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We are TOP florist in Ukraine


Dear Customers

We have great news to share again. This time we have been posted as one of the top florist companies in Ukraine by reputable world reviews agency. So, everything that our moms think of us is being confirmed by different origins as well.

Please visit the reviews' website for more information here - Best Florist in Ukraine

florist review in Ukraine



Flower Delivery Service Review


Dear Customers. We have more great news to share.

We have survived the COVID-19 quarantine and we continue providing services in their full. Also, different specialized companies continue checking and reviewing our services. 

We are glad to inform all our customers that we have been reviewed by a reputable online florist source - Flower Delivery Service  

You can read their report about our service on the  Flower Delivery in Ukraine.

florist review


We've been reviewed!


Dear Customers. Your feedback is very important to us. 

Your thoughts, experience, concern, reviews are the real sources of our improvement. 

We are glad to inform all our customers that we have been reviewed by a reputable online florist source - Best Florist Review

You can read their report about our service on the  Best Florist in Ukraine.


New Ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts


Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday that warms and makes the gloomy, lively weekdays more colorful. Usually, we prepare gifts for your loved ones in advance, and then enjoy the experiences of the time spent for several weeks. Therefore, before choosing a surprise, it's worth looking at non-standard gifts with soul, as we say in Ukraine. The era of teddy bears and red pillows, fortunately, is in the past. Though it is true, all of these Chinese cheap stuff often be seen on the shelves of souvenir shops and it is possible that it will find its own customer. But now we are going to talk about another thing. Gifts are a very individual thing! People are so different in their tastes and preferences that it is easy to fail to name them all. But at the same time, we do not need to name them. If you are in desperate need of the really fresh ideas for Valentine's Day, we have found several crispy fresh nice and unusual ideas to share with you and we hope it will help you to make the holidays more special for you and for your recipient. 

 • Valentine's Day Card. Some say it is too banal and ordinary! If you are able to express yourself meaningfully and beautifully in the letter or in the card, and if you apply it all with a creative postcard or envelope - move ahead, do it. Everybody will love to read or to hear a special dedication message. You can write a verse (again, if you have the necessary enthusiasm) or recall a vivid episode of life that would relate to both of you. Give the will of fantasy and do not be too critical to your own text.

• Custom Made Gingerbread. This is the case when the gifts are nice and yet are delicious. Evaluate the true aesthetics and gourmets in one person, although in fact, such a gift will appeal to everyone. Today, many people are engaged in pastry and decoration of gingerbread and it is not difficult at all to find the relevant website or internet store where it is possible to order the delicious gift. You can offer your own version of the design and have everything packed in a nice box. Do not doubt, after receiving such a gift, your other half will not dare to eat this beauty for a long time.

• Certificate for the photo session. The fierce rhythm of life does not allow us to do such things often. Selphie and hundreds of photos on the phone are not counted. But we all look at ourselves differently when we see our own photos taken by a professional photographer. Sometimes we finally start to like ourselves and we stop to complain about our own non-photogenicity every time. Find a good photographer, discuss the details, and print a beautiful certificate. Subsequently, the photos can be arranged in a small photo book that reminds your beloved person of your feelings and attention.

• The book. Books are not enough and this fact is well known by every decent bookseller. However, be sure, even for those who supposedly do not read anything other than news in social networks, such a gift will be pleasant and useful. After all, there are people who, for various reasons, do not buy books themselves. Having presented a good book, you can pretty much console your beloved one. Fortunately, existing publishers offer an incredible number of worthy options. It's quite convenient to buy the right copy in an online store because it is possible to quickly view many positions and choose exactly what suits you or, more precisely,  to a person dear to you.

• Heated Mug. At first glance, nothing special, but for many people - morning coffee or tea is more than just a drink. This is an important ritual with the unplanned scheduling of a new day, in the hope that it will be successful and productive. Even if this ritual takes place on the street, on the way to work, in the car, or in public transport - with the right cup it will be no less pleasing. The range of thermal or heated cups is pleasing to diversity, so there will not be any problems with your choice.

• Compilation of beloved music. Perhaps a more budget gift cannot be imagined! But it will be original and psychic. Knowing the tastes of your favorite music lover, find the necessary compositions, create a playlist, and record it on a CD or USB-stick.

Flowers in Ukraine, tickets to the theater or movies, or simply cozy parties in your favorite coffee shop will always be and stay top gifts for Valentine's Day. As you see, having shown ingenuity, you can invent a lot of successful ways to express your love. And whatever the skeptics said, we still need that day in the year when everything is all saturated with love!


We have added new categories


Greetings to all Kievdelivery customers. 

We have many new items in our catalogs and created new categories to make it easier to find. Under the huge demand of customers, we have created 

- Gifts for Him 

- Gifts for Kids 

The name of the categories says it all.  If you are looking for interesting and special gifts for your beloved man living in Ukraine - make dedicated browsing of the gifts in this section "Gifts for Him". If you need cute and bright gifts to be delivered to children in Ukraine - we advise you to check "Gifts for Kids".


New great food baskets added


New baskets arrivals

We have added some bright tropical colors to this cold cold wintertime. Send your best wishes with our new baskets with tasty food in them. We guarantee positive emotions, sweet taste, and great appreciation of the recipients to you for your special gift. 

Super Bright Basket - a big basket full of tasty chocolate bars, candies, and other everyone's favorite things to chew :-). 

Huge Citrus Basket - a huge lovely basket full of tropical fruits. Your recipient will get a basket full of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and mandarines. Best choice when you want to send a cost-effective, huge, and very useful gift.

Cheese Basket Provance - this is a very elegant basket full of very delicious sorts of cheeses from the Netherlands and France. Cute jar of tasty home-made strawberry or orange jam is added. 


New funeral flowers added


New arrivals in funeral flowers

Dear customers and just visitors. We have added several bouquets for ceremonies or for condolences.  If such a sad moment in life happened and you need to send bouquet or spray or just some fresh flowers for the ceremony in funeral house or crematorium - we have the answer and wide choice. You can order same-day or express delivery.  Also, you can write your message - it will be placed on mourning tape. We have experience in deliveries, so, order with confidence. 


10% discount for regular customers


10% discount for regular customers

We have made a new website, did some relocations, but most important - we have hired new customer support manager Mr.Raccoon. The first thing he did was to check up if all our regular customers have a permanent 10% discount. And guess what? Not all customers have it. So, we are asking all regular customers (2 orders and more) to contact us and we reply back with a personal 10% discount coupon.