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Trends in modern design of bouquets on March 8, 2023

International courier delivery of bouquets in Ukraine Kievdelivery works to ensure that each of our clients can convey love and respect to loved ones, even if they cannot be around at the moment. We have been working since 2009, and during this time we have been able to organize the most convenient service, establish strong partnerships with suppliers and find the best florists for cooperation. For us, each order of personal and corporate gifts for March 8 is a way to help people get closer, share a piece of warmth, and inspire optimism and hope, which are often so lacking.

Experienced florists know everything about what flowers are popular now and what would be especially nice to receive as a gift for a modern girl in honor of International Women's Day. Today they will reveal professional secrets and share recommendations on how to make the holiday even more memorable and memorable.

Bouquet trends for March 8 2023 1

Floral trends and the most popular flowers on March 8

New traditions are replacing old ones, and those who follow this movement know how to make the right positive impression. We offer you the to get acquainted with the aspects of making a fashionable bouquet 2023 from Kievdelivery specialists, who always keep their finger on the pulse.

  • Korean Style. Such compositions are light and airy, like a small poem. They are the physical embodiment of fine artistic taste and youthful sincerity. The main thing that distinguishes Korean bouquets is the multilayer packaging and the harmonious combination of pastel shades.
  • Purity of Color. Sincerity combined with a subtle sense of proportion looks captivating, especially in a bouquet. This is the impression produced by modern mono-compositions in natural soft tones. Florists do not recommend using elements with a catchy combination of colors, there should not be stripes and stains on the petals - only the natural color of a fresh flower, as the best embodiment of naturalness and elegant modesty.

Bouquet trends for March 8 2023 2

Bouquet trends for March 8 2023 3
  • Measured minimalism and organicity. Today it is customary to embody them not only through a concise selection of shades but also through the beautiful designs of bouquets, materials, and decor. To complement the composition, experts recommend choosing craft paper, mesh, or tracing paper.
  • Pleasant little things. What goes best with spring floral immediacy? Of course, sweets! Complemented with delicious bonuses, such as deluxe chocolate or delicious macaroons, the compositions look like a well-thought-out gift. And most importantly - they are at the peak of popularity!

Bouquet trends for March 8 2023 4

How to surprise a girl with a gift on March 8

Few people know that International Women's Day has its own colors: white, purple, and green. They were approved back in 1908 by the British Socio-Political Union and embody the struggle of women for equality and freedom. Bouquets created in this color scheme have not only a harmonious appearance, but also an impressive semantic load: they symbolize pride, courage, hope, and purity - those qualities that inspire and push girls to be strong but remain feminine under any circumstances.

The need to defend one's rights and seek justice is more relevant today than ever. This was also embodied in the fashionable novelties of flower bouquets, which any modern beauty will be happy with.

Bouquet trends for March 8 2023 5

Bouquet trends for March 8 2023 6

5 reasons to order flowers as a gift on March 8 from us

Creating bouquets is always about creativity, which rests on experiments. Working as a florist implies constant improvement because this is the only way to keep the fire in yourself and create fashionable bouquets that captivate at first sight. We understand how important it is to show your feelings, support loved ones and give sincere joy, therefore we offer only the best products, as if for our relatives.

Bouquet trends for March 8 2023 7

Here you will find:

  1. Best prices for flower delivery in Ukraine. Here you can get a discount of 5% and more, as well as take advantage of free shipping (the service is activated when a certain amount is reached, which varies from region to region).
  2. Premium Service. We are on call 24/7, and our couriers work around the clock. You can order a targeted delivery of a bouquet in Odesa, Zaporizhzhia, or Vinnytsia with the possibility of receiving it at home, at work, or in a hospital, both in a large city and in a small town.
  3. High quality and guarantees. All goods are carefully checked before shipment. Compositions are made only from fresh buds, and cakes, sweets, and other products have a valid pride period and are stored under the most correct conditions. Delivery is carried out on specialized transport, which also limits all factors that can harm the product. That is why we can proudly guarantee: each bouquet for March 8 from Kievdelivery is perfect!
  4. Same-day delivery. If you have time trouble, our company will help: in 2-3 hours after the application is accepted, the couriers will deliver the order to any place in Ukraine.
  5. Reporting. Life makes its own adjustments, and sometimes there is simply no way to give a gift on March 8 to a loved one in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Kryvyi Rih, and Dnipro. That is why we can film the moment of receipt so that you can see with your own eyes the emotions on the face of a dear mother, sweet daughter, or beloved grandmother. Our couriers will be happy to provide a photo or video report. The only condition is that the addressee should not be against it. If the recipient refused to shoot, our staff will send you an SMS with information about the successful delivery.

Bouquet trends for March 8 2023 8

As a gift with the order, the company offers a free postcard design - translation into any language. Contact our managers by phone numbers listed on the site, or ask questions in the chat mode to arrange flowers and gifts in Ukraine on March 8 delivered at affordable prices with 100% confirmed in-time personal delivery.

Kievdelivery is a proven delivery service that works with love for its work and respect for each client!

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Bouquet trends for March 8 2023 10

Bouquet trends for March 8 2023 11

Bouquet trends for March 8 2023 12
What to present to beloved lady on February 14

Employees of Kievdelivery, a flower delivery company for Valentine's Day in Ukraine, know for sure: it is extremely important to show bright feelings and give unforgettable emotions, no matter what the situation in the world is. It is love that gives strength and desires to fight for a bright future, and everyone can contribute to building a better world - to give positive memories to loved ones.

If you need to choose a gift for a girl on February 14, buy it in Ukraine, even if you are in another country at that moment, our company will be happy to help! Over the years of work, we have perfected the service and today we can proudly offer our services even in these difficult times for the country. Here you can choose flowers for your girlfriend, wife, or girlfriend and be sure that your loved one will receive a high-quality, fresh bouquet that smells of spring and sun, which are so lacking in the anxious winter months.

Top Gifts february 14 1

Gift ideas for February 14, 2023

Women love attention and appreciate those who provide it. That is why it is so important to order gifts for February 14 for your girlfriend, or wife and demonstrate how important and significant she is to you. Check out the proven options that you can choose from on our website:

  • Flowers. The natural perfection of selected buds harmoniously emphasizes all the most beautiful female beauty, and your chosen one will definitely feel it. Choose the best flowers for your beloved, for example, an elegant bouquet of 11 deluxe red roses, a lush flower heart "Real Feelings" or a chic mix of 101 roses that will conquer even the most obstinate lady.
  • Cakes, Canides, Fruits, and Wine. Such signs of attention are good on their own and in addition to flower arrangements. Here you can choose from small boxes with elite sweets, as well as full-fledged sets of sweets in a basket.
  • Soft Toys and Balloons. Delivery of gifts on Valentine's Day is always exciting: many people want to impress loved ones and leave bright memories of the holiday in their memory. That is why the products of this group are very popular: toys and balloons allow a woman at any age to feel like a little happy girl and experience intoxicatingly excited feelings of delight, as in childhood.
  • Perfumes. In our assortment, there are only original fragrances that will perfectly complement the feminine image of your chosen one. For lovers of subtle fresh notes, we can offer the exquisite perfume Versace Versense. Light, sweet, like the first kiss, Lancome Lanuit fragrance will appeal to feminine young beauties. And for luxurious, bright, confident women who love to attract excited looks, we recommend Chanel Coco Mademoiselle premium perfume. If you have not found a suitable fragrance, use the "Perfume to order" service.
  • Ideal Gift Sets. Psychologists say that it is better to remember what affects several senses at once. That is why sets bring the strongest impressions. The bouquet is a visual delight, the plush toys are a pleasant tactile sensation and the high-quality chocolate delights the taste buds. Such an exciting combination will enchant your beloved!

Also in our assortment, you will find other gifts for a girl, or wife on February 14: Spa-salon certificates, respectful orchids, and other plants, amazing sets with wine, fruits, and exclusive sweets. We can also make individual souvenirs and cakes with your photo.

Where to order flowers and gifts in Ukraine

Love is the driving force that gives the desire to make the world a better place! We at Kievdelivery know firsthand how precious even a small token of attention is, especially when it is made on a special day. Therefore, we love our work: there is nothing more inspiring than seeing the happy eyes and smiles of people who receive bouquets or gifts for Valentine's Day from a loved one who is hundreds of kilometers away at that moment! It is such actions that prove that love wins - it does not care about huge distances or the difference in time zones. It inspires everyone it touches, and we are thrilled to be a part of making other people happier.

Top Gifts february 14 2

5 reasons to entrust the delivery of your feelings to Kievdelivery

  1. We can comfort almost every request. There are more than 350 items, from which you can easily choose the best gifts for Valentine's with delivery to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, Rivne, Lviv, etc.
  2. We are in the top 8 best flower delivery service providers in Ukraine. We have thoughtful service and always friendly service.
  3. High quality guaranteed. Our employees collect orders no earlier than 2 hours before dispatch. It is carried out on a specialized vehicle equipped for the transportation of perishable goods. We have provided all the conditions for the gift on February 14 to reach the addressee in the best possible way!
  4. We work 24/7! We will do everything possible so that your chosen one receives recognition of feelings at the moment that you expect.
  5. Reports on demand. If the recipient does not mind, we will photograph or film a short video of the moment of delivery. So you can see with your own eyes the emotions that the gift caused as if you were really there.

Check out the Valentine's Day Flowers & Gifts category to find the perfect option for your significant other. Our attentive managers will promptly issue an application. The price includes postcard design in any language of the world. Upon reaching a certain amount (determined for each region separately), free shipping is guaranteed.

Contact Kievdelivery to order beautiful gifts for your loved one of the highest quality and at a reasonable cost!

Update about our services


Dear Customer.

It has been more than 9 months since the war in Ukraine started. Together with all people of Ukraine we are struggling and surviving.

We continue to provide our services in almost all cities of Ukraine. The list of cities is changing (thanks to Ukrainian Army, it is only getting bigger). Though, there are still some cities and towns where we cannot restore our operations. If you want to be sure about the delivery in this or that town - just drop us a message at [email protected] or via Whatsapp or Viber (visit Contact Us page for details) and we will confirm availability. Or If you do want to check, you are welcome to make an order and if there is no such possibility, we will make you a full refund at once.

We would like to ask all and every one of our customers, former and new ones - we work hard to deliver exactly what you have ordered and exactly at the time you need to. But it is a war! We are having air raids, rockets, bombs, no electricity for hours, no water, and road and border closures. So, we are asking for your understanding and patience when there are some delays or some exchanges in the list of foods or items in the baskets or any other items and services. We have to write it, as some customers do understand it, but there are still some customers who do not understand or do not want to understand that we have WAR and some problems are possible. If some items are not available or we have trouble delivering everything in the normal way we are making a full or partial refund.

Please remember, that every order of yours helps to survive florists and delivery managers. Should you have the desire to donate to Ukrainian Army or to people in need - please us know, we will help you and we will cover all transaction fees and will be sure your money will arrive to the recipients. Just in the same way, we still make sure that your feelings are being delivered in Ukraine right!

War in Ukraine

It is a real war in Ukraine! Thousands of people are being killed by Russia. Women and children are dying because of bombs in the middle of Europe, in the 21st century!

Kievdelivery stops all its operations and services until further notice. We cannot provide any information about anything in Ukraine. We are just closed.

If you want to help - please ask your government to close the sky upon Ukraine! Please help via regular humanitarian channels. 

Top 7 Gifts for March 8 2022 in Ukraine

To impress their beloved women, it is important for men not only to understand what to give on March 8, 2022 but also to choose the best option from a huge range of offers. Not an ordinary souvenir, but an individual gift that matches the tastes of a lady. Not just a bouquet, but an exclusive trendy composition that will make every woman feel special. You can order the delivery of premium gifts and flowers to all cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and other settlements in the Kievdelivery online store. We work 24/7 and guarantee the high quality and freshness of each category of products: bouquets, pastries, sweets, cosmetics, and other popular products.

