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10 Life Hacks from Kievdelivery Florists

Professional florists know how to choose and store flowers correctly so that they retain their presentation and delight customers with freshness, beauty, and pleasant fragrance for a long time. The specialists with whom Kievdelivery cooperates named 10 universal life hacks for beginners in this field and those who want to be confident in the quality of services for the sale and delivery of bouquets.

1. Choice of flowers when purchasing

The key to a beautiful composition is fresh, high-quality buds, so the choice of suppliers must be approached with all responsibility. Flowers are usually purchased in two ways: manually at the base or online. To determine the quality of the goods, Kievdelivery specialists are guided by the following rules:

  • The buds should creak slightly with slight squeezing and be half-open. Then the buyer will be able to observe the transformation of the bouquet when the flowers open.
  • Choose straight stems. They allow moisture to pass through better and are more convenient to work with when creating a composition.
  • Leaves on fresh flowers are always firm, smooth, and rich in color. If they are easy to bend, they will quickly return to their original shape.
  • The cut should not be dry or rotten.

Any spots and darkening indicate the staleness of the plant. Florists advise heeding the above tips when ordering flower arrangements in Kyiv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, Lviv, and other cities of Ukraine at retail outlets.

2. Use of quality tools and materials at hand

Every florist always has sharp scissors at hand, secateurs for cutting dense branches and soft stems, a florist's knife, a stapler, a glue gun, pliers, and a technical rope. Materials for working with a cut must be disinfected with chlorine-containing agents.

Life hacks from Ukrainian florists 1

3. Primary flower processing

Before shipment, thorns and lower leaves are removed from the flowers, and the cut is updated. The stem is trimmed with a sharp knife at a 45 ° angle. This cut increases the area through which water enters the plant. The soft stems of tulips and daffodils can break off, so these species are cut at right angles.

4. Retaining or unpacking

There are two options for storing flowers in the refrigerator: dry and wet. At the first, the plants remain in the supplier's packaging and are placed horizontally on shelves without access to water. This method is suitable for ferns, salal, eucalyptus, and other types of greenery. Dry storage is also practiced with bulbous flowers: daffodils, tulips. In this case, it is better to remove the supplier's packaging and wrap the plant in the paper. Roses, carnations, chrysanthemums, lilies should be kept open in vases of water.

Life hacks from Ukrainian florists 2

5. Selection of containers for flowers

Each species should be in a separate vase. This criterion allows the naked eye to assess the conditions in which flowers are kept for the sale and delivery of bouquets in specialized companies. When choosing a container, consider the characteristics of plants:

  • Long flowers, like elite roses and royal lilies, feel better in pillar vases.
  • Low tulips, roses, peonies prefer containers with a wide neck and bottom in combination with a narrow middle.
  • Several flowers with thin stems can be placed in a narrow tall vase.
  • Large bouquets with oversized buds are usually placed in rectangular containers.
  • Primroses and miniature plants with fleshy stems can be placed in a small round vase.

For storing flowers in the refrigerator, florists often choose long column vases or hourglass containers.

6. Freshness and quality of water

After cutting from the mother bush, the water balance in the flower, the process of growth and development, is disturbed. Companies providing flower delivery services in Ukraine minimize the consequences of these natural processes, therefore they are especially concerned about the quality of the environment for storing plants:
  • Every two to three days, the vases are cleaned with disinfectants and filled with fresh water with supplements.
  • In order not to disturb the water balance of the flower, the cut is regularly updated.
Life hacks from Ukrainian florists 3

7. Compliance with temperature conditions

For storing flowers, refrigerators or monoblock cooling devices are usually used. Florists, with whom our company works to deliver flowers as a gift, place plants in special units. They maintain the temperature at + 5-10 ° C. This mode allows you to preserve the freshness of both bulbous spring flowers, which prefer temperatures from 5 ° C, and summer species, for which conditions are optimal above 8 ° C.

8. Arrangement of the bouquet before delivery

Placing different types of flowers in a separate vase eliminates competition between species and allows you to create the necessary conditions for their storage. For the same reason, Kievdelivery florists do not store bouquets ready-made but form them immediately before shipment.
Life hacks from Ukrainian florists 4

9. Pre-sale preparation of flowers

Plants that have been stored in the refrigerator by the dry method must be given a drink before being sent to the client. To do this, the cut is updated, and the stems are placed in cool water for at least two hours. The flowers that were kept in a vase of water are formed into bouquets with the removal of excess foliage and thorns. In this case, the specialists trim the stems just before shipment.

10. Compliance with the rules of transportation of flower arrangements

Delivery of bouquets throughout Ukraine must be carried out in compliance with all-temperature regimes and conditions for safe transportation of plants. We transport flowers in an air-conditioned vehicle, so the risk of hypothermia or overheating is minimal. The packaging of the composition plays not only a decorative role but also protects the flowers from external damage. Taking into account the considered tips, you can not only choose and store bouquets correctly at home. These life hacks will help determine the quality of services of floristic firms and order flowers in any city of Ukraine. Choose fresh compositions created by caring Kievdelivery florists, so that the gift will remind your loved ones for a long time about your tender feelings.

