of the cost of the bouquet. Just tell the manager that you want to buy roses in a box cheaper, and we will recalculate the price of flowers.

Talk about your feelings, make nice gifts to your loved ones, regardless of the distance! And Kievdelivery will help you do it beautifully and without overpayments.

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