Top Gifts for March 8, 2022

  1. Baskets with Sweets. Sweet sparkling, imported chocolate, crunchy biscuits, melt-in-your-mouth sweets - fill the set with delicious delicacies that no lady can resist.
  2. Flowers in Boxes. Inhale the aroma of blossoming buds, get aesthetic pleasure looking at the composition, proudly show the surprise to your friends - a delightful souvenir is ideal for International Women's Day.
  3. Gifts Sets. And what if, instead of one exclusive product, you give several at once? Flowers, cake, and sweets - a harmonious trio that complements the festive atmosphere.
  4. Bouquet for March 8. For those who prefer traditional gifts, we offer stylish and beautiful options for every taste: elegant solid colors in delicate or bright shades, a mix of different types of plants, trendy two-color creations of our florists. Choose designer bouquets and convey love, tenderness, care, and respect with them.
  5. Eternal Roses. A bud that will delight the owner with its beauty for at least a few years. A fabulous and romantic gift for a girl with a sensitive sense of beauty.
  6. Perfumes. To emphasize the sensuality, attractiveness, and charm of a woman, it is enough to present her with a bottle of branded perfume.
  7. Cakes. A dessert with a soft crust, sweet and sour jam filling, and a delicious fruit decoration is what you need for a festive table.

If you are looking for original gifts for women in Dnipro, Mariupol, Chernivtsi, Rivne, or another city in Ukraine, choose any of the above items from the list. Universal products meet all the criteria for a perfect surprise: relevance, usefulness, and attractive appearance.

Top Gifts March 8 1

Ideas of Gifts for Beloved Woman on March 8

Beloved, bride, or wife is better to be presented with something romantic. Baskets are great for urgent delivery of gifts to your wife or girlfriend - «Strawberry Fun» or «Red Hearts» can be a great choice. You are welcome to propose to your beloved half to spend time with a glass of sparkling wine or with elite sweets. Even if you are far from each other, your beloved lady can enjoy the holiday being alone, spending relaxing time in the hot tube with spa salts. Or, on the opposite, there is a great chance to collect the company of close friends and to have a pajama party with delicious gourmet foods and sweet talks till the morning.

You can express your passion and attraction with the help of a box of flowers called «Extra Roses box». If you know your beloved half very well, you are welcome to send her nice original and genuine perfumes. We propose great discounts for the delivery of perfumes right before the holidays, including one of the most popular perfumes in Ukraine Paco Rabanne Olympea, and Black Opium Floral Shock by Yves Saint Laurent. Add your gift with the amazing unique souvenir called Eternal Red Rose, it can underline the charm and uniqueness of the perfumes you have chosen for the delivery in Ukraine.

Top Gifts March 8 2

Gifts for March 8 for daughter, mother, grandmother

For older ladies, we recommend giving compositions with an interesting combination of shades: for example, 35 Red and White Roses bouquets. It is customary for young girls to give pastel, light buds. Stylish option – 19 Pink Roses in a Box. Make a great impression with 51 Pink Tulips – spring full of fragrance large bouquet. If you are looking for a gift for March 8 for a girl, pay attention to the option Sweet Heart box, в которую входят и красивые бутоны, и вкусные лакомства. Элегантный вариант для близкой родственницы любого возраста – Вечная белая роза.

This set is one of the most popular sets in our online shop Holiday Feelings set. It can be presented to the daughter, mother, grandmother.

Top Gifts March 8 3

Cool Gifts for March 8 for Colleague or Friend

Feel free to present a freshly baked and delicious meal to a close friend or sister - cake for the tea. Kievdelivery cooperates with the best confectionery all over Ukraine. Couriers pick up finished products from the hands of the baker and immediately deliver them to the addressee.

It is pleasant to present gifts to friends and colleagues. We propose to try bouquet  Amazing Feelings. For the business gift on the event of March 8, the set of gifts called Sweet Wishes will suit them best. Please pay attention to home plants: blooming or lush ones with huge leaves. Just add to your gifts some chocolate candies or alcohol or gift certificate and you are all set!

Top Gifts March 8 4

Gifts Delivery for March 8 in Ukraine by Kievdelivery

We work on weekdays, weekends and even holidays and deliver orders on time personally to the addressee at the appointed time. Round-the-clock delivery of gifts to Dnipro, Kropyvnytskyi, Cherkasy, and other cities provides for the transportation of goods in protective packaging in an air-conditioned car. We form orders two hours before registration, checking the freshness of each of their elements, whether it be flowers or food.

We propose:

  • Convenient payment system via PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay or with a bank card.
  • Guaranteed discounts for all customers.
  • Detailed advice and assistance in placing an order 24/7.
  • Free delivery is available upon reaching a certain purchase amount.
  • Photo and video filming of the moment of delivery, as well as the signature of the postcard in any language of the world.

Also, you can order flowers and gifts for March 8 in Ukraine including same-day delivery. Add the items you want to your shopping cart, complete the checkout process, and we'll start processing your request right away.

Top Gifts March 8 5
Choosing elite roses for a bouquet

There is nothing easier than buying roses in Ukraine if the Kievdelivery website is open in front of you - even if you are separated from the recipient by continents and oceans. We are fluent in floristic skills, take a responsible approach to the quality of flowers and services, and also offer exclusive designer bouquets at affordable prices. Couriers make round-the-clock delivery of flowers and gifts to all cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and other metropolitan areas. We work not only in large regional centers but also in small towns and villages.

Flower delivery Ukraine: price and varieties of roses

Elegant and refined like glasses, or lush and delicate with numerous petals - the range of varieties of these plants on the market is pleasantly impressive. Some are used in small bridal bouquets, others - in solemn and lush baskets, others produce a wow effect with their huge size. To please a loved one and give him the perfect gift, it is not necessary to understand all existing varieties. It is enough to visually navigate the types of buds or stems and then decide on their color scheme. Basically, floristic studios and shops offer customers:

  • Roses without thorns with delivery to Ukraine. The main advantage of such varieties is obvious - they do not prick, and therefore it is impossible to get hurt by them. More often they have buds of small sizes of different shades: from light to dark and saturated. In other varieties, the spikes on the stems are manually removed by florists, so all plants, regardless of their type, are absolutely safe for customers.
  • Bouquets of peony roses in Ukraine are in special demand. A large terry bud attracts attention and adds “fluffiness” and relaxation to the composition. They are also used in classic discreet bouquets: wedding, mono-compositions, and in brighter options that look spectacular thanks to the play of shapes and shades.
  • To impress the recipient, you can order long 1 meter roses with delivery to Ukraine. Large elite varieties look luxurious even in a composition of several pieces. More often found in traditional shades: red, white, pale pink, cream. The cost of such plants is higher in comparison with the classic medium-sized species.
  • You can also buy climbing and spray roses in Ukraine. The former is rarely used in bouquets: it is difficult for them to give the desired shape, which is why the composition loses its accuracy. Such species are popular for creating holiday arches or themed decor. Bushes look attractive in miniature bouquets and boutonnieres. Small branches covered with small inflorescences look especially cute and romantic.

Ukraine roses delivery 1

Expensive and cheap roses in Ukraine: how to choose

A serious approach to the issue of a gift implies not so much the ability to navigate the varieties of colors as the selection of an appropriate product that will bring pleasant emotions to the addressee. In the process of choosing, consider who you give the bouquet to, on what occasion, and where you order it.

For example, for lovers in honor of the anniversary, florists recommend buying roses 150 cm or 2 meters in Ukraine at a bargain price. Such a surprise will produce a stunning effect not only by the fact of its existence but also by its appearance. Bright red shades of elite varieties in boxes or in beautiful festive wrappers with satin ribbons also look expensive and luxurious.

Colleagues, close relatives, friends can buy inexpensive white roses in Ukraine. Light shades symbolize respect, well-being, and sincerity of feelings. Pastel colors are often ordered in honor of the birth of a child or during the spring holidays when nature comes to life after long colds and frosts. Roses with a strong aroma for delivery in Ukraine are ideal for sophisticated ladies who love to surround themselves with beauty. A barely perceptible floral scent is appropriate for a hospital, work, public institution.

For the birthday, it’s good to give lush and voluminous compositions of festive tones: burgundy, orange, yellow, pink. For young girls, feel free to choose delicate pastel shades, and for older ladies - deep and rich.

Ukraine roses delivery 2

5 reasons to order international flower delivery to Ukraine

  1. Such a broad and generous gesture is more eloquent than loud phrases and promises.
  2. This is a great tradition that allows you not to lose touch with loved ones and prove that distance is not a hindrance to sincere affection.
  3. Roses with delivery in Ukraine from Kievdelivery are ordered online, which means they save time. The catalog has already collected the best varieties of trendy bouquets for you. You just have to trust your taste.
  4. You can be sure that the recipient will receive the gift in a timely manner. You do not even need to rely on the speed of postal operators and logistics.
  5. The festive composition is created shortly before sending, which means that it is handed over in perfect and fresh condition.

Ukraine roses delivery 3

Premium bouquets and cheap roses: delivery in Ukraine

Thanks to a wide range of goods and affordable prices, Kievdelivery is one of the best gift services in the country. Here you can buy roses individually in Ukraine, order an exclusive bouquet designed by professional florists, choose a thematic composition or add personal wishes to the order. We guarantee:

  • 5% discount for every client. 24/7 online consultation if you have any questions or difficulties with the purchase.
  • Possibility of free delivery when a certain amount of the order is reached.
  • Timely delivery of the flowers and gifts on the agreed day and time, convenient for the recipient.
  • Safe transportation of flowers in protective packaging in compliance with all-temperature requirements.

To order the delivery of roses and gifts in Ukraine, it is enough to send the selected item to the basket, indicate your details, address, name, and phone number of the recipient, and then pay for the purchase. We work on weekdays, weekends and holidays, and if necessary, we can even fulfill an urgent order in a few hours.

Ukraine roses delivery 4
Right Gift for New Year 2022

The Kievdelivery online store offers exclusive gifts for the New Year 2022: for parents, colleagues, children, or soul mates at an affordable price. Order online stylish bouquets, fresh pastries, original grocery baskets, and other quality products. We deliver flowers and gifts around the clock to all cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, other regional centers, and even small towns. Give your loved ones the best so that their holidays are filled with joy, magic, and pleasant surprises.

Gifts for the New Year of the Tiger: what to choose

The symbol of 2022 according to the eastern calendar and the Chinese horoscope is a representative of the cat family - luxurious, proud and independent. The Black Water Tiger loves aesthetics and naturalness, so you can safely present beautiful bouquets of flowers, live plants, compositions for decorating the room as gifts.

For those wishing to buy a New Year's gift with delivery to Ukraine, it is important to remember the animal's love for everything shiny and rustling, so gift wrapping will play an important role. A beautiful ribbon and thoughtful wrapping are a must. Speaking of the surprise itself, the very fact of attention is important here. You can choose an inexpensive compliment for friends or colleagues, surprise loved ones with a festive set of several items, or win the hearts of your loved ones with your generosity. An excellent choice - a useful and exclusive thing, selected according to the preferences and tastes of the recipient.

Ukraine Gifs New Year 1

What to present for the New Year 2022 to a woman

The fairer sex will appreciate attractive and symbolic souvenirs:

  • For a girl, or girlfriend, or lady choose gift sets with delivery to Ukraine - baskets with groceries, sweets, flowers, soft toys. An emotional and pleasant surprise that will cheer you up and allow you to fully experience the whole atmosphere of the holiday. For a little daughter, you can pick up a small bouquet, a teddy bear, and a lot of sweets. A young girl will appreciate an elegant composition with fresh flowers and elite products, while a middle-aged lady will be presented with perfume from a well-known brand or a set with imported alcohol, chocolate, and cheeses.
  • We recommend buying a sweet New Year's gift for your wife in Ukraine. Surprise your sweetheart with her favorite cake or order a huge basket of citrus and exotic fruits for her. Sets with alcohol are also popular: imported wine or a bottle of sparkling wine looks luxurious and will be a great addition to the festive table.
  • When choosing flowers and gifts for the New Year in Ukraine for mom, look at a useful and at the same time touching, cute gift. For women who love to decorate their home, present composition with candles, cones, figurines, and other beautiful decor. It can be placed in the living room, near the Christmas tree, or on the dining table. A win-win option is a bouquet of roses, lilies, carnations, chrysanthemums, or a flowering houseplant that will enliven the interior.

Ukraine Gifs New Year 2

What New Year's gifts to buy in Ukraine for men

Options for the stronger sex are not much different from products for women. Useful and beautifully designed goods are valued. Customers of our online store often choose New Year's gifts with wine for a boyfriend, husband, chef, or close friend - an unobtrusive and stylish option that is sure to come in handy for receiving guests or celebrating in a narrow family circle. Alcohol can be supplemented with Swiss chocolate or an appetizer in the form of elite cheeses. Older men are better off choosing traditional products: familiar fruits, sweets, tea sets. Present a classic cake to close relatives: Tiramisu, Napoleon, Prague. In the design of surprises, it is worth giving preference to restrained and deep shades: burgundy, emerald, dark purple.

Ukraine Gifs New Year 3

Ideas for corporate gifts for the New Year

Congratulate colleagues or subordinates with universal goods: a can of red caviar, a bottle of champagne, a certificate for purchase in an electronics or cosmetics store - an inexpensive and good compliment from the company, which is useful to every employee. You can complement it with a nice New Year's composition for decoration, a small bouquet of flowers, or a houseplant "Poinsettia", which is a symbol of Christmas. If you are looking for an expensive and presentable product to present to a business partner or boss, our gift shop with delivery to Ukraine offers an equally wide range:

  • Elite cake "Mozart" or "Tiramisu Premium".
  • Baskets "Cheese and Chocolate", "Chocolate Pleasure", "Luxury Gifts", "Exclusively with Love".
  • A flowerpot with an orchid or spectacular compositions with thematic decor.

Ukraine Gifs New Year 4

Unique New Year's gifts with delivery from Kievdelivery

We guarantee the high quality of each product presented in the catalog. In order for the recipients to receive all the best, fresh and beautiful, we take a responsible attitude to each stage of cooperation with customers from the moment an order is placed to its delivery:

  • We offer universal and inexpensive New Year gifts for two, for boys and girls, men and women, the elderly, and even unfamiliar people. No more wasting time queuing at shops and post offices - you can buy everything you need online and in one place.
  • Timely delivery of gifts to recipients in person. We work on weekends and holidays throughout Ukraine: Lviv, Zhytomyr, Dnipro, Kropyvnytskyi - for a long time the geography has expanded to the maximum.
  • All orders, from bouquets to grocery baskets, are formed immediately before dispatch, checking the freshness of each element. Goods are transported in protective packaging in compliance with temperature conditions.

Make a purchase on the site in advance, and get an additional discount on your order. We also offer a very express delivery service. In this case, we will form and deliver a gift on the same day. Upon reaching a certain amount of the purchase, the delivery of the order is at our expense.

7 Variants of Gifts for Newborn Baby in Ukraine

Kievdelivery can give you a great chance to send the perfect gift to a newborn baby and his or her family. The assortment includes exclusive bouquets from professional florists, freshly baked cakes and grocery baskets, soft toys, and balloons - everything in order to arrange an unforgettable surprise for loved ones. We work around the clock and deliver flowers and gifts to all cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and other settlements of the country. You can make an order to your home, hospital, work, restaurant, and any other place convenient to the recipient.

How to choose a gift for a child's birthday

On such a significant event, I want to choose something useful, practical, and symbolic. Buying baby clothes, cosmetics, walkers or gadgets is not worth it for several reasons: modern parents either stock up on such things even before the crumbs appear or prefer to choose them on their own, based on personal taste. The best bouquets and gifts for the birth of a child in Ukraine are uncomplicated, but original options that can please the newly-made mom and dad. You can emphasize the solemnity and importance of the event with the help of:

  • Sweets. It is always appropriate to give away a chocolate set, fresh delicious pastries, a basket of juicy fruits, or favorite sweets of people close to you.
  • Delivery of balloons for birthday with a congratulatory inscription or made in solid bright shades. They can be handed in for discharge, hung on the head of a hospital bed, or decorated with them in the nursery.
  • Bouquet. It is great to choose compositions in baskets or boxes: they do not require vases, and the buds retain their attractiveness for a long time. To deliver fresh flowers for a child's birthday, we recommend choosing options in light, pastel shades: pink, cream, lilac, light green.
  • Soft toys: bunny, bear, or panda. They can be put in a crib, placed in an armchair, on a rug, or dresser in a room. A plush friend will always be there - ready for hugs or games.

Gifts for newborns should have festive packaging with ribbons, bows, or rustling wrappers. This will make the surprise even more effective and presentable, as well as additionally protect the goods from pollution and damage during transportation.

Ukraine Gifs baby 1

Flowers and birthday gifts: 7 best options

We have added to the selection the most successful and original options for little birthday people and their parents. They can be given both for discharge from the hospital and in the first years of life.

1. "Send Hugs" Set

There can only be three better than one gift! A delicate and stylish compact bouquet of pink and white tulips will cause a lot of positive emotions for mommy, and a teddy bear will be the first iconic toy for a newborn. A box of exclusive chocolates will be a great addition to a surprise. A gift set with delivery to Ukraine "Send Hugs" is the same warm and touching gesture, like the hugs of dear people.

2. Basket "Greetings from the Tropics"

For those who prefer to give useful and exclusive birthday gifts, we recommend paying attention to bright, ripe fruits full of vitamins and useful microelements, packed in a chic basket. Large bunches of grapes, sweet bananas, apples and pears, exotic pineapple, and fragrant citrus fruits not only look appetizing but also strengthen the health of mom and baby.

3. Soft Toy Bear Umka

Soft toys with delivery in Ukraine are very popular among orders for children and young birthday people. It is pleasant to touch a teddy bear with your hands, lie with him in an embrace or lean on him during games and leisure. Such a toy will perfectly fit into a nursery and a boy and a girl.

Ukraine Gifs baby 1

4. Basket "Small Kinder"

Every child dreams of getting a whole set of chocolate bars, biscuits, and surprise eggs. Sweets from the favorite brand of children and adults are one of the best gifts that, although eaten quickly, remain in the memory for a long time and give great pleasure.

5. Custom Cake

Another exclusive and luxurious gift that will be appropriate under any circumstance. Here you can order a cake with delivery, choosing the cakes, impregnation, and design to your taste in order to impress everyone involved in the celebration. We cooperate with the best confectionery shops in Ukraine, which guarantee high quality of the finished product and timely execution of orders.

6. Five balloons

“Happy Birthday”, “Congrats!”, “Best Wishes” - choose any inscription and give your loved ones the best birthday surprise in Ukraine. Five balls are an impressive and bright addition to a bouquet, grocery baskets, sweets, and any other product from our catalog.

7. 19 Pink Roses in a Box

Beautiful, graceful, and unobtrusive composition for a woman living the brightest and most memorable moments of her life. Delicate and crunchy buds with a subtle pleasant aroma are neatly packed in a hatbox - ideal for delivering flowers and gifts to a hospital in Ukraine. The roses in the box do not take up much space, but they catch the eye and make the atmosphere even more festive and joyful.

Ukraine Gifs baby 3

Bouquets and gifts at the birth of a child in Ukraine from Kievdelivery

In addition to high-quality goods and a wide range of products, we offer each client:

  • Affordable prices and guaranteed discounts from 5%. Payment is made through a bank card or through the services PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay. Upon reaching a certain amount of the order, delivery is free.
  • Fast order processing and delivery on time anywhere in the country. We also provide urgent delivery of gifts: if necessary, the courier will hand over the goods within a few hours after payment.
  • Help in choosing, the checkout process or detailed online consultation 24/7.

We also guarantee a professional approach to the provision of all services. It doesn't matter if you have chosen a bouquet, a toy, or a birthday cake in Ukraine, we think over to the smallest detail every stage of the formation, delivery, and delivery of the order.

Ukraine Gifs baby 4
Championship of Ukraine 2021 in professional floristry

Follow trends, guarantee high-quality goods and demonstrate the uniqueness of the company - to become a favorite with customers, flower delivery in Ukraine must meet a number of requirements, and the Kievdelivery brand does an excellent job with this. We deliver bouquets and gifts all over the country around the clock, quickly place online orders from buyers from all over the world, form exclusive thematic sets for the holidays, and are responsible for the freshness and attractiveness of each hotel, compliment, souvenir.

Compositions and bouquets of different roses: how the championship went

The competition for the title of this year's best florist took place in September at the Christmas Trade Show. "Christmas extravaganza-2021" - this is how the organizers called the event, thereby bringing closer the anticipation of the New Year holidays among the participants and guests of the event. The contestants had to demonstrate three works: make a photo zone, arrange a table for two and prepare a frame bouquet. Also, all the contestants were given a surprise order: to create a Christmas wreath. Floristic masterpieces were evaluated by the best experts in the industry.

Ukraine floristry 1

12 participants from all over the country presented their works at the competition. In their works, they used traditional types of flowers: roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums and skillfully combined them with exotic orchids, echeveria, strelitzia, proteas. The compositions were conquered with their creativity, extraordinary vision, and symbolism: the more we examined each work, the more its mood and message to the audience were revealed to us. Lesya Romanyuk, a resident of Lviv, became the winner of the championship.

Trends of New Year's floristry and mixes of roses in Ukraine

Such events are a great opportunity to get inspired, communicate with colleagues, exchange ideas with professionals, and even introduce new trends in contemporary art. It is not only for workers in this industry to understand the current trends. Knowing what flowers and shades are at the peak of popularity, and what techniques are now actively used by florists in compositions, you can not just order the delivery of bouquets in Ukraine, but please your loved one with an exclusive trendy gift. The specialists of our company regularly improve their qualifications, attend thematic exhibitions and events, and also take part in competitions. We closely followed the Ukrainian floristry championship and identified 5 main trends of 2021:

  1. Natural materials. Wood, bark, straw, branches were increasingly used in the works.
  2. Bright or neutral natural colors. Basically, the contestants played with traditional "Christmas" shades: red, green, yellow. Light, pastel colors were also often found: pink, cream, white, lilac. These are ideal options for competition entries and for home delivery of flowers in Ukraine.
  3. Complex designs and disheveled compositions. The most popular today is a lush and light mix of flowers in Ukraine, created from several types or shades of plants.
  4. Combination of living and non-living. Fresh species looked harmoniously with dried flowers, cones, artificial decor.
  5. Use of themed auxiliary decor. When it comes to Christmas, we think of pine cones, candles, spruce branches, and citrus scents. All these elements look luxurious in bouquets as well.

Ukraine floristry 2

Where to order inexpensive flowers and gifts in Ukraine

You can buy a beautiful and stylish composition for a dear person in the Kievdelivery online store. To order international flower delivery in Ukraine, select any products you like from the assortment, add them to your cart and proceed to checkout. You only need to indicate the name of the addressee and the date of delivery of the gift. You can pay for flower delivery via PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, or by credit card. We work on weekdays, weekends, holidays, so we deliver the goods at the time most convenient for the recipient.

Round-the-clock delivery of flowers and gifts is convenient for those who are in a different time zone but intend to arrange a night surprise for the birthday person or want to please loved ones before the start of the working day. All goods are transported in protective packaging in an air-conditioned car, so they are not damaged in transit. Flowers and gifts are delivered to all cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, etc. Specialists begin to place an order two hours before handing it over to the courier so that recipients can enjoy the beauty of fresh buds or the juiciness of fruit from a grocery basket.

On the site, exclusive festive bouquets with delivery are available for order: always relevant and luxurious roses, lush and solemn gerberas, cute and delicate chrysanthemums. You can choose a restrained and elegant composition of a light, pastel shade, or choose a brighter version that combines the current colors: red, green, orange. Pay attention to themed compositions with candles, fir branches, cones - they can be presented for New Year (January 1), Catholic (December 25), or Orthodox (January 7) Christmas.

Delivery of bouquets in Ukraine by Kievdelivery: additional services

Anyone can order a postcard with congratulations from us or agree on capturing the moment of delivery on a photo or video. The service of urgent delivery of flowers in Ukraine is also provided. In this case, we are guaranteed to deliver the gift just a few hours after payment. In addition to the bouquet, you can choose from us a grocery basket, a soft toy, perfume, sweets, cake, balloons, and other original items from the assortment. We offer all clients reasonable prices and discounts from 5%.

To buy flowers with delivery in Ukraine, you need any gadget with Internet access and a few minutes of free time. Just a couple of clicks - and you will arrange an unforgettable surprise for your loved ones in honor of any occasion!