Life hacks from Ukrainian florists 5

How to Keep a Bouquet Fresh at Home

Florists assure that if you know how to preserve the freshness of a bouquet at home, its life can be extended to several weeks. To keep the composition fresh and attractive, it is enough to follow five simple recommendations from the specialists with whom Kievdelivery works.

1. Let the flowers adapt to new conditions

Do not rush to immediately put the bouquet in a vase, especially during the cold season. Temperature changes for flowers are a lot of stress: just remember what unpleasant sensations arise if you wash your hands with hot water after winter frost. In order not to harm beauty, follow the following procedure:

  • Leave the flowers at room temperature for 20-30 minutes without removing the wrapper or film. This will allow them to get used to new conditions.
  • Provide moisture for the bouquet. When the flowers get used to the temperature of the air, they should be filled with moisture. To do this, place the stems in a bucket or tub filled with cool water.
  • Trim the stems with a sharp knife. It is better to do this in water so that air does not get inside the stem.
  • Cut off the leaves at the section of the stem that will be placed in the water in the vase. They are the first to rot on prolonged contact with water.
  • Place the flowers in a clean vase.

In the warm season, the bouquet does not need to adapt to room conditions, so it can be immediately immersed in water. Do not neglect the preparatory steps: without them, the effectiveness of the following actions will be significantly reduced.

Bouquet freshness 1

2. Take care of water quality

Each flower needs to be assured of proper moisture balance. Artist Peter Blake once said that the quality of water determines the quality of life: Good water is a good life. Bad water is a bad life. No water - no life. Therefore, if you want to understand how to keep the freshness of the bouquet for a long time at home, regularly spray the stems and leaves from a spray bottle. But make sure that no drops fall on the buds. Renew the water every day, rinse the stems and vase thoroughly. This will eliminate the possibility of bacterial growth. If you don't have the opportunity to regularly renew the freshness of the water, activated charcoal or aspirin will provide its purity. One tablet is enough for one liter of liquid.
Bouquet freshness 2

3. Observe the temperature and lighting regimes

To keep the flowers fresh at home, do not allow direct sunlight and dry air. Do not place the bouquet near heating appliances, on a windowsill, near air conditioners or batteries. They do not like flowers and temperature extremes, so in cold weather it is better to protect them from drafts. It is also worth remembering that a vase is not just a decoration and addition to a bouquet. This is the place of residence of your composition, which should create favorable conditions for maintaining its freshness and opening the buds. Vases with too narrow a neck squeeze the stems, prevent air from entering, and disrupt metabolic processes in the plant. Ceramic or opaque glass containers are considered the best option. They do not transmit light, and therefore do not heat water and do not create conditions for the spread of microorganisms. Do not forget to remove dried buds in the composition in time so that they do not draw out nutrients, and when changing water, cut the stems. To prevent the flowers from withering, do not place them near fruits and vegetables that emit ethylene.
Bouquet freshness 3

Feed with nutrients

Often it is feeding that becomes the best answer to the question: "How to keep the freshness of the bouquet for a long time?" The powdered mixture should be added to the vase and periodically added with fresh water. It not only allows flowers to last twice as long, but also makes the color of greenery and buds richer.
If you do not have such a preparation, any of the following products is suitable for flower nutrition:
  • Sugar - 3 teaspoons per liter.
  • Citric acid - 2 g per 1 liter.
  • Vinegar - 1 tablespoon per liter.
  • Salt - 1 teaspoon per liter.
Bouquet freshness 4

5. Provide care according to the characteristics of the flower

Above, we examined the universal methods that will help you understand how to preserve the beauty and freshness of the bouquet for a long time. But each flower has its own characteristics that should be considered when leaving:
  • Roses have tight and dense stems, and therefore you need to cut them with a sharp knife at an angle of 45 degrees. In order for the flowers to receive the maximum amount of moisture, the skin can be moved a few centimeters from the edge. It is better to immerse the stems in water by half or 2/3.
  • Lilies do not like neighborhoods with other species, so they keep freshness in a mono bouquet longer. As with roses, the stems are best trimmed with sharp scissors or pruning shears at a 45 degree angle. Submerge the lilies 2/3 in the water, keeping the leaves out of the vase.
  • Chrysanthemums are considered one of the most persistent species and, with proper care, can remain fresh for up to a month. Autumn flowers love cold water. It is better to leave the cut of the stem not sharp and renew it every few days.
  • Tulips love cold water as much as chrysanthemums and feel especially good with the addition of ice. The cut of the stem should be vertical, and there is not much water in the vase - only 5-7 cm.
  • Carnations love room temperature water and a wide-necked container. The amount of liquid should not exceed 15 cm. It is better to cut the stems at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • For moisture and nutrients to get into gerberas, their stems should not touch the bottom. Therefore, they should be cut well before being sent to the vase.

Kievdelivery delivers flowers and gifts to every city in Ukraine. All flower arrangements are formed from fresh flowers just before shipment and transported in a car in compliance with temperature requirements. Place an order on our website online and bring more flowers to the life of loved ones, and with them - positive emotions, beauty and moments that warm the soul.

