Championship of Ukraine 2021 in professional floristry

Championship of Ukraine 2021 in professional floristry

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Compositions and bouquets of different roses: how the championship went

The competition for the title of this year's best florist took place in September at the Christmas Trade Show. "Christmas extravaganza-2021" - this is how the organizers called the event, thereby bringing closer the anticipation of the New Year holidays among the participants and guests of the event. The contestants had to demonstrate three works: make a photo zone, arrange a table for two and prepare a frame bouquet. Also, all the contestants were given a surprise order: to create a Christmas wreath. Floristic masterpieces were evaluated by the best experts in the industry.

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12 participants from all over the country presented their works at the competition. In their works, they used traditional types of flowers: roses, gerberas, chrysanthemums and skillfully combined them with exotic orchids, echeveria, strelitzia, proteas. The compositions were conquered with their creativity, extraordinary vision, and symbolism: the more we examined each work, the more its mood and message to the audience were revealed to us. Lesya Romanyuk, a resident of Lviv, became the winner of the championship.

Trends of New Year's floristry and mixes of roses in Ukraine

Such events are a great opportunity to get inspired, communicate with colleagues, exchange ideas with professionals, and even introduce new trends in contemporary art. It is not only for workers in this industry to understand the current trends. Knowing what flowers and shades are at the peak of popularity, and what techniques are now actively used by florists in compositions, you can not just order the delivery of bouquets in Ukraine, but please your loved one with an exclusive trendy gift. The specialists of our company regularly improve their qualifications, attend thematic exhibitions and events, and also take part in competitions. We closely followed the Ukrainian floristry championship and identified 5 main trends of 2021:

  1. Natural materials. Wood, bark, straw, branches were increasingly used in the works.
  2. Bright or neutral natural colors. Basically, the contestants played with traditional "Christmas" shades: red, green, yellow. Light, pastel colors were also often found: pink, cream, white, lilac. These are ideal options for competition entries and for home delivery of flowers in Ukraine.
  3. Complex designs and disheveled compositions. The most popular today is a lush and light mix of flowers in Ukraine, created from several types or shades of plants.
  4. Combination of living and non-living. Fresh species looked harmoniously with dried flowers, cones, artificial decor.
  5. Use of themed auxiliary decor. When it comes to Christmas, we think of pine cones, candles, spruce branches, and citrus scents. All these elements look luxurious in bouquets as well.

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Where to order inexpensive flowers and gifts in Ukraine

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Delivery of bouquets in Ukraine by Kievdelivery: additional services

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