Ukraine floristry 3
Fruit Baskets for New Year Holidays in Ukraine

In the online store of flowers and gifts delivery, everyone can order a basket of foods and fruits for the New Year in Ukraine from anywhere in the world. We deliver gifts around the clock and we do care about the quality of our services. The assortment includes fresh products only, beautiful and juicy fruits, delicious sweets, and exclusive types of cheeses. The set can be supplemented with a stylish bouquet, soft toy, branded perfume, or cake. We deliver to all cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, etc. Make an order on the site now, and you are guaranteed to receive a discount of 5% or more.

5 reasons to buy fresh fruits basket in Ukraine

Useful gifts were appreciated both in the days of our grandmothers and in the current era of information technology with an abundance of all kinds of goods and services. If the surprise at the same time is unusual and attractive, it will remain in the memory of a loved one for a long time. Delivery of food baskets for the New Year in Ukraine is a modern trend among gifts. Let's consider its main advantages:

  1. The chances of a wrong guess with a surprise are zero. Such a gift is appropriate for both elderly relatives and advanced youth. It will be useful for men and women, colleagues and lovers, culinary masters, and adherents of a healthy lifestyle.
  2. This is useful. During cold weather, the body especially needs vitamins, and what will enrich the diet with useful substances better than fresh fruit? Apple favorite since childhood, juicy peach, exotic sweet pineapple - choose any set. Fruit baskets as a gift for the New Year in Ukraine are the best opportunity to cheer up your family and take care of their health.
  3. Nice design. Red glossy sides of the apple, bright tangerine peel, fleshy and large bunches of grapes look delicious and solemn. And if you put them in a large braid and add the final touch in the form of a bright ribbon, the composition will conquer with its spectacularity at first sight.
  4. Gift baskets are suitable both for decorating a festive table and for everyday use. Such a treat looks expensive and luxurious. You can also make a fragrant pie from apples and pears, and make a milkshake from a banana.
  5. This is an original and creative gesture that demonstrates concern for the recipient without a long and eloquent monologue. Choose the "filling" to taste, and get ready to receive sincere words of gratitude.

Fruit baskets in Ukraine are a full-fledged, effective gift. Complete them with a postcard with nice congratulations. In them, you can wish the addressee a sweet and bright life, celebrate his hospitality and culinary talents, wish him a rich and generous table for the next 365 days.

Ukraine New Year Fruits 1

Popular gift baskets with products for the New Year

The assortment of our online store includes options for every taste. If you are looking for a traditional and classic option, pay attention to the types familiar to many: apples, pears, grapes, bananas, peaches. The exotic always surprise pineapple, kiwi, mango, pomegranate. The catalog also contains gifts from different species grown both in the tropics and in the climate familiar to Ukrainians. A great option is to order fruit sets with the addition of other holiday goods:

  • Alcoholic drinks: a bottle of sparkling, white, or red wine.
  • Sweets. Delivery of chocolate baskets is very popular. The assortment of Kievdelivery includes imported goods, dragees, bars from well-known manufacturers.
  • Cheese. To diversify the festive table, sometimes it is enough to supplement it with sliced ​​cheddar, brie, or camembert.
  • Nuts. Cashews, pistachios, peanuts are healthy and satisfying snacks for your favorite dishes.

What is the smell of Christmas? Spruce branches, cinnamon baked goods, and, of course, tangerines! A safe bet is to order a fruit basket filled with citrus fruits for the New Year. The four kilograms set with oranges, grapefruits, and lemons is a Christmas surprise that will add even more joy and comfort to the homes of your loved ones.

Ukraine New Year Fruits 2

Food baskets and sets: order gifts from Kievdelivery

To place an order in our store, add the product to your cart and indicate the recipient's information: phone number, address, name. Payment for the service also takes place online through the systems GooglePay, ApplePay, PayPal. We will start processing the order as soon as funds are credited to the account.

Delivery is carried out on weekdays, weekends, holidays at a time convenient for the addressee. All kits are made shortly before shipment, so you can be sure of the freshness and quality of each product. Goods are delivered in protective packaging in a car in compliance with all temperature conditions.

5 reasons to buy a fruit basket in Ukraine at Kievdelivery

We guarantee to each customer:

  • A wide selection of products for every occasion, wallet, and preference.
  • Round-the-clock and timely delivery of a basket of groceries on New Year's holidays.
  • Help in choosing a gift and online support for any questions or difficulties with the order. Contact us for advice without worrying about the time difference.
  • Efficiency. We also provide urgent delivery of grocery baskets as a gift in Ukraine. We will deliver the goods in just a few hours after placing the order.
  • Affordable prices and discounts. Upon reaching a certain amount of the order, delivery is at our expense.

With the permission of the recipient, we will capture the moment of delivery of the gift in a photo or video. You will be able to see with your own eyes those joyful emotions caused by your gift. A fruit basket in Ukraine can be supplemented with a miniature compliment bouquet or themed New Year's composition. You can also please your loved one with a gift certificate, a flowerpot of a decorative indoor plant, or purchase a charming plush toy, which is so pleasant to spend cold winter evenings in an embrace.

Ukraine New Year Fruits 3
We are in TOP 12 Flowers Shops in Kyiv

Kievdelivery in the TOP 12 Flower Shops of Kyiv

Our hard work and dedication to providing the best possible services to our customers bring reward. This time we have been noticed and promoted in the TOP 12 Flower Shops of Kyiv.  You can check this listing here - Flower Delivery Reviews.

We are updating the photos of deliveries in Ukraine regularly, as well as adding more photos of the products, so our customers can get confidence and calmness that their gifts and flowers will be delivered to their dearest people in Ukraine in the best way possible, just like they wanted them to be.

We are appreciated to all our customers for their honest reviews and we hope that our small tokens of appreciation (in the form of discount coupons for the next orders) will stimulate them to give more reviews. 

Flowers Delivery Reviews is a great and interesting website when you need to know more about the delivery of flowers and gifts in different parts of the world. It is not only interesting but useful as well, as you can find really great websites and their deals. 

Top 10 Gifts for Men from Kievdelivery

If presenting surprises for the ladies is easy, delivering gifts for a man for a birthday, public holiday, or another occasion seems to be a difficult task for many. Kievdelivery company decided to dispel myths and prove that even for modern teenagers, businessmen, or conservative relatives of the age, you can find an original and useful product. We are engaged in round-the-clock delivery of flowers and gifts to all cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and small towns. We deliver fresh and high-quality products at an affordable price.

Gifts for Men: How to Choose

To please a loved one, it is important to remember his tastes. An exclusive product will evoke more emotions and make even the most restrained man be moved. Everyone is pleased to feel cared for and notice that the person showing attention did not decide to do with a banal souvenir, but approached the question responsibly. Any man is happy to receive a practical gift that can be used immediately after delivery. Make it personalized: take into account the age, style, hobbies, character, a lifestyle of the addressee - then you will hit the target and arouse genuine joy in the recipient.

For each gender, the following recommendations remain relevant:

  • Product quality. These are the observance of expiration dates, freshness (when it comes to food and flowers), and an attractive appearance.
  • Relevance. You can perfectly understand the tastes of a loved one and know what could be useful to him. But practical doesn't mean appropriate. Make sure that your surprise can be proudly called a gift.
  • Nice design. You should always emphasize the festive atmosphere. Thinking about how to congratulate a man, you should not give up the wrapper that will match the moment. Even an ordinary transparent package with a bright ribbon will allow you to feel the sweetness of anticipation and create a slight intrigue.

Ukraine Gifts for Men 1

What to present man with: top 10 options by Kievdelivery

We have chosen the best among all possible options for males. Each of them meets the above criteria for an ideal gift: high quality, attractive and festive decoration, originality. Among the assortment of our products, there are exquisite sets for respectable men, sincere and cute for close relatives, traditional for lovers of the classics, unusual for companionship.

«Chocolate Delight» Gift Basket

Elite chocolate with delivery in Ukraine is an ideal option for a business partner, employee, or boss. A woven base with exclusive sweets, nuts, and Bailey`s cream liqueur will be appreciated by those who follow their image and prefer the premium segment.

«Fruits and Foods» Basket

A compact set with ripe apples and oranges, fresh nuts, delicious cheese, and sweets will be appropriate for any occasion. The square basket "Fruits and Products" is packed in cellophane with a large presentable bow.

Custom Made Cake

A loved one deserves the best. If you know everything about the taste preferences of the recipient, order a cake according to an individual recipe. The best confectionery in the city will make delicious, melting-in-your-mouth pastries that will delight the client. You can also order a cake with a photo or choose a themed design related to the recipient's hobby or professional activity. Delivery of cakes in Ukraine from Kievdelivery always takes place at the highest level.

«Great Evening» Gift Basket

If you have not yet decided how to congratulate your best friend or beloved colleague, take a look at this set. The “Cool Evening” basket will be appreciated by a lover of friendly gatherings: it includes as many as six bottles of imported beer, delicious snacks, smoked cheese, and crackers.

Ukraine Gifts for Men 2

«Chocolate Collection» Basket

A stylish gift for a brother, boyfriend, and any sweet tooth. As many as 15 bars of quality, fresh and different tasting chocolate in one set! Such a surprise will be appreciated by both a teenager and a student, and a middle-aged man who always chooses quality. Chocolate baskets in Ukraine are one of the most demanded products of our company.

Traditional Cakes

Grillage, Prague, Kievsky are timeless classics in baking. A cake with delivery is a great addition to the main gift for a man in Ukraine or a symbolic present as a sign of respect or gratitude.

«Tea Coffee and Cookies» Basket

Elderly relatives are better off choosing cozy and “homemade” goods. A set with tea, coffee, cookies, marshmallows, milk chocolate, and other goodies is an ideal gift for a father, grandfather, matchmaker, uncle.

«Go Tropical!» Basket

How about something exotic and healthy? Citrus fruits, apples, grapes, pears are a storehouse of vitamins and a caring, attentive gesture. Such a gift is suitable both for an unfamiliar person and for a very close person: a parent, brother, or an old friend.

«Respect» Basket

Another exquisite gourmet option. The basket "Respect" includes large-leaf tea, a jar of honey, several bars of exclusive chocolate with different tastes and sweets.


This product will be appreciated by lovers of gadgets, technology, and modern electronics. On the site, you can choose a card of any cash equivalent: "silver", "gold", "platinum".

Ukraine Gifts for Men 3

Why you should choose Kievdelivery

We know how to please even the most reserved man who is skeptical about surprises. We have something to surprise the buyers themselves:

  • To order gifts and bouquets for men at Kievdelivery, you need some free time and Internet access. Choosing the right product from our assortment is easier than making a purchase in the supermarket.
  • You can pay for the service with any convenient service: PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay, or credit card.
  • You can also order a very urgent delivery of gifts in Ukraine - we will arrange and deliver the goods within two hours after payment.

If you have any difficulties with the order or have any questions regarding the services, we are ready to advise you 24/7.

Ukraine Gifts for Men 4
Get Well Flowers and Gifts in Ukraine

Diseases of loved ones are worse than their own ailments: at such moments you want to be near your loved ones, hold their hand, support, and not let them become discouraged. Flowers with a wish for a speedy recovery are the best way to express your care and tenderness. Kievdelivery company delivers gifts in Ukraine. Here you can buy a bouquet of flowers for a sick person and supplement it with a symbolic gift. We pay special attention to the freshness of each product, work 24/7 and deliver orders at the agreed time, without causing any inconvenience to the recipient.

Tips for choosing a bouquet of flowers "Get well soon"

Scientific research has repeatedly proven the beneficial effects of living plants on the psychoemotional state of a person. This effect was given the name "flowertherapy". It is believed that such compositions are capable of absorbing the negative energy of medical institutions, and a correctly selected color scheme can have a calming effect or, conversely, lift the mood. Even skeptics will not deny that flowers with a note "Get well soon!" help the patient to escape from negative thoughts and feel the care of a loved one.

