Choosing elite roses for a bouquet

There is nothing easier than buying roses in Ukraine if the Kievdelivery website is open in front of you - even if you are separated from the recipient by continents and oceans. We are fluent in floristic skills, take a responsible approach to the quality of flowers and services, and also offer exclusive designer bouquets at affordable prices. Couriers make round-the-clock delivery of flowers and gifts to all cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odesa, and other metropolitan areas. We work not only in large regional centers but also in small towns and villages.

Flower delivery Ukraine: price and varieties of roses

Elegant and refined like glasses, or lush and delicate with numerous petals - the range of varieties of these plants on the market is pleasantly impressive. Some are used in small bridal bouquets, others - in solemn and lush baskets, others produce a wow effect with their huge size. To please a loved one and give him the perfect gift, it is not necessary to understand all existing varieties. It is enough to visually navigate the types of buds or stems and then decide on their color scheme. Basically, floristic studios and shops offer customers:

  • Roses without thorns with delivery to Ukraine. The main advantage of such varieties is obvious - they do not prick, and therefore it is impossible to get hurt by them. More often they have buds of small sizes of different shades: from light to dark and saturated. In other varieties, the spikes on the stems are manually removed by florists, so all plants, regardless of their type, are absolutely safe for customers.
  • Bouquets of peony roses in Ukraine are in special demand. A large terry bud attracts attention and adds “fluffiness” and relaxation to the composition. They are also used in classic discreet bouquets: wedding, mono-compositions, and in brighter options that look spectacular thanks to the play of shapes and shades.
  • To impress the recipient, you can order long 1 meter roses with delivery to Ukraine. Large elite varieties look luxurious even in a composition of several pieces. More often found in traditional shades: red, white, pale pink, cream. The cost of such plants is higher in comparison with the classic medium-sized species.
  • You can also buy climbing and spray roses in Ukraine. The former is rarely used in bouquets: it is difficult for them to give the desired shape, which is why the composition loses its accuracy. Such species are popular for creating holiday arches or themed decor. Bushes look attractive in miniature bouquets and boutonnieres. Small branches covered with small inflorescences look especially cute and romantic.

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Expensive and cheap roses in Ukraine: how to choose

A serious approach to the issue of a gift implies not so much the ability to navigate the varieties of colors as the selection of an appropriate product that will bring pleasant emotions to the addressee. In the process of choosing, consider who you give the bouquet to, on what occasion, and where you order it.

For example, for lovers in honor of the anniversary, florists recommend buying roses 150 cm or 2 meters in Ukraine at a bargain price. Such a surprise will produce a stunning effect not only by the fact of its existence but also by its appearance. Bright red shades of elite varieties in boxes or in beautiful festive wrappers with satin ribbons also look expensive and luxurious.

Colleagues, close relatives, friends can buy inexpensive white roses in Ukraine. Light shades symbolize respect, well-being, and sincerity of feelings. Pastel colors are often ordered in honor of the birth of a child or during the spring holidays when nature comes to life after long colds and frosts. Roses with a strong aroma for delivery in Ukraine are ideal for sophisticated ladies who love to surround themselves with beauty. A barely perceptible floral scent is appropriate for a hospital, work, public institution.

For the birthday, it’s good to give lush and voluminous compositions of festive tones: burgundy, orange, yellow, pink. For young girls, feel free to choose delicate pastel shades, and for older ladies - deep and rich.

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5 reasons to order international flower delivery to Ukraine

  1. Such a broad and generous gesture is more eloquent than loud phrases and promises.
  2. This is a great tradition that allows you not to lose touch with loved ones and prove that distance is not a hindrance to sincere affection.
  3. Roses with delivery in Ukraine from Kievdelivery are ordered online, which means they save time. The catalog has already collected the best varieties of trendy bouquets for you. You just have to trust your taste.
  4. You can be sure that the recipient will receive the gift in a timely manner. You do not even need to rely on the speed of postal operators and logistics.
  5. The festive composition is created shortly before sending, which means that it is handed over in perfect and fresh condition.

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Premium bouquets and cheap roses: delivery in Ukraine

Thanks to a wide range of goods and affordable prices, Kievdelivery is one of the best gift services in the country. Here you can buy roses individually in Ukraine, order an exclusive bouquet designed by professional florists, choose a thematic composition or add personal wishes to the order. We guarantee:

  • 5% discount for every client. 24/7 online consultation if you have any questions or difficulties with the purchase.
  • Possibility of free delivery when a certain amount of the order is reached.
  • Timely delivery of the flowers and gifts on the agreed day and time, convenient for the recipient.
  • Safe transportation of flowers in protective packaging in compliance with all-temperature requirements.

To order the delivery of roses and gifts in Ukraine, it is enough to send the selected item to the basket, indicate your details, address, name, and phone number of the recipient, and then pay for the purchