Elite Floristry of Kyiv

Elite Floristry of Kiev

The capital of Ukraine Kyiv captivates tourists with its colorfulness and versatility. Here you can admire the monumental buildings of the Classicist era, count the floors in high-tech business centers, admire the luxury of palaces and cathedrals with Baroque elements, or suddenly come across a fancy castle with neo-Gothic techniques.

Employees of the flower delivery company in Ukraine Kievdelivery do not cease to admire the picturesqueness of the capital. Therefore, we decided to confess our love to the heart of our country and share a short article about the mood of Kyiv, floristics, tourist places, and details that emphasize its versatility. As devoted fans of flowers, we will not miss the opportunity to tell what our favorite city conquers us every day.

Impressive information about Kyiv in numbers

We offer to start acquaintance with the Ukrainian capital with some fascinating facts:

  • The official date of birth of the city is considered to be 482nd year. Archaeological research indicates that in the 6-7 century AD there were the first settlements on the lands of Kyiv. It seems that the exact time of the birth of the Ukrainian capital will remain an unsolved mystery.
  • In the city, you can find buildings made in 30 different styles. Including the unique Cossack and Ukrainian Baroque.
  • "Capital of chestnuts" is the famous nickname of Kyiv. It has about 1 million of these trees. During the chestnut blossom period, the city is often compared to Japan in sakura blossoms.
  • The main street of the capital Khreshchatyk breaks two records at once. It is the shortest central street in Europe. Its length is only 1.33 km. At the same time, it is the widest central street in Europe - 75 meters.

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Top 10 most beautiful places in Kiev

Kyiv gives special emotions and feelings. Here you can listen to the rumble of cars on the avenues and the rustle of foliage in the parks. Inhale the scent of lilac in the botanical garden and tickle the receptors with the aroma of the legendary Kyiv pastry. And you can stop and contemplate for a long time the riot of colors: lush green leaves of chestnuts in May, the rich orange slopes of the hills in October, the deep and cold shades of the Dnieper in winter. And in summer you can be dazzled by the golden domes of the cathedrals, bathed in the rays of the July sun.

We have compiled a list of the most impressive places that Kyiv is famous for. Some of them conquer with their majesty, others envelop with natural calm and warmth. But they do not leave anyone indifferent:

  1. Khreshchatyk and Independence Square - start the tour from the main street and square of the city. A place where all official events and folk festivals take place.
  2. Sofia Square is an ancient part of the city with a high bell tower and a rich historical past.
  3. Vladimirskaya Gorka is a three-level park on a hill. Its terraces offer stunning panoramic views of the city.
  4. Andreevsky descent - if Khreshchatyk is the heart of the capital, then his soul has settled in this place. The street unites the upper and lower part of the city and is famous for chamber parks, museums, the luxurious St. Andrew's Church, cozy cafes with flower terraces, theaters, and shops with national souvenirs. Nearby are the popular recreation area Landscape Alley, the elite and colorful neighborhood of Vozdvizhenka, Castle Hill, which offers stunning views of old Kyiv. You can spend the whole day studying this part of the capital.
  5. Podol is one of the oldest districts of the city with numerous architectural monuments, narrow streets, and a reigning patriarchal atmosphere. Includes two old squares - Kontraktova and Poshtova.
  6. National Grishko Botanical Garden is an area of 130 hectares with arboretums, a greenhouse, and cozy corners where you can enjoy unity with nature. During the flowering of magnolias, lilacs, roses become the most popular place in Kyiv.
  7. The Dnieper embankment is a great place for a leisurely promenade. The calm flow of the river, the refreshing wind, and the smooth passing of the ship create an atmosphere of peace and bliss.
  8. Mariinsky Park is a romantic corner of the city. Its pearl is the palace of the same name, which was built during the reign of Empress Elizabeth.
  9. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra - this place is visited by more than one million tourists a year, which makes it the most popular museum in Kyiv. It is famous for its sacred architecture, numerous golden domes of churches, cathedrals, bell towers, as well as millennial caves.
  10. Singing Field is a venue for open-air festivals and concerts. And here the largest exhibition of flower compositions in Ukraine is annually held. At this time, more than 30,000 flowers are placed in a small area of the field.

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Modern Kyiv in Details

The mood of the city is set not only by its historical development and landscape. Modern Kyiv is beautiful in its details. After visiting all the tourist spots, it is definitely worth taking the time to take a leisurely walk - go where the eyes look, look at the windows and go to the cute cafes with green terraces.

We can't pass by floristic studios and floral installations of shopping malls. Through the glass windows of elite boutiques, you can see and elegant mono-bouquets of field species, and fancy compositions of exotic plants. With their appearance, they refresh the city and make it even more elegant. We are inspired to create beautiful bouquets for delivery to our customers.

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Order elite flowers in Kiev

Amidst the bustling life of the metropolis, individuality is especially valued. Even a miniature composition of roses can be an exclusive gift. The main thing is that it emphasizes the character and nature of its owner.

If you decide to use flower delivery in Kyiv, make an individual order at Kievdelivery. We deliver the products on the strictly appointed day personally to the recipient. And let your favorite inhabitant of the capital will contemplate beauty not only during walks around the city, but also being in walls of the native house.

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