If you decide to cheer up your loved one with a pleasant surprise, consider a few recommendations:

  • Flowers delivered to the hospital should also not have a strong odor. Choose species with the minimum amount of pollen on the petals to eliminate the likelihood of allergies from the addressee or roommates. Buy roses, chrysanthemums, tulips, alstroemeria - they have a subtle, delicate, and pleasant aroma.
  • Although large compositions look impressive, they take up a lot of space. If your loved one is in the common ward, it is better to stop at a small bouquet of flowers with the inscription: "Get well soon!"
  • Discard field or garden species. They can contain harmful microorganisms and insects. Trust trusted stores that comply with all storage conditions.

When ordering flower delivery to the hospital, take care not to create a hassle for your loved one, such as finding a suitable vessel for storing them. In this case, it is better to buy a vase or order a composition in a box or basket.

Send flowers to hospital 1

Flower delivery to the hospital from Kievdelivery

In our online store, you can buy fresh, high-quality, and stylish bouquets with the inscription "Get well soon." In the presence of luxury roses, elegant tulips, delicate alstroemerias, bright gerberas, cheerful daisies, which will not leave indifferent any addressee.

When expressing concern in the language of flowers, pay attention to the choice of dominant shades:

  • White tones speak of light, purity, and inspiration.
  • Pastel shades, such as light green, pink, or lilac, express tender, and quivering feelings. They have a calming effect and help relieve anxiety.
  • Red, yellow, or orange buds cheer you up, charging you with optimism and energy for a speedy recovery.

Send flowers to hospital 2

Get well soon gift ideas

Complete your order with goodies. A fruit basket has a wow effect, and vitamins will help you gain strength faster and improve your well-being. When ordering flower delivery with a note "Get well soon!", add something special to your gift with a set of "Original Fruits", "Many Citrus Fruits", or an exotic version of "Greetings from the Tropics". A basket with tea, coffee, cheeses will also come in handy. The patient will also be pleased with sweets: sweets, custom-made cakes, peanut butter, a box of cookies.

When choosing bouquets and gifts with wishes for a speedy recovery, pay attention to more individual options:

  1. The indoor plant does not require complex care, looks attractive, and will not cause an allergic reaction. You can give a flowering look - Kalanchoe, celosia, orchid, or choose a decorative leafy unpretentious option - bamboo, ficus, crassula.
  2. The soft toy will delight both the child and the young girl. Express delivery of flowers and gifts in the form of a teddy bear or a cute bunny is a wonderful choice for a sweetheart, sister, daughter, niece. 
  3. Perfume is ideal if you know the tastes of the addressee well. A beautiful and luxurious branded bottle will be able to switch the thoughts of its owner into an optimistic channel and, perhaps, even make you think about which outfits to apply it to immediately after discharge.
  4. Balloons are a proven remedy for fighting discouragement. Indeed, even if life is stormy, it is important not to give up and notice the good that surrounds us.

Send flowers to hospital 3

How to buy Get Well flowers in Kievdelivery

To place an order, you just need to select a suitable product, specify the necessary information for delivery and pay for the service by credit card, PayPal, GooglePay, ApplePay. The entire purchase process takes place online and takes no more than 10 minutes. We start processing the order immediately after payment.

Kievdelivery delivers flowers and gifts with wishes to all cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, etc. We care about the quality of our products, therefore we only cooperate with proven pastry shops. When composing a composition, experienced florists carefully check the freshness of each bud. Grocery baskets are also formed shortly before dispatch. We take into account the expiration date of each product so that customers receive the highest quality fruits, sweets, cheeses, and pastries.

We are attentive to the wishes of our clients and do our best for their convenience and comfort. Each customer and addressee is guaranteed:

  • Flower delivery in Ukraine around the clock on weekdays, weekends, and holidays.
  • We deliver the goods on time without delay.
  • Affordable prices and discounts from 5%. Professional and courteous support.

Please contact us for your order any time. Diseases are impossible to predict, they often take us by surprise. Make an urgent order for flowers with delivery in Ukraine, and we will be able to deliver the goods within a few hours after payment.

How to choose Mother's Day gift in Ukraine

During the spring holidays, floristic studios resemble beehives: orders are being processed at all times, lush bouquets are being formed, flowers are delivered in Ukraine 24/7, supplies of fresh plants do not stop - everything so that every client can congratulate his beloved women. Most countries celebrate Mother's Day every year on the second Sunday in May. For Kievdelivery, this is the time of the most beautiful gifts, the most tender words in postcards, and, perhaps, the most touching emotions among the addressees.

Having been successfully engaged in international flower delivery in Ukraine for many years, we pay special attention to the quality of our goods. We guarantee the freshness of every component of the gift: from an exclusive rose in the composition to chocolate in the grocery basket. Transportation of goods is carried out taking into account all transportation rules and in compliance with temperature regimes.

World traditions and delivery of gifts in Ukraine on Mother's Day

The holiday dates back to the 17th century when the British honored their parents every Sunday of Great Lent. It was first declared at the official level only in 1914 in the United States. Today Mother's Day is celebrated in almost every corner of the world and even echoes religious traditions: Christians venerate the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Catholics in Mexico hold masses with "las mananitas". In all countries, families gather at the festive table, and loving children do not refuse to buy a bouquet for their mother and surround her with care. Regardless of faith, geography, cultural traditions, we are all united by pure and bright love for the main women in our lives.

Mother's Day has been officially celebrated in Ukraine since 1999. Although the holiday is considered relatively young, it has spread widely across all regions of the country. On this day, it is customary to congratulate all women who have children. More often they are presented with bouquets. Symbolic gifts such as sweets or souvenirs are also common.

Ukraine Easter gifts 1

Where to order flowers for Mother's Day in Ukraine

The power of love for loved ones cannot be measured, but it is easy to express it in words, actions, help, attention, or gifts. Urgent flower delivery on Mother's Day at Kievdelivery is an opportunity to transfer a piece of your warmth to a loved one, even despite a distance of thousands of kilometers. A correctly chosen bouquet can be more eloquent than words:

  • Roses are the best way to show respect. Dark red indicates admiration, while white indicates strong, pure, and perfect love. To emphasize your tender and reverent attitude towards your mother with a bouquet, choose pink roses for her.
  • Tulips are spring flowers that symbolize warmth and fun. Modest and elegant at the same time, they are good for presenting to close women: mother, sister, wife.
  • Alstroemeria emphasizes the sublimity and spirituality of feelings: pink gives a feeling of freshness, lilac help to express admiration, white - openness.
  • Chrysanthemums are like little suns, they fill the house with light and joy. They can be gifted to women of all ages.
  • Carnations are a symbol of good luck and deep love.

On Mother's Day, bouquets of traditional reds and whites are in demand. Delicate spring tones are also popular: pink, cream, lilac.

Ukraine Easter gifts 2

How to choose and where to buy gifts for mom with delivery

Since childhood, parents do not regret us the best piece of cake with a slice of marmalade, leave the last chocolate candy in the box, agree to buy such a coveted and precious toy, forgetting about their needs. Such gestures may seem natural and even habitual, but they all speak about the main thing - motherly love. Kievdelivery delivers flowers and gifts to all cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and even small towns. In the catalog, we have collected the best products for Mother's Day, so that each client can congratulate their beloved women on the holiday:

  • Food baskets. With fruits, sweets, cheeses, wine - you can choose a ready-made set or compose it according to your own taste.
  • Cakes. We cooperate with trusted pastry shops and deliver fresh, high-quality, and very tasty pastries that will be appreciated even by a demanding housewife. You can order a cake according to an individual recipe or choose the traditional Napoleon, Tiramisu, Prague, Kievsky, Cheesecake.
  • Houseplants. A long-lasting gift that will delight your mother for years and make her happy memories of a surprise. An elegant orchid, a lush gardenia, a delicate azalea, or a spectacular hydrangea are ideal for women who value comfort and beauty in their home.
  • Perfume and cosmetics. No woman will refuse the opportunity to acquire a bottle of an elite perfume. Delight your mom with the products of your favorite brand, or give her a gift certificate so that she chooses the option to her taste.

The above products are suitable for women of different ages and lifestyles: avid travelers, keepers of the family hearth, active and athletic, unsurpassed chefs, and experienced gardeners.

Ukraine Easter gifts 3

Flowers and gifts with delivery around the clock from Kievdelivery

Working 24/7 and paying increased attention to product quality, we do not forget about the convenience and comfort of our customers. We guarantee:

  1. Fast checkout. To use our services, you just need to add the item you like to the cart and pay for it online using a bank card, PayPal, GooglePay or Apple Pay.
  2. Prompt delivery. We work seven days a week, we deliver gifts at the appointed date and time convenient for the recipient. You can also use the very urgent delivery service on the same day.
  3. 24/7 support. If you have any questions or want to make an unusual order for your mom, you can contact us for advice at any time.

Ordering flowers and gifts in Ukraine from Kievdelivery is a matter of a few minutes. Putting a smile on your mother's face and, once again, letting her be proud of you is priceless.

Easter in Ukraine

Before the bright holiday of the Resurrection of Christ, everyone plans generous treats, purchases ingredients for baking cakes, and those who are away from loved ones think over Easter gifts with delivery in Ukraine in advance - a pleasant bustle is felt around. Believers call the event "holidays, a holiday and a celebration of celebrations," which only emphasizes its scale.

Online flower shop in Ukraine Kievdelivery offers a wide range of bouquets, food baskets, freshly baked cakes to order, and gift compositions. Everything so that on such an important holiday of Easter, loved ones feel your care. We work around the clock on weekdays and weekends, so we deliver orders when it is convenient for our clients.

Celebration of Easter and delivery of gifts in Ukraine

All Christians praise Jesus' selflessness in the same way, but there are some differences in traditions. The calculation of the date of the celebration is common - the first Sunday after the spring full moon. Orthodox churches celebrate Easter according to the Julian calendar, and Catholic churches according to the Gregorian calendar, so the dates of Holy Resurrection often do not coincide. When ordering international flower delivery in Ukraine, consider the faith of your loved ones. The atmosphere of solemnity, serenity, and unity for the holiday is provided by special traditions:

  • Many Christians observe Great Lent before Easter. They spend this period in prayers and limit themselves to the use of a number of products. So believers try to walk the path of God, to be cleansed from sins and become better. Fasting lasts 40 days, and after severe restrictions on Bright Sunday, it is customary to organize a generous festive feast.
  • The last Thursday before the holiday is usually called Clean. On this day, everyone is putting things in order in the house, taking communion in churches, and baking treats.
  • Among the treats, two main dishes are sure to be present - fragrant Easter cakes with raisins and sugar fondant and boiled eggs painted with paints, known as krashanki. They are cooked once a year and only for Easter. Also on the table, there are meat dishes, stuffed vegetables, casseroles, light salads, wine, compotes, pies.
  • Instead of the usual greeting, it is customary to say: "Christ is risen!" and answer "Truly he is risen!" Easter greeting is also common - you need to kiss each other three times on the cheek.

Easter traditions may vary by faith and region. It is customary for Catholics to hide gifts for children from the Easter bunny. Usually, these are bright dyes, figured cookies with mastic and chocolate treats. Among Orthodox believers, it is common to consecrate traditional dishes after a church service and to "Christianize" - breaking eggs.

On Easter, it is customary to visit, exchange symbolic gifts and spend time with the family. Since this is a church holiday, it is better to refrain from frivolous or ambiguous options. Coming to visit, the owners of the house can be presented with souvenir thematic products: toys in the form of chickens and rabbits, baskets and wreaths with plants, sweets, dishes for eggs, or cloth napkins with symbols.

Ukraine Easter gifts 1

Where to buy flowers and gifts with delivery for Easter

If you are away from loved ones and intend to use the services of a courier service, it is better to stay on neutral options. A fruit basket for Easter with delivery across Ukraine from Kievdelivery will always be appropriate. It will be a luxurious addition to the festive table and will suit the addressee with any taste. You can choose a ready-made thematic set on the site or compose it according to your taste.

Traditionally, the Easter basket consists of fruits, sweets, pastries, and religious paraphernalia. Earlier, dishes made from sprouted grain were a symbol of the resurrection. Nowadays, it is customary to use compositions with fresh flowers instead. They add even more solemnity to the feast and give a barely perceptible, pleasant aroma of spring. In honor of the holiday of Resurrection, you can present your loved ones with a bouquet of bright tulips, spectacular roses in boxes, or sunny chrysanthemums.