Bouquet freshness 5
Trust and Reputation in Flowers Delivery in Ukraine

Trust is what the whole modern business is based on, and the service of delivering flowers and gifts to Ukraine is no exception. Kievdelivery has existed in the flower delivery market since 2007, and during this time we have repeatedly encountered doubts from customers. Many companies bypass this issue and want to inspire customers with a positive opinion of themselves without providing decent evidence. We stand for honesty and openness, and for us, this is not an empty phrase ...

In order not to be unfounded, we have compiled a list of arguments that prove that Kievdelivery cares about issues of reputation. You can check each item yourself and make sure that Kievdelivery can be trusted.

Kievdelivery Reliability Guarantees

1. Actual domain

Most fly-by-night companies choose domains for faster and cheaper. Companies that have domains of the same name with the service provided and the name of the company acquire it with the thought that they will use them for more than one year.

We acquired the domain back in 2009 and since then have been actively developing the site, without interrupting the process for a minute. You can verify this yourself by entering the address of our website on the domain check website.

2. Actual testimonials and photos of delivery

We don't have a single negative review. Yes, situations can be different, but in each case, we take the client's side and find a way out. As a result, during the entire existence of the company, there was not a single case that the client was not satisfied with the delivery. You can verify this by reading the reviews on the website and on social networks.

When handing flowers, we invite recipients to take a commemorative picture. Photos of the happy owners of nice gifts can be found in the section «Delivery Photos».

3. Real Prices

Most people are used to avoiding unreasonably expensive offers, but too low a cost should be no less alarming. Compare our prices for bouquets and gifts in Ukraine and make sure that our offers are optimal.

We do not charge extra shipping fees. The purchaser pays for the purchase, the recipient pays nothing. For him, this is a gift that will not be overshadowed by talk about finance.

We value our customers because we put a lot of effort into attracting them: we fill the site with relevant content and advertise in a dozen countries at once. Let's be honest, bringing a new visitor to the site and keeping their attention is expensive. We will not risk invested resources in order to earn an extra dollar on the loss of reputation.

4. Self-written, active, developing site

There are services that allow you to make a website literally on the knee. This does not require any special knowledge or a lot of money. These are the resources that unscrupulous companies use. Indeed, why spend money on complex tools if you can use a template solution and hope that an inexperienced visitor does not suspect a trick? This path in Kievdelivery was shallow from the very beginning.

From the first days of its existence, our site differed from many competitors in that it was created from scratch. We thought over every little thing: from convenient usability to unique design. It is expensive, complex, and requires huge resources to keep it up and running. We have chosen this path because we look forward to a long and productive career.

5. Multilingual Website

Our resource is available in three languages - Russian, Ukrainian, and English. Each version has not only unique content, but is also promoted in its own region, and these are separate costs and marketing services. It takes a whole team to keep the site up and running in so many languages. Unscrupulous companies are unlikely to engage in such a complex and costly process.

6. Secure Payment

You can pay with us both through the Pay Pal service and in other ways, for example, by credit card. The first option is used by many companies - payments through Pay Pal are easy to link to almost any site, and for this, you do not need to carry out complex manipulations. But the map questions are more complicated. To connect the receipt of funds through a bank card, we passed verification and proved that the site is ready to work with this payment method. This is convenient for the client, but it is also an essential proof of the coherence and thoughtfulness of our service.

7. Invoices for Corporate Clients

We provide a set of documents, which contains a complete list of goods, their quantity, price, terms of payment, and delivery. They contain information about the sender and the recipient, which confirms the relevance of the transaction and guarantees a refund.

8. Genuine Money Return

We are ready to return the money if the addressee received a defective product or the order was not completed for some reason. Refunds will be made in full and without any wrangling on our part.

If you made a payment via Pay Pal, then the money will be returned to your account within a few days (you will receive the exact information from our operator). If the payment was made through a bank card, then you will need to write a statement at the bank, after which the funds will be credited to the bank account within 5-10 business days. This is a normal official practice for all large firms that do business on the Internet, and we will try our best not to disappoint you.

9. SSL Certificate Availability

On our website, visitors enter personal data and payment details, which is why customer security issues are a priority for us. We use SSL certificate, which transmits data over a secure protocol. Using our service of delivery of flowers and gifts in Ukraine, you can be sure that your data will not get to third parties.

10. Antivirus and Security Confirmation

There are no viruses or other malware on our site.

11. Open Information about the Kievdelivery Ownership

You can make sure the company is owned by a real person who is responsible for their business. You can read about it in "Public Offer". To get to know Kievdelivery better, we suggest visiting the page"Our Company".

12. Customer Support

Would you like to know more about payment or refund terms? Our online support team will answer all your questions. These are no bots, but real people who are trained and receive a real salary. They do not give template answers but approach each client individually. Contact our team in any convenient way from those listed in the "Contacts" section to get individual advice and allay any doubts.

Top 10 Bouquets in Ukraine

Surrounded by a round dance of roses, carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums, tulips, our florists enjoy the festive atmosphere and are inspired to create the best flower arrangements for clients. After all, bouquets are not only a cute gesture or a present in honor of a special date. Sometimes they manage to replace millions of unsaid words, sometimes - to express care and tenderness, and in special cases - to fill the heart with special warmth and show that happiness lives in little things.

Making a bouquet is like magic. In addition to professionalism and skills, our florist magicians are guided by their delicate taste, invent new recipes for building harmonious compositions, turn to the language of flowers, and do not forget about the main component of their creations - a pinch of love. All this is done so that you can order the best bouquets with delivery in Ukraine for your loved ones, no matter where they are in the country. Among all the flower arrangements, there are those that we and our clients especially love:

1. Elegance Bouquet

Enchanting perfection and grace, created from 9 roses, 7 alstroemeria stems, and fresh greenery. An ideal gift for both a young girl and an elegant middle-aged lady. The bouquet has a delicate and unobtrusive aroma, and calm pink shades make the composition appropriate in any setting. "Elegance" can be presented to your beloved and spouse, mother and sister, colleague, or good friend in honor of a holiday or just like that.

2. 9 Red Roses

A timeless classic. After all, red roses are about attraction, admiration, strong affection, and sometimes even a secret passion. They are presented on a date to charm a girl, presented, confessing their love, and congratulated on special dates. Whoever you give a bouquet of red roses, they best indicate the seriousness of intentions.

3. True Feelings Bouquet

Light and romantic, like the first love, composition in the shape of a heart. An ideal opportunity to express your feelings to your girlfriend, bride, or spouse. Bouquet "Real feelings" is made of 29 red roses 60-70 cm long. Sprigs of fresh greenery and delicate inflorescences of gypsophila give the composition airiness and volume. Looks luxurious both in holiday packaging and without it.

4. 19 Red Roses

A bouquet that will take your breath away. You want to hold it in your hands, admire it for an infinitely long time and be sure to capture the beauty in the photo. 19 premium quality red roses can be ordered as delivery for your girlfriend, as a present for a birthday boy, or given to a person you admire.

5. Red Passion Bouquet

Another composition with the queen of flowers in the lead role. A bouquet is a passion, a bouquet is emotions and a bouquet is an explosion of feelings. It includes 15 selected roses of Ukrainian production with a height of 70 cm. Fresh greenery serves as a frame and highlights luxurious buds, and snow-white gypsophila branches give the composition "Red Passion" aesthetics and grace.

6. I-Luv-You Bouquet

Express your deepest feelings with deeds - give flowers! A combination of 11 premium quality red and white roses will best convey your quivering and strong, gentle, and passionate attitude towards a person. If a red rose means passion and affection, then a white one symbolizes purity, deep respect, and spirituality. Order the delivery of a bouquet to your beloved woman, bride, or wife and show that your adoration from the moment of the first meeting only increases.

7. 19 White Roses

An armful of flowers will not leave indifferent any girl. White roses will captivate with their elegance and enchanting restraint, so even, at first glance, a simple mono-bouquet will perfectly fit into a solemn and luxurious festive atmosphere. Such a versatile composition is suitable for a gift for a beloved, mother, sister, colleague, close friend.

8. Elegant Stars Bouquet

One of the most cheerful and sunny creations, attracting the eye from the first second and captivating with its light mood. A mix of 15 multi-colored branches of alstroemeria is ideal for a name day, anniversary, wedding. This spring flower is a symbol of happy changes, success, and a bright future. Florists recommend giving it to close friends and people to whom you are attached.

9. 9 White Chrysanthemums

Delicate and charming bouquet, perfect for a gift for a young girl. White chrysanthemums are the best way to highlight the innocence and modesty of the person you love. A mix of greens refreshes the composition, adding to it a charming naturalness.

10. 25 Pink Tulips

Like the first spring sun, this delicate bouquet of 25 Pink Tulips evokes a lyrical and joyful mood. The heady scent of tulips will surely cause your lady's heart to have an irresistible desire to put on a flowing dress, arrange a day of French music and whirl around the room, singing along with Edith Piaf “Padam, Padam, Padam”.

How to Order Flower Delivery in Ukraine

Use Kievdelivery services to express your care and attention to your beloved ones. Here you can order flowers and gifts delivery to any city in Ukraine and appreciate a number of advantages:

  • The purchase is made online. You just need to add the product you like to the basket, specify the necessary data, and pay for the order online with a credit card, PayPal, GooglePay, or ApplePay.
  • The site has a system of discounts from 5%.
  • We deliver the order on the agreed date. The time of meeting with the courier is discussed with the addressee.
  • You can be confident in the quality of your presentation. We create all flowers and gifts just before shipment, carefully checking the freshness and integrity of each component.
  • The goods are transported in a car in compliance with temperature standards.

You can add a bouquet with a soft toy, a food basket, cosmetics, perfumes, sweets. Write warm words on a card or surprise your sweetheart with a set of balloons. An extensive range of goods on the site allows each client to find the best gift option for a loved one.

10 Secrets of Perfect Bouquet

As in any work of art, an ideal bouquet should have harmony, ease of perception, and balance. The floral composition, like a beautiful melody, consists of notes of flowers that merge together and become larger than the sum of the elements. It is a unique, pure, unrepeatable creation that evokes special emotions and feelings.

Talented florists listen to nature and follow the rules of creating a harmonious composition. After all, only the bouquet that is similar to the natural habitat and allows you to feel the magnificence of the world around us is considered ideal. But even flower art gurus have a number of requirements.

1. Proper preparation of flowers for work

To keep the bouquets fresh, you must:

  • Take care of the freshness of the water.
  • Keep vases clean.
  • Make a fresh cut after receiving the flowers from the manufacturer and before sending the bouquet to the client.
  • Monitor the amount of water in the vases. On average, the stems should be immersed in it by 30-50%, depending on the type of plant. In this case, the leaves should not be in the water, otherwise, the water will start to rot.
  • Each variety should be in its own vase.

It is better to order delivery of bouquets as a gift in companies that adhere to these recommendations and store flowers in refrigerators at a temperature of 7-10 ° C.

2. Applying basic rules for working with composition

Both the laconic round-shaped bouquet and the playful rattle require proper handling. They do not allow material changes in direction, inappropriate ligament location, too much squeezing, or a feeling of knocking when the buds lack air and space.

3. Following the main idea and concept

Before creating a bouquet, the florist determines the mood that he wants to convey through his creation. It presents the basic parameters of the composition, its colors, shapes, lines, and contours. Then the types of flowers are selected. Small buds of light shades carry lightness and tenderness. In large and bright bouquets, the play of contrasts and heavier, long and weighty forms are allowed.

4. Competent color rendering

A professional florist knows color theory as well as an artist. The ability to capture the mood of shades comes with experience and observation of the world around us. But you can make friends with colors in an easier way. Both beginners and experienced florists often work with Itten's color wheel when creating bouquets. It helps to combine shades in different ways:

  • Monochrome - when several tones of the same color are taken.
  • Similarly, using several adjacent colors of the circle.
  • Complementary - a combination of two opposite sectors.
  • Contrast triad - the use of shades that form a sharp triangle on the circle.
  • The classic triad is a combination of colors in the shape of a triangle, the extreme points of which are equally distant from each other.

If you want to buy the perfect bouquet with delivery in Ukraine, pay attention to the shades present in it. In a quality composition, the dominant color should be visible.

Color diagram

5. Compliance with "divine proportions"

Like any painting, photograph, or art object, bouquets are also created based on composition rules. The most common principle is "30 to 70". For example, when the leg takes up 30% of the bouquet, and flowers and greenery 70%. The same goes for the use of tones. Works in which 65-70% are the solo shade are perceived better. 30-35% of the composition, respectively, will be occupied by accent, contrasting, or additional tones. But florists do not recommend ordering a bouquet with delivery with a 50/50 color distribution - it looks "cheaper" and less presentable.

6. Finding balance

The transitions in the bouquet should be smooth. In the filled parts, where the flowers are more tightly pressed together, no breaks or voids are allowed. If elements of different sizes are used, half of the composition should be medium-sized buds, no more than 20% should be given to large ones, and about 30% to small ones. In this case, the accents should not be strictly in the center.

7. Reasonable grouping

By placing flowers at different levels, florists set the dynamics and texture of the composition. Correct grouping implies a distribution of elements that distinguish each bud and gives it the potential to open. Then the bouquet looks natural, natural, and follows the basic laws of nature.

8. Knowing of limits

An ideal bouquet is :

  • Nothing of the same type.
  • Nothing extra.

To get a rhythmic composition, it is better to use a different amount of materials. At the same time, it is better to refuse excessive saturation: no matter how beautiful the flowers are, there should not be too many of them.

9. Suitable packaging

A wrapper is a frame that affects perception. Often, a bright "candy wrapper" makes the contents tastier, but such packaging may not be in harmony with another bouquet. In order to properly complete the finished work, florists recommend not to be lazy and consider different options for the wrapper: minimalistic, made of unusual materials, contrasting, or even leave the "picture" without a frame.

10. Proper storage and careful delivery

Even the perfect bouquet will lose its charm if stored in the wrong conditions. It is better to create bouquets shortly before delivery and observe the temperature regime during their transportation. It is worth considering the peculiarities of each species: if tulips at low temperatures can remain fresh for several days without access to water, then hydrangea will wither without moisture even at the shortest possible time.

Kievdelivery delivers flowers and gifts in Ukraine. Our florists never stop improving their skills in the flower craft, create bouquets according to the rules of harmonious composition, are interested in fashion trends, and put them into practice. Like fabulous fairies, they take care of each bud. We buy all flowers from trusted suppliers, store them in refrigerators, and form bouquets two hours before dispatch. All goods are delivered in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Top 7 Flower Trends in 2021

If you want to please your loved one with an original, creative, stylish gift, pay attention to the main flower trends for 2021, which are impressive in their variety. Professional florists continue to use new techniques in their work, skillfully play with colors, and introduce popular fashion trends into their compositions, surprising even sophisticated clients. Such bouquets are like a work of art: looking at them, we get aesthetic pleasure and awaken the most sensual corners of the soul.

Features of the 2021 Flower Trends

For a florist in love with her or his work, a bouquet is the same work of art as a sonnet for a musician or an ode for a poet. Musical composition is more than a collection of sounds, and the success of a good verse depends not only on well-chosen expressions. Likewise, a bouquet is not a simple collection of flowers. Each finished composition carries its own meaning and allows you to look differently at familiar things.

In 2021, the trend towards naturalness will continue. Florists will continue to look for inspiration in nature, moving away from the orderliness and a kind of "combed" bouquets. The most popular will be compositions resembling a flower lawn with its slight negligence, natural aesthetics, and charm. Calm pastel shades and natural colors also remain in fashion:

  • white and dairy;
  • sky blue;
  • delicate lilac;
  • light peach;
  • muted pink;
  • natural light green;
  • deep lilac.
7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 1

These tones harmoniously fit into different styles: from familiar classics to bohemian boho. They add elegance and discreet luxury to the festive atmosphere. The florists decided not to limit themselves in the sizes of fashionable bouquets in 2021. Among the masterpieces of floristry, one can find both miniature compliments and huge compositions of human height. Let's take a closer look at the main floral trends of 2021.

Unity with Nature

Instead of regular shapes, bouquets are increasingly showing slight asymmetry. Like field bouquets with their inherent simplicity and lightness, the compositions of specialists are no less airy. In combination with the usual roses, peonies, and lilies, you can find delicate and graceful gypsophila, chamomile, forget-me-not, jasmine, sunflower. Florists and greens will not disregard spikelets of wheat, fragrant herbs, or spreading fern leaves.

7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 2
7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 3
7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 4

Laconicism and Minimalism of Mono Bouquets

“The simplest things never disappoint,” said the German writer Erich Maria Remarque. The trend towards minimalism in the composition of bouquets confirms the words of the classic and proves that elegant restraint will never lose its relevance. The composition can consist of one type or, conversely, include several varieties of colors of the same shade. At the same time, the gift will not look boring. Professional florists never cease to amaze, and even with mono bouquets, they express tenderness or passion, respect or attraction, playfulness or seriousness of intentions.

7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 5
7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 6
7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 7

The Miniature Quirkiness of Succulents

Plants of unusual shapes and sizes are among the leaders in the list of flower trends for 2021. The popularity of succulents is due not only to their exotic appearance. They keep their freshness for a long time, harmoniously combine with other colors, and are easy to use when creating a composition. With them, you can also form a mono bouquet or supplement with herbs. The most commonly used for these purposes are echeveria, haworthia, "money tree" and aloe. A large succulent plant will become the main accent in the finished work, and a few miniature flowers will dilute the composition and give it originality.

7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 8
7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 9

In a wrapper rustling, a bouquet is more graceful

Harmony should be presented in every composition, no matter what colors it is formed from. Sometimes a pretty ribbon and a miniature postcard with gentle words of love are enough. Sometimes a bouquet, like a beautiful photo, needs a laconic frame. It gives the work a finished look and sets the right accents. It happens that the wrapper becomes a part of the composition and makes a real "candy" out of it: you want to hold it in your hands, hear the characteristic rustling, inhale the blissful aroma of the filling and enjoy every detail of the longed-for "sweetness". In 2021, florists recommend giving bouquets without unnecessary decor and glitter on the packaging. Choose discreet options: craft, burlap, thin papyrus paper in silence, tracing paper, delicate foamiran fabric, which feels like suede to the touch.

7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 10
7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 11

Effective Composition Foundation

Flowers in wicker baskets and boxes will not lose their relevance. In addition to the usual cardboard, containers made of metal or wood will be in fashion. They can have a perfectly smooth glossy surface, or they can be made in a shabby chic style with its inherent scuffs and a romantic vintage effect.

The florists' favorites are miniature compositions in envelopes or gift bags. With the trend towards sustainability, a new way of decorating a composition in a bag-bag has appeared. The delicate buds of alstroemeria, peonies, roses looking out of it look very cute and original.

7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 12
7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 13
7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 14

Creative Presentation

“Bouquets may not be famous for flowers alone,” thought the florists, and decided to add even more variety to their creations. In 2021, fashionable bouquets allow for unusual additions in the form of sweets, fruits, dried inflorescences, cotton, toys. There will be popular and thematic compositions: for example, New Year's with fir cones or with pencils for school holidays.

7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 15
7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 16

Chaos and Paints

Florists also did not leave lovers of brightness and originality without attention in 2021. Volumetric compositions with different types of flowers and shades, randomly located in the bouquet, are still in trend. The main thing is to withstand the mood of the gift and choose elements that go well with each other.

7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 17
7 Top Flower Trends in 2021 in Ukraine 18

Florists Kievdelivery will help to bring your bold ideas to life and please the hero of the occasion with an unusual present. A mono bouquet of roses, original compliments with miniature flowers, spectacular and voluminous compositions - you can order gifts from us to any city in Ukraine, and we will deliver them to the recipient personally in the hands-on the specified day.


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Top 7 Perfumes in Ukraine

With perfume, the beauty of a woman is revealed, acquires an intriguing charm, and as if envelops the surrounding space with an aura of elegance and charm. World expert Stefan Jellinek considers perfume to be an absolute luxury and the finest of all gifts.

The perfume market today is rich in multifaceted fragrances that include several dominant notes. On the skin, they create a unique and enchanting scent, which is revealed differently by each owner. If you decide to order perfumes with delivery in Ukraine, take a look at the most popular fragrances that could win the love of even the most discerning young ladies.

1. Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

A light floral-fruity scent enveloping with unobtrusive sweet-sour notes of grapefruit and quince. Exquisite jasmine and hyacinth in the heart of the fragrance give a characteristic depth that does not weigh down the image, but only emphasizes the woman's charm and arouses interest in her. The floral-fruity bouquet is completed by a harmonious combination of soft iris with elegant cedar and musk. If you want to add more joy, positivity, and a good mood to the life of your beloved woman, Chance Eau Tendre Tendre will help you make what you want.

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2. Good Girl by Carolina Herrera

A fascinating and alluring fragrance that combines lightness and magnetism, sexuality and flirtatiousness, passion, and tenderness in one bottle. Sensual top notes of coffee and almond combine with sweet vanilla, spiced cocoa, and aromatic jasmine to create a mesmerizing symphony. An ideal gift Good Girl for modern women who never cease to enchant everyone with their charisma and cheerful disposition.

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3. Christian Dior J'adore

A multifaceted floral fragrance that continues to win the hearts of graceful and elegant women. A floral bouquet of honey rose, sophisticated jasmine, and delicate violet harmoniously intertwine with warm notes of melon, pear, and peach. A special feature of the scent is the play of contrast of sweet fruit with spicy vanilla, powdery musk, and exciting sandalwood. This perfume is able to emphasize both the charm of a young girl and the charm of a middle-aged woman. A real classic Christian Dior J`Adore that does not age over the years.

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4. Lancome La Vie Est Belle

A bold, bright, and extraordinary scent that sparkles with cheerfulness. Tart pear and sweetish-sour currant in the top notes smoothly pass into the very heart of the perfume, where a duet of the delicate iris and exciting jasmine lurks. The composition is completed with a pleasant, warm trail of praline, vanilla, and patchouli. A persistent, light, unobtrusive scent La Vie Est Belle for a young woman.

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5. Givenchy L'Interdit Intense

A velvet oriental scent that encourages courageous actions, liberates, and reveals a woman's sensuality. The perfume has a strong contrast of black vanilla, patchouli, and smoky vetiver with fresh notes of orange blossom. The aroma captivates with mystery and hypnotizes from the first seconds after application. Suitable for mature women who want to stand out and not be afraid of rich smells.

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6. Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal

Jean-Paul Gaultier knows that "Scandal!" - it's about an extravaganza of feelings. A heady, provocative, and self-contained scent. If at first, it envelops with an unobtrusive scent of orange and gardenia, then gradually the perfume opens up, and the base notes of delicious pulling honey with a subtle caramel scent are felt more and more.

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7. Versace Bright Crystal

A real crystal among floral fragrances that seem to combine the luxury, charm, and taste of sunny Italy. Bright Crystal is able to emphasize both the elegance of a young girl and the sensuality of a middle-aged woman. A perfume that takes you to a summer garden in one application, where the fresh breeze allows you to fully experience the fragrance of flowers blooming at dawn. The top fruity notes of juicy pomegranate and yuzu give way over time to delicate accords of peony, lotus, and magnolia. The symphony is completed by an unobtrusive trail of musk, mahogany, and amber.

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How to Choose Perfumes for the Gift for Woman?

A competent and responsible approach to choosing a scent will make it possible to present a very valuable and desired present. If you intend to order perfumes with delivery in Ukraine but are afraid to make a mistake with the choice, pay attention to several universal recommendations from specialists:

  • Consider the woman's age. Unobtrusive fruity, floral aromas are best given to young girls. More intense musky and oriental scents are considered "age-related".
  • You can choose a perfume according to the type of girl's appearance. Brunettes and brown-haired women often prefer spicy and woody scents. You can give ginger perfume with notes of caramel and incense. The cuteness and fragility of blondes will emphasize floral aromas.
  • Girls often choose a perfume for the type of outfit. Classic perfumes with subtle woody notes will suit office workers and businesswomen. Sweet aromas will be appreciated by fans of the romantic style. The combination of fruits and flowers is considered versatile and will suit your everyday wardrobe.
  • If you intend to order perfume delivery in Ukraine in honor of a holiday, consider the season. Spring is impossible to imagine without flowers. In summer, it is better to give fresh or fruity aromas, and in autumn you can dare to eat products with a more pronounced sillage. For the New Year, you can present a bottle with citrus, caramel, vanilla notes.

Where to Order Perfumes with Delivery in Ukraine?

To be sure of the quality of the presentation, buy it in trusted stores. On the Kievdelivery website, you can order flowers and gifts for every city in Ukraine. We deliver only original perfumes personally to the addressee's hands. If you wish, you can add a luxurious bouquet, soft toy, grocery basket, or any other pleasant surprise to the gift. Write your beloved woman a touching greeting on a postcard to show how much she means to you.

We are TOP florist in Ukraine

Dear Customers, we have great news to share again. This time we have been posted as one of the top florist companies in Ukraine by a reputable world reviews agency. So, everything that our moms think of us is being confirmed by different origins as well.

