How they celebrate March 8 in Ukraine

How they celebrate March 8 in Ukraine

One day a year, at the beginning of spring, a special atmosphere soars in large and small cities of Ukraine. Smiling girls with bouquets in their hands sweep the sidewalks, loudly clattering their heels, men fill stores in the hope of buying special gifts for their loved ones, and against the background of the rustle of wrappers and the fragrance of blossoming buds, congratulations on the holiday are heard everywhere. At first glance, the day of March 8 seems easy, springy, and even naive. In fact, the holiday has a long history associated with important issues of law, equality, working conditions, and the position of women in society.

How International Women's Day came about

With the emergence of trade union organizations in the mid-19th century, working conditions for men working in factories improved significantly. The same cannot be said about light industry enterprises, whose employees were mainly women. They still had to work hard 16 hours a day, while the level of wages was significantly lower than that of men. On March 8, 1857, workers in New York factories and factories first went to a rally to defend their rights. They set out to achieve a 10-hour workday, comfortable indoor conditions, and equal pay for all genders. To attract attention, the demonstrators armed themselves with kitchen utensils and rattled dishes during the march. Journalists even called this action "March of Empty Pans". Such a decisive step helped women achieve better working conditions and higher wages, but they failed to equalize all their rights with men.

The second action took place in New York as much as 50 years later and reached more than 15 thousand people. This helped to draw the attention of the authorities and the public to the issue, giving a strong impetus for further actions of activists. In 1910, the International Conference of Working Women was held in Copenhagen. At it, the participants, led by leader Clara Zetkin, called for the struggle for equality in all spheres of social life, as well as issues related to politics and economics. At the same time, the leader of the women's group of German Social Democrats proposed to celebrate the International Day of Women's Solidarity annually. The date of the celebration was chosen for a reason - March 8. In memory of the events of 1857. But only in 1975, the UN officially proclaimed this date as International Women's Day.

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Manifesto for Equality and the Beginning of the Revolution: March 8 in the USSR

For the first time, International Women's Day on the territory of present-day Ukraine was celebrated on the first Sunday of February 1913. Then most of the country was part of the Russian Empire. February 23, according to the Julian calendar in force at that time, 1917 became a landmark and truly historical event. On this day, a women's demonstration was held in Petrograd, as a result of which the demonstrators managed to achieve the right to vote. And although the king made concessions to the protesters, this decision did not help him to maintain the monarchy. The manifesto gave rise to the February revolution. Four years later, March 8 became an official holiday in the USSR. On May 8, 1965, it was declared a day off.

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What Ukrainian girls expect from men on March 8

Determining what women are thinking is difficult. It is even more difficult to understand what they dream of. The Kievdelivery team decided to turn to trusted sources and find the exact answer to the question: what women expect from men on March 8. Two years ago, in Ukraine, the Kyiv International Institute of Sociology conducted a survey on what girls want from their loved ones on International Women's Day. The results were as follows:

  • 23% of those surveyed will be happy to receive a gift in the form of a bouquet of flowers.
  • 17% expect care and attention from men.
  • 7% would like to become the owner of new jewelry.
  • 6% of respondents agree to perfume or cosmetics from a loved one.

The study also revealed that International Women's Day ranks fourth in the ranking of the favorite holidays of Ukrainians, yielding leadership to Christmas, Easter, and New Year. By contacting Kievdelivery, you can take care of your beloved, mother, sister, daughter, a colleague on March 8 by ordering flowers delivery in Ukraine. There is a wide range of bouquets and compositions of tulips, roses, lilies, alstroemeria, gerberas for every budget and taste. You can also complement the flowers with an original gift:

  • Sweets. Treat a colleague or girlfriend with a box of chocolates, and a close relative can order a freshly baked cake in honor of the holiday. For girls who follow the figure, a set with exotic fruits will be a wonderful present.
  • Elite perfume. It is considered a luxurious gift for a close woman.
  • A soft toy that will appeal to a young girl or little lady.
  • Balloons, flower bears, eternal roses under the dome - unusual gifts will help you surprise your beloved.

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