Kievdelivery provides timely, fast, and high-quality delivery of flowers and gifts to all cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and others. The most popular colors during this period are red, white, and green. The first symbolizes fire and sacrifice, the second - holiness and innocence, the third - rebirth and eternal life. Delicate and pastel shades represent the joy of spring. They are all present in our selection of Easter gift options.

Ukraine Easter gifts 2

Advantages of flower delivery in Ukraine from Kievdelivery

Snow-white tablecloths, starched napkins, beautiful tableware, a warm welcome of guests, peace and joy from what is happening - everything these days speaks of physical and spiritual cleansing. Flowers and gifts for Easter in Kyiv, in the east and west, in the northern suburb or southern metropolis should be perfect. Kievdelivery is not only high quality and round-the-clock delivery but also a number of other advantages:

  • Fresh products. We prepare all the bouquets two hours before dispatch, and we purchase goods for food baskets shortly before placing an order. We carefully study the shelf life of chocolate, fruits, pastries, cookies, alcohol.
  • Wide range of prices. You can choose an elite bouquet of 101 roses or organize symbolic compliments for employees, business partners, or good acquaintances. We also have a system of discounts for all clients.
  • Fast checkout. It will take you a few minutes to form and pay for the goods online. You can pay by credit card, PayPal, GooglePay or ApplePay. The order is processed immediately after the transfer of funds.

We are always ready to help with the choice of goods or answer any questions that arise. Forgot to place an order on time and are afraid that you will not have time to congratulate your loved one? Even in this case, we have a very urgent delivery service on the same day.

Ukraine Easter gifts 3
Wild and decorative flowers in Mykolaiv

Fresh fruits, original sweets, original compositions, round-the-clock flower delivery - Mykolaiv inspires us to create the best gifts for your loved ones. The city of shipbuilders, water beauties, brave sailors seems to include a regime of "freedom, lightness, and scale". It is somewhat reminiscent of a family resort: there is a measured life, there is no fuss, and nature disposes to enjoy the surrounding beauty. Despite the atmosphere of relaxation and tranquility in the south of Ukraine, in Mykolaiv, Kievdelivery always delivers flowers on time and on time. As brave conquerors of the water element on sailing ships, our couriers maneuver among the streets and are ready for unpredictability on the way.

Features of the city and flowers to order in Nikolaev

The largest economic center in the south of the country is not spoiled by the attention of tourists. This fact could upset guests and residents, but getting into this southern corner, you feel its charm. When everything is boiling around with entertainment, active life, crowds of people, and cars, everything happens differently here. For us, life, work, and the regular delivery of flowers and gifts in Mykolaiv are like access to something exclusive. Something that is not known to everyone, but in a homely close and truly dear. Even non-tourist places are impressive in Ukraine. While delivering flowers across Nikolaev, we learned many impressive facts about him that would surprise even experienced travelers:

  • Archaeologists have discovered Cimmerian settlements and tools of the Late Bronze Age right within the city. Not every capital of the world boasts a history that dates back to BC.
  • For the first time, Mykolaiv was mentioned in the chronicle sources. And the first port appeared here earlier than in Greece.
  • Unlike other industrial cities of Ukraine, which cannot boast of historical buildings, Mykolaiv can surprise you with the ancient architecture of the 18th-19th centuries.
  • In Mykolaiv there is a unique location, which has no analogs in any part of the world - this is the Varvarovsky sliding bridge. The uniqueness of this structure lies in the fact that it is not opened with a book, as is customary, but is lifted and shifted, ensuring the passage of ships.

Mykolaiv Ukraine Flowers 1

Where to have fun, relax and order flowers in Mykolaiv

An ideal pastime in the city over the Bug and Ingul should include three elements:

  • cultural attractions;
  • unique natural areas;
  • More water.

Start your walk on the neat city sidewalks. Walk along Flotsky Boulevard and the Embankment, relax on a bench in the shade of the trees of Leski Park, look into one of the largest zoos in Ukraine. The temple architecture of the city will also impress the church of St. Joseph, the churches of St. Nicholas, and the Holy Spirit, the Lutheran church. Architectural monuments related to the theme of the city will also attract attention: the Museum of Shipbuilding and Fleet, the Old Fleet Barracks, the Admiralty. For an evening promenade along Mykolaiv, buy flowers for your beloved and go to the longest pedestrian street in Ukraine - Sobornaya.

After exploring the cultural attractions, it's time to change your shoes for sneakers and get ready for off-roading. Be sure to visit the "Ukrainian Troy" - the settlement Dikiy Sad. Get to Camp Field with untouched nature and canyons. It offers a panoramic view of the river mouth and part of Mykolaiv. Stunning views of the estuary and port open from the Coaster Harbor.

Finally, we got to the main element of the city - water. Coming here and not visiting the yacht dock is tantamount to a crime. Here you can sit and watch the sunset, count the number of sails on the horizon, take a river walk, or stare at a spectacular building with artsy Renaissance elements for a long time. You can soak up the sun under the soothing sounds of the water at the Chaika or Strelka beaches.

How is flower delivery to the districts of Mykolaiv

Ask us to describe the city in one color, and we will list all the shades of blue: the aquamarine sky here is reflected in the azure water, and in the afternoon the horizon shows an impressive gradient from pale cornflower blue to bluish. Sometimes it seems that even the air takes on a shade of light crystal.

If the area had to be characterized in the language of flowers, it would definitely be a combination of simplicity and pretentiousness, culture and savagery, greenhouse conditions, and open spaces. In a hurry to deliver gifts in Mykolaiv, we watch tulips in the flowerbed of the central part of the city or admire wild plants in the Yunost park of the Ingul region. Residents of the few villages of the Zavodskoy part of the city also do not give up the idea of ​​transforming the courtyards. Here you can find blooming, evergreen, and wild species. Bright petunias, geraniums, and lobelias add elegance to neat balconies.

Mykolaiv Ukraine Flowers 2

Where to buy flowers in Mykolaiv

The population of the city loves plants, and they grow with pleasure in the mild, fresh and comfortable climate of the southern part of the country. Surrounding yourself with beauty is not difficult, and it is very easy to give it to loved ones. In the online flower shop in Ukraine Kievdelivery you can order exclusive bouquets of roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, tulips, gerberas, carnations, alstroemeria at an affordable price. We guarantee:

  • The freshness of products. All compositions are made by experienced florists two hours before the order is sent. Transportation of flowers is carried out in a car in compliance with temperature conditions and logistics rules. The recipient will receive the bouquet in perfect condition.
  • In-time delivery. For a long work in Mykolaiv, we have studied all its streets, houses and even paths, so we are perfectly oriented in the area and deliver the order on time.
  • A wide range of gifts. You can complement the flowers with a food basket, cake, soft toy, balloons, cosmetics, gift card, or certificate.

A few minutes to place an order is all it takes to surprise your loved ones. For the rest, trust Kievdelivery.

Mykolaiv Ukraine Flowers 3
Important Notice about Covid-19

Kievdelivery would like to confirm to every customer - we do deliveries of all flowers and gifts in every city of Ukraine. Yes, there are lockdowns, quarantines, restrictions... but we can still deliver your love and feelings in time in every location of Ukraine.

We do follow the rules and restrictions implemented by the Government and local authorities of Ukraine.

Please order with confidence - your order will be delivered in time!

Elite Floristry of Kiev

The capital of Ukraine Kyiv captivates tourists with its colorfulness and versatility. Here you can admire the monumental buildings of the Classicist era, count the floors in high-tech business centers, admire the luxury of palaces and cathedrals with Baroque elements, or suddenly come across a fancy castle with neo-Gothic techniques.

Employees of the flower delivery company in Ukraine Kievdelivery do not cease to admire the picturesqueness of the capital. Therefore, we decided to confess our love to the heart of our country and share a short article about the mood of Kyiv, floristics, tourist places, and details that emphasize its versatility. As devoted fans of flowers, we will not miss the opportunity to tell what our favorite city conquers us every day.

Impressive information about Kyiv in numbers

We offer to start acquaintance with the Ukrainian capital with some fascinating facts:

  • The official date of birth of the city is considered to be 482nd year. Archaeological research indicates that in the 6-7 century AD there were the first settlements on the lands of Kyiv. It seems that the exact time of the birth of the Ukrainian capital will remain an unsolved mystery.
  • In the city, you can find buildings made in 30 different styles. Including the unique Cossack and Ukrainian Baroque.
  • "Capital of chestnuts" is the famous nickname of Kyiv. It has about 1 million of these trees. During the chestnut blossom period, the city is often compared to Japan in sakura blossoms.
  • The main street of the capital Khreshchatyk breaks two records at once. It is the shortest central street in Europe. Its length is only 1.33 km. At the same time, it is the widest central street in Europe - 75 meters.

Elite Floristry in Kyiv 1

Top 10 most beautiful places in Kiev

Kyiv gives special emotions and feelings. Here you can listen to the rumble of cars on the avenues and the rustle of foliage in the parks. Inhale the scent of lilac in the botanical garden and tickle the receptors with the aroma of the legendary Kyiv pastry. And you can stop and contemplate for a long time the riot of colors: lush green leaves of chestnuts in May, the rich orange slopes of the hills in October, the deep and cold shades of the Dnieper in winter. And in summer you can be dazzled by the golden domes of the cathedrals, bathed in the rays of the July sun.

We have compiled a list of the most impressive places that Kyiv is famous for. Some of them conquer with their majesty, others envelop with natural calm and warmth. But they do not leave anyone indifferent:

  1. Khreshchatyk and Independence Square - start the tour from the main street and square of the city. A place where all official events and folk festivals take place.
  2. Sofia Square is an ancient part of the city with a high bell tower and a rich historical past.
  3. Vladimirskaya Gorka is a three-level park on a hill. Its terraces offer stunning panoramic views of the city.
  4. Andreevsky descent - if Khreshchatyk is the heart of the capital, then his soul has settled in this place. The street unites the upper and lower part of the city and is famous for chamber parks, museums, the luxurious St. Andrew's Church, cozy cafes with flower terraces, theaters, and shops with national souvenirs. Nearby are the popular recreation area Landscape Alley, the elite and colorful neighborhood of Vozdvizhenka, Castle Hill, which offers stunning views of old Kyiv. You can spend the whole day studying this part of the capital.
  5. Podol is one of the oldest districts of the city with numerous architectural monuments, narrow streets, and a reigning patriarchal atmosphere. Includes two old squares - Kontraktova and Poshtova.
  6. National Grishko Botanical Garden is an area of 130 hectares with arboretums, a greenhouse, and cozy corners where you can enjoy unity with nature. During the flowering of magnolias, lilacs, roses become the most popular place in Kyiv.
  7. The Dnieper embankment is a great place for a leisurely promenade. The calm flow of the river, the refreshing wind, and the smooth passing of the ship create an atmosphere of peace and bliss.
  8. Mariinsky Park is a romantic corner of the city. Its pearl is the palace of the same name, which was built during the reign of Empress Elizabeth.
  9. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra - this place is visited by more than one million tourists a year, which makes it the most popular museum in Kyiv. It is famous for its sacred architecture, numerous golden domes of churches, cathedrals, bell towers, as well as millennial caves.
  10. Singing Field is a venue for open-air festivals and concerts. And here the largest exhibition of flower compositions in Ukraine is annually held. At this time, more than 30,000 flowers are placed in a small area of the field.

Elite Floristry in Kyiv 2

Modern Kyiv in Details

The mood of the city is set not only by its historical development and landscape. Modern Kyiv is beautiful in its details. After visiting all the tourist spots, it is definitely worth taking the time to take a leisurely walk - go where the eyes look, look at the windows and go to the cute cafes with green terraces.

We can't pass by floristic studios and floral installations of shopping malls. Through the glass windows of elite boutiques, you can see and elegant mono-bouquets of field species, and fancy compositions of exotic plants. With their appearance, they refresh the city and make it even more elegant. We are inspired to create beautiful bouquets for delivery to our customers.

Elite Floristry in Kyiv 3

Order elite flowers in Kiev

Amidst the bustling life of the metropolis, individuality is especially valued. Even a miniature composition of roses can be an exclusive gift. The main thing is that it emphasizes the character and nature of its owner.