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Flower Delivery Service Review

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New Ideas for Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's Day is a wonderful holiday that warms and makes the gloomy, lively weekdays more colorful. Usually, we prepare gifts for your loved ones in advance, and then enjoy the experiences of the time spent for several weeks. Therefore, before choosing a surprise, it's worth looking at non-standard gifts with soul, as we say in Ukraine. The era of teddy bears and red pillows, fortunately, is in the past. Though it is true, all of these Chinese cheap stuff often be seen on the shelves of souvenir shops and it is possible that it will find its own customer. But now we are going to talk about another thing. Gifts are a very individual thing! People are so different in their tastes and preferences that it is easy to fail to name them all. But at the same time, we do not need to name them. If you are in desperate need of really fresh ideas for Valentine's Day, we have found several crispy fresh nice, and unusual ideas to share with you and we hope it will help you to make the holidays more special for you and for your recipient. 

 • Valentine's Day Card. Some say it is too banal and ordinary! If you are able to express yourself meaningfully and beautifully in the letter or in the card, and if you apply it all with a creative postcard or envelope - move ahead, do it. Everybody will love to read or to hear a special dedication message. You can write a verse (again, if you have the necessary enthusiasm) or recall a vivid episode of life that would relate to both of you. Give the will of fantasy and do not be too critical to your own text.

• Custom Made Gingerbread. This is the case when the gifts are nice and yet are delicious. Evaluate the true aesthetics and gourmets in one person, although in fact, such a gift will appeal to everyone. Today, many people are engaged in pastry and decoration of gingerbread and it is not difficult at all to find the relevant website or internet store where it is possible to order the delicious gift. You can offer your own version of the design and have everything packed in a nice box. Do not doubt, after receiving such a gift, your other half will not dare to eat this beauty for a long time.

• Certificate for the photo session. The fierce rhythm of life does not allow us to do such things often. Selphie and hundreds of photos on the phone are not counted. But we all look at ourselves differently when we see our own photos taken by a professional photographer. Sometimes we finally start to like ourselves and we stop to complain about our own non-photogenicity every time. Find a good photographer, discuss the details, and print a beautiful certificate. Subsequently, the photos can be arranged in a small photo book that reminds your beloved person of your feelings and attention.

• The book. Books are not enough and this fact is well known by every decent bookseller. However, be sure, even for those who supposedly do not read anything other than news in social networks, such a gift will be pleasant and useful. After all, there are people who, for various reasons, do not buy books themselves. Having presented a good book, you can pretty much console your beloved one. Fortunately, existing publishers offer an incredible number of worthy options. It's quite convenient to buy the right copy in an online store because it is possible to quickly view many positions and choose exactly what suits you or, more precisely,  to a person dear to you.

• Heated Mug. At first glance, nothing special, but for many people - morning coffee or tea is more than just a drink. This is an important ritual with the unplanned scheduling of a new day, in the hope that it will be successful and productive. Even if this ritual takes place on the street, on the way to work, in the car, or in public transport - with the right cup it will be no less pleasing. The range of thermal or heated cups is pleasing to diversity, so there will not be any problems with your choice.

• Compilation of beloved music. Perhaps a more budget gift cannot be imagined! But it will be original and psychic. Knowing the tastes of your favorite music lover, find the necessary compositions, create a playlist, and record it on a CD or USB-stick.

Flowers in Ukraine, tickets to the theater or movies, or simply cozy parties in your favorite coffee shop will always be and stay top gifts for Valentine's Day. As you see, having shown ingenuity, you can invent a lot of successful ways to express your love. And whatever the skeptics said, we still need that day in the year when everything is all saturated with love!

We have added new categories

Greetings to all Kievdelivery customers. 

We have many new items in our catalogs and created new categories to make them easier to find. Under the huge demand of customers, we have created new categories of gifts and flowers for delivery in Ukraine:

Gifts for Her

Gifts for Mom

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Kids

Gifts for Wife

Gifts for Business Partners

Gifts for New Parents

The name of the categories says it all.  If you are looking for interesting and special gifts for your beloved man living in Ukraine - make dedicated browsing of the gifts in this section Gifts for Him. If you need cute and bright gifts to be delivered to children in Ukraine - we advise you to check Gifts for Kids.

New great food baskets added

We have added some bright tropical colors to this cold cold wintertime. Send your best wishes with our new baskets with tasty food in them. We guarantee positive emotions, sweet taste, and great appreciation of the recipients to you for your special gift. 

Super Bright Basket - a big basket full of tasty chocolate bars, candies, and other everyone's favorite things to chew :-). 

Huge Citrus Basket - a huge lovely basket full of tropical fruits. Your recipient will get a basket full of oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and mandarines. Best choice when you want to send a cost-effective, huge, and very useful gift.

Cheese Basket Provance - this is a very elegant basket full of very delicious sorts of cheeses from the Netherlands and France. A cute jar of tasty home-made strawberry or orange jam is added. 

New funeral flowers added

Dear customers and just visitors. We have added several bouquets for ceremonies or for condolences.  If such a sad moment in life happened and you need to send bouquet or spray or just some fresh flowers for the ceremony in funeral house or crematorium - we have the answer and wide choice. You can order same-day or express delivery.  Also, you can write your message - it will be placed on mourning tape. We have experience in deliveries, so, order with confidence. 

10% discount for regular customers

We have made a new website, did some relocations, but most important - we have hired new customer support manager Mr.Raccoon. The first thing he did was to check up if all our regular customers have a permanent 10% discount. And guess what? Not all customers have it. So, we are asking all regular customers (2 orders and more) to contact us and we reply back with a personal 10% discount coupon.