If you decide to use flower delivery in Kyiv, make an individual order at Kievdelivery. We deliver the products on the strictly appointed day personally to the recipient. And let your favorite inhabitant of the capital will contemplate beauty not only during walks around the city, but also being in walls of the native house.

Elite Floristry in Kyiv 4
We in the TOP 8 Ukraine Florists Again

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How they celebrate March 8 in Ukraine

One day a year, at the beginning of spring, a special atmosphere soars in large and small cities of Ukraine. Smiling girls with bouquets in their hands sweep the sidewalks, loudly clattering their heels, men fill stores in the hope of buying special gifts for their loved ones, and against the background of the rustle of wrappers and the fragrance of blossoming buds, congratulations on the holiday are heard everywhere. At first glance, the day of March 8 seems easy, springy, and even naive. In fact, the holiday has a long history associated with important issues of law, equality, working conditions, and the position of women in society.

How International Women's Day came about

With the emergence of trade union organizations in the mid-19th century, working conditions for men working in factories improved significantly. The same cannot be said about light industry enterprises, whose employees were mainly women. They still had to work hard 16 hours a day, while the level of wages was significantly lower than that of men. On March 8, 1857, workers in New York factories and factories first went to a rally to defend their rights. They set out to achieve a 10-hour workday, comfortable indoor conditions, and equal pay for all genders. To attract attention, the demonstrators armed themselves with kitchen utensils and rattled dishes during the march. Journalists even called this action "March of Empty Pans". Such a decisive step helped women achieve better working conditions and higher wages, but they failed to equalize all their rights with men.

The second action took place in New York as much as 50 years later and reached more than 15 thousand people. This helped to draw the attention of the authorities and the public to the issue, giving a strong impetus for further actions of activists. In 1910, the International Conference of Working Women was held in Copenhagen. At it, the participants, led by leader Clara Zetkin, called for the struggle for equality in all spheres of social life, as well as issues related to politics and economics. At the same time, the leader of the women's group of German Social Democrats proposed to celebrate the International Day of Women's Solidarity annually. The date of the celebration was chosen for a reason - March 8. In memory of the events of 1857. But only in 1975, the UN officially proclaimed this date as International Women's Day.

March 8 in Ukraine 1

Manifesto for Equality and the Beginning of the Revolution: March 8 in the USSR

For the first time, International Women's Day on the territory of present-day Ukraine was celebrated on the first Sunday of February 1913. Then most of the country was part of the Russian Empire. February 23, according to the Julian calendar in force at that time, 1917 became a landmark and truly historical event. On this day, a women's demonstration was held in Petrograd, as a result of which the demonstrators managed to achieve the right to vote. And although the king made concessions to the protesters, this decision did not help him to maintain the monarchy. The manifesto gave rise to the February revolution. Four years later, March 8 became an official holiday in the USSR. On May 8, 1965, it was declared a day off.

March 8 in Ukraine 2

What Ukrainian girls expect from men on March 8

Determining what women are thinking is difficult. It is even more difficult to understand what they dream of. The Kievdelivery team decided to turn to trusted sources and find the exact answer to the question: what women expect from men on March 8. Two years ago, in Ukraine, the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology conducted a survey on what girls want from their loved ones on International Women's Day. The results were as follows:

  • 23% of those surveyed will be happy to receive a gift in the form of a bouquet of flowers.
  • 17% expect care and attention from men.
  • 7% would like to become the owner of new jewelry.
  • 6% of respondents agree to perfume or cosmetics from a loved one.

The study also revealed that International Women's Day ranks fourth in the ranking of the favorite holidays of Ukrainians, yielding leadership to Christmas, Easter, and New Year. By contacting Kievdelivery, you can take care of your beloved, mother, sister, daughter, a colleague on March 8 by ordering flowers delivery in Ukraine. There is a wide range of bouquets and compositions of tulips, roses, lilies, alstroemeria, gerberas for every budget and taste. You can also complement the flowers with an original gift:

  • Sweets. Treat a colleague or girlfriend with a box of chocolates, and a close relative can order a freshly baked cake in honor of the holiday. For girls who follow the figure, a set with exotic fruits will be a wonderful present.
  • Elite perfume. It is considered a luxurious gift for a close woman.
  • A soft toy that will appeal to a young girl or little lady.
  • Balloons, flower bears, eternal roses under the dome - unusual gifts will help you surprise your beloved.

We work even on holidays, so we deliver gifts and flowers in Ukraine 24/7, at any date convenient for you. Make an order in advance to get a discount of 5%.

March 8 in Ukraine 3
Bouquet or arrangement: what's the difference and how to choose?

For a long time, it was believed that the difference between a bouquet and an arrangement lies in their purpose: the first ones were given as gifts, the second ones were created for decorative purposes - noble families decorated the premises with them, demonstrating well-being and good taste. But modern florists assure that such divisions are conditional. The variety of shapes, textures, colors of bouquets allows them to be used as a full-fledged decorative element, and the composition is considered a wonderful gift for a special occasion. It is easy to verify this by looking in our catalog and ordering flower delivery to Kievdelivery for an important event.

5 main differences between bouquet and arrangement

To begin with, it is worth drawing clearer boundaries in terms of "bouquet" and "arrangement":

  1. The choice of flowers. The bouquets are made of fresh-cut flowers, which are fixed with floral tape. Often they are supplemented with any kind of wrapper: paper, cellophane, cardboard, cloth. The arrangements can include both fresh and dried plants. More often they are fixed on a base with a special floral sponge for constant access to moisture.
  2. The place to store. Bouquets are placed only in vases with water. Arrangements are placed in boxes, baskets, containers made of wood or metal.
  3. Additional components. Experts assure that the bouquet contains nothing but flowers and greenery. While the compositions often use decorative ornaments, sweets, fruits. Recently, cotton decor or themed products with autumn leaves, Christmas tree decorations, pencils for school holidays are in trend.
  4. The principle of florist's activity. It usually takes more time to create an arrangement - this process is similar to creating a painting or sculpture. Such products are often played up with complex combinations of shades, and when making them, you need to subtly feel the principles of harmony and observe the laws of proportions. It is also not easy to create a bouquet - experts have been training their "artistic streak" for years so that the finished result can impress the recipient. But in comparison with compositions, it takes less time for professionals to compose a bouquet.
  5. Форма. Bouquets are traditionally round, oval, pyramidal. In recent years, asymmetry has become increasingly important. The arrangements are the embodiment of the imagination of their creator and can take the most unusual forms.
Bouquet or arrangement Ukraine 1

Different types of bouquets and arrangements

Flower presents differ in size, style, purpose, plants present, color. The most popular are round bouquets that resemble a neat ball. In recent years, "rags" that do not have a clear shape have been gaining popularity. To choose a bouquet as a gift, you should take into account the gender and age of the recipient. The most popular classification is as follows:
  • Bouquets for Women - usually includes bright flowers or pastel shades of all sizes and shapes. And in combination with favorite female gifts (perfume, toys, champagne), they become a wonderful way to convey sincere and heartfelt congratulations.
  • Bouquets for Men more restrained both in colors and in appearance. Flowers in them are used in muted or saturated shades: burgundy, purple, blue, and the aroma of the bouquet should be barely perceptible and restrained. Usually, these are products of elongated triangular or pyramidal shapes and are complemented by cakes, sweets, alcohol.
  • Bouquets for Kids usually light and small, because they should fit well in a miniature child's palm. Together with them, it is customary to give toys, sweets, balloons.

Bouquet or arrangement Ukraine 2

There is also a classification of bouquets according to events: anniversary bouquets are usually large, wedding bouquets are dominated by light shades, in New Year's there are traditionally red and bright green colors, and on Valentine's Day it is customary to give scarlet roses, testifying to passion and strong love. Floral arrangements are divided depending on the base used, the shape, the available decorative elements. The following varieties remain popular in Kievdelivery:

  • Flowers in a box  -  can consist of one or more shades. In the presence of mono-compositions or options, including several types of plants with greenery.
  • Basket of Roses - a spectacular gift that will impress a woman of any age. The assortment includes both miniature versions of 9 species with greenery and elite compositions with 101 premium quality flowers.
  • Roses in the shape of a heart - an unusual gift that is often ordered for lovers and brides.
Bouquet or arrangement Ukraine 3

Bouquet or arrangement: what to choose?

To delight the recipient with your gift, think about their interests, preferences, and tastes. What feelings would you like to express?

Colleagues, friends, business partners are better off handing bouquets. The same gift is suitable for a loved one whom you decided to please without a serious reason as a compliment. Young girls are advised to choose bouquets of roses, chrysanthemums, alstroemerias of pale pink, white, peach shades. For middle-aged women, more saturated tones of lilies and tulips are suitable. The older generation can be presented with bright carnations or gerberas.

If you want to order a bouquet with delivery in Ukraine for a loved one, for example, for a mother, pay attention to the volumetric options from several varieties of flowers. Mono-bouquets from plants of the same species are also relevant.

Arrangements are a solemn option. They can be donated for anniversaries, anniversaries, big holidays. Items in boxes or baskets are the perfect opportunity to express your liking and interest.

To deliver a bouquet or flower arrangement to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and any other city in Ukraine, florists recommend making an order in advance. Then the specialists will be able to easily realize all your wishes and deliver the gift to the addressee on the appointed date. However, if necessary, we are ready to send a bouquet of flowers to Ukraine very urgently.

In the assortment of Kievdelivery you can find bouquets and compositions of roses, tulips, lilies, chrysanthemums, carnations, and other popular flowers, which will become a spectacular present and will look harmonious in any interior. To place an order, select the product you like, enter the necessary data and pay for the purchase online using a credit card, PayPal, GooglePay, or ApplePay.

Bouquet or arrangement Ukraine 4

How to choose ideal bouquet as a gift

If you know the basic rules for choosing the perfect bouquet, you can not only please your loved one but also surprise him with your insight. Florists of Kievdelivery told how to determine the type of flower arrangement for men and women of different ages and lifestyles and what should be paid special attention to.

Choose the type of buds

You have probably heard the phrase “language of flowers”. It is believed that each type of plant has its own meaning and can symbolize passion, respect, friendship, admiration, light affection, or sympathy. If you decide to order the delivery of a bouquet in Ukraine, decide on the type of flowers that will be present in it:

  • Roses - make the composition luxurious and effective. They can be gifted to men and women of different ages. Intense dark shades symbolize deep respect, while bright ones symbolize passion and strong love. Pastel colors are suitable for young girls. White roses mean lasting union and loyalty.
  • Lilies are about happiness, purity, and spirituality. It is customary for middle-aged women to give white shades, to men - tiger orange-yellow, which promise power and emphasize nobility. White and pink lilies can be handed to provide support and attention.
  • Chrysanthemums are flowers that cheer you up and make you feel calm and peaceful. They can be presented to a close friend, mother, sister, colleague. Deep purple shades symbolize longevity, while yellows symbolize wealth.
  • Carnations - white, pink, purple, purple colors have a deep meaning and create a festive atmosphere around. They can be presented to a relative or loved one to whom you are strongly attached. Compositions of carnations of the middle and older generation will especially delight.
  • Tulips are spring flowers that represent the first rays of the gentle sun and the arrival of warmth. They are a symbol of harmony, luxury, and elegance. We are forced to dispel the myth about yellow tulips as “messengers of separation”. In the language of flowers, they express care and warmth. Pink tulips are a symbol of shyness, and white tulips are a symbol of innocence. They can be presented to young girls. Reds symbolize passion.
  • Gerberas are sunny flowers that adorn any bouquet and give a smile to your face. Red and orange shades can be gifted to both women and men of all ages. They stand for respect and loyalty.

ideal bouquet Ukraine 1

Decide on the color scheme of the bouquet

You may have already noticed that the language of flowers draws attention not only to the appearance of the plant but also to its shades:
  • Red speaks of passion, attraction, love.
  • Burgundy is about respect and admiration
  • Pink ones symbolize sympathy, love, tenderness.
  • Whites - purity, innocence, spirituality.
  • Orange ones emphasize power, strength, a sense of pride.
  • Yellow is always joy, energy, and happiness.
The composition can be dominated by shades of one color, forming a stylish mono-bouquet. More often, contrasting and multi-colored products are created. Combining with each other, they give a special mood and evoke a spectrum of different emotions. If you intend to order a bouquet for a middle-aged businesswoman, pay attention to contrasting products. Mom, sister can be presented with compositions with orange, yellow, red flowers. Give a bouquet of pastel shades to a young sweetheart as a sign of your tender feelings. It is better for men to choose options with dark deep tones - purple, burgundy, blue.

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Consider the type of the arrangement

What types of bouquets are not encountered today by a buyer who intends to present flowers for a loved one in Ukraine: round, linear, free, unusual shapes, with additional elements. Recently, flower arrangements with a slight negligence effect are considered the most relevant. They create a feeling of solemnity and airiness, therefore they are an excellent festive option. Stylish round bouquets are suitable for expressing the feelings of a sweetheart or bride. The spouse can be presented with the composition in a wicker basket. If you want to make a wow effect, order delivery of a bouquet in a box. In linear versions, all flowers are turned in the same direction. Such restrained and elegant compositions are a good option for a gift to a man, colleague, or business partner.

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Choose the right size

Although huge roses with long stems catch the eye of passers-by and look impressive, it is better to do with a bouquet of the usual medium or small sizes. Then the recipient will not puzzle over which container to put the gift in and in which part of the room to place it. For an anniversary, birthday, or another special occasion, you can choose a voluminous composition. For a compliment, as gratitude or token of attention, it would be more appropriate to give a small bouquet.

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Stop at the best design option

Modern flower studios offer different product packaging. The wrapper protects the composition from mechanical damage and temperature extremes, and also emphasizes the beauty of the finished product. Ask florists for help to decide which decoration to choose for a gift: minimalistic, made of cellophane, paper, or simply wrap the stems with tape and leave the leaves open. If you want to surprise the addressee, add a card with warm words to the gift or sweeten it with sweets, chocolate, fruits.

Florists at Kievdelivery are always ready to help you with choosing the perfect bouquet for delivery to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa, and any other cities in Ukraine. We make compositions of roses, carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums, tulips, gerberas. Particular attention is paid to the quality of the goods: flowers are stored in refrigerators in compliance with all requirements, and bouquets are formed 2-3 hours before shipment. When creating a composition, experts carefully check the freshness of each bud. You can find all the options of flowers and gifts available for order on our website. The goods are delivered at the agreed time personally in the hands of the addressee.

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10 Life Hacks from Kievdelivery Florists

Professional florists know how to choose and store flowers correctly so that they retain their presentation and delight customers with freshness, beauty, and pleasant fragrance for a long time. The specialists with whom Kievdelivery cooperates named 10 universal life hacks for beginners in this field and those who want to be confident in the quality of services for the sale and delivery of bouquets.

1. Choice of flowers when purchasing

The key to a beautiful composition is fresh, high-quality buds, so the choice of suppliers must be approached with all responsibility. Flowers are usually purchased in two ways: manually at the base or online. To determine the quality of the goods, Kievdelivery specialists are guided by the following rules:

  • The buds should creak slightly with slight squeezing and be half-open. Then the buyer will be able to observe the transformation of the bouquet when the flowers open.
  • Choose straight stems. They allow moisture to pass through better and are more convenient to work with when creating a composition.
  • Leaves on fresh flowers are always firm, smooth, and rich in color. If they are easy to bend, they will quickly return to their original shape.
  • The cut should not be dry or rotten.

Any spots and darkening indicate the staleness of the plant. Florists advise heeding the above tips when ordering flower arrangements in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, and other cities of Ukraine at retail outlets.

2. Use of quality tools and materials at hand

Every florist always has sharp scissors at hand, secateurs for cutting dense branches and soft stems, a florist's knife, a stapler, a glue gun, pliers, and a technical rope. Materials for working with a cut must be disinfected with chlorine-containing agents.

Life hacks from Ukrainian florists 1

3. Primary flower processing

Before shipment, thorns and lower leaves are removed from the flowers, and the cut is updated. The stem is trimmed with a sharp knife at a 45 ° angle. This cut increases the area through which water enters the plant. The soft stems of tulips and daffodils can break off, so these species are cut at right angles.

4. Retaining or unpacking

There are two options for storing flowers in the refrigerator: dry and wet. At the first, the plants remain in the supplier's packaging and are placed horizontally on shelves without access to water. This method is suitable for ferns, salal, eucalyptus, and other types of greenery. Dry storage is also practiced with bulbous flowers: daffodils, tulips. In this case, it is better to remove the supplier's packaging and wrap the plant in the paper. Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies should be kept open in vases of water.

Life hacks from Ukrainian florists 2

5. Selection of containers for flowers

Each species should be in a separate vase. This criterion allows the naked eye to assess the conditions in which flowers are kept for the sale and delivery of bouquets in specialized companies. When choosing a container, consider the characteristics of plants:

  • Long flowers, like elite roses and royal lilies, feel better in pillar vases.
  • Low tulips, roses, peonies prefer containers with a wide neck and bottom in combination with a narrow middle.
  • Several flowers with thin stems can be placed in a narrow tall vase.
  • Large bouquets with oversized buds are usually placed in rectangular containers.
  • Primroses and miniature plants with fleshy stems can be placed in a small round vase.

For storing flowers in the refrigerator, florists often choose long column vases or hourglass containers.

6. Freshness and quality of water

After cutting from the mother bush, the water balance in the flower, the process of growth and development, is disturbed. Companies providing flower delivery services in Ukraine minimize the consequences of these natural processes, therefore they are especially concerned about the quality of the environment for storing plants:
  • Every two to three days, the vases are cleaned with disinfectants and filled with fresh water with supplements.
  • In order not to disturb the water balance of the flower, the cut is regularly updated.
Life hacks from Ukrainian florists 3

7. Compliance with temperature conditions

For storing flowers, refrigerators or monoblock cooling devices are usually used. Florists, with whom our company works to deliver flowers as a gift, place plants in special units. They maintain the temperature at + 5-10 ° C. This mode allows you to preserve the freshness of both bulbous spring flowers, which prefer temperatures from 5 ° C, and summer species, for which conditions are optimal above 8 ° C.

8. Arrangement of the bouquet before delivery

Placing different types of flowers in a separate vase eliminates competition between species and allows you to create the necessary conditions for their storage. For the same reason, Kievdelivery florists do not store bouquets ready-made but form them immediately before shipment.
Life hacks from Ukrainian florists 4

9. Pre-sale preparation of flowers

Plants that have been stored in the refrigerator by the dry method must be given a drink before being sent to the client. To do this, the cut is updated, and the stems are placed in cool water for at least two hours. The flowers that were kept in a vase of water are formed into bouquets with the removal of excess foliage and thorns. In this case, the specialists trim the stems just before shipment.

10. Compliance with the rules of transportation of flower arrangements

Delivery of bouquets throughout Ukraine must be carried out in compliance with all-temperature regimes and conditions for safe transportation of plants. We transport flowers in an air-conditioned vehicle, so the risk of hypothermia or overheating is minimal. The packaging of the composition plays not only a decorative role but also protects the flowers from external damage. Taking into account the considered tips, you can not only choose and store bouquets correctly at home. These life hacks will help determine the quality of services of floristic firms and order flowers in any city of Ukraine. Choose fresh compositions created by caring Kievdelivery florists, so that the gift will remind your loved ones for a long time about your tender feelings.

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How to Keep a Bouquet Fresh at Home

Florists assure that if you know how to preserve the freshness of a bouquet at home, its life can be extended to several weeks. To keep the composition fresh and attractive, it is enough to follow five simple recommendations from the specialists with whom Kievdelivery works.

1. Let the flowers adapt to new conditions

Do not rush to immediately put the bouquet in a vase, especially during the cold season. Temperature changes for flowers are a lot of stress: just remember what unpleasant sensations arise if you wash your hands with hot water after winter frost. In order not to harm beauty, follow the following procedure:

  • Leave the flowers at room temperature for 20-30 minutes without removing the wrapper or film. This will allow them to get used to new conditions.
  • Provide moisture for the bouquet. When the flowers get used to the temperature of the air, they should be filled with moisture. To do this, place the stems in a bucket or tub filled with cool water.
  • Trim the stems with a sharp knife. It is better to do this in water so that air does not get inside the stem.
  • Cut off the leaves at the section of the stem that will be placed in the water in the vase. They are the first to rot on prolonged contact with water.
  • Place the flowers in a clean vase.

In the warm season, the bouquet does not need to adapt to room conditions, so it can be immediately immersed in water. Do not neglect the preparatory steps: without them, the effectiveness of the following actions will be significantly reduced.

Bouquet freshness 1

2. Take care of water quality

Each flower needs to be assured of proper moisture balance. Artist Peter Blake once said that the quality of water determines the quality of life: Good water is a good life. Bad water is a bad life. No water - no life. Therefore, if you want to understand how to keep the freshness of the bouquet for a long time at home, regularly spray the stems and leaves from a spray bottle. But make sure that no drops fall on the buds. Renew the water every day, rinse the stems and vase thoroughly. This will eliminate the possibility of bacterial growth. If you don't have the opportunity to regularly renew the freshness of the water, activated charcoal or aspirin will provide its purity. One tablet is enough for one liter of liquid.
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3. Observe the temperature and lighting regimes

To keep the flowers fresh at home, do not allow direct sunlight and dry air. Do not place the bouquet near heating appliances, on a windowsill, near air conditioners or batteries. They do not like flowers and temperature extremes, so in cold weather it is better to protect them from drafts. It is also worth remembering that a vase is not just a decoration and addition to a bouquet. This is the place of residence of your composition, which should create favorable conditions for maintaining its freshness and opening the buds. Vases with too narrow a neck squeeze the stems, prevent air from entering, and disrupt metabolic processes in the plant. Ceramic or opaque glass containers are considered the best option. They do not transmit light, and therefore do not heat water and do not create conditions for the spread of microorganisms. Do not forget to remove dried buds in the composition in time so that they do not draw out nutrients, and when changing water, cut the stems. To prevent the flowers from withering, do not place them near fruits and vegetables that emit ethylene.
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Feed with nutrients

Often it is feeding that becomes the best answer to the question: "How to keep the freshness of the bouquet for a long time?" The powdered mixture should be added to the vase and periodically added with fresh water. It not only allows flowers to last twice as long, but also makes the color of greenery and buds richer.
If you do not have such a preparation, any of the following products is suitable for flower nutrition:
  • Sugar - 3 teaspoons per liter.
  • Citric acid - 2 g per 1 liter.
  • Vinegar - 1 tablespoon per liter.
  • Salt - 1 teaspoon per liter.
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5. Provide care according to the characteristics of the flower

Above, we examined the universal methods that will help you understand how to preserve the beauty and freshness of the bouquet for a long time. But each flower has its own characteristics that should be considered when leaving:
  • Roses have tight and dense stems, and therefore you need to cut them with a sharp knife at an angle of 45 degrees. In order for the flowers to receive the maximum amount of moisture, the skin can be moved a few centimeters from the edge. It is better to immerse the stems in water by half or 2/3.
  • Lilies do not like neighborhoods with other species, so they keep freshness in a mono bouquet longer. As with roses, the stems are best trimmed with sharp scissors or pruning shears at a 45 degree angle. Submerge the lilies 2/3 in the water, keeping the leaves out of the vase.
  • Chrysanthemums are considered one of the most persistent species and, with proper care, can remain fresh for up to a month. Autumn flowers love cold water. It is better to leave the cut of the stem not sharp and renew it every few days.
  • Tulips love cold water as much as chrysanthemums and feel especially good with the addition of ice. The cut of the stem should be vertical, and there is not much water in the vase - only 5-7 cm.
  • Carnations love room temperature water and a wide-necked container. The amount of liquid should not exceed 15 cm. It is better to cut the stems at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • For moisture and nutrients to get into gerberas, their stems should not touch the bottom. Therefore, they should be cut well before being sent to the vase.

Kievdelivery delivers flowers and gifts to every city in Ukraine. All flower arrangements are formed from fresh flowers just before shipment and transported in a car in compliance with temperature requirements. Place an order on our website online and bring more flowers to the life of loved ones, and with them - positive emotions, beauty and moments that warm the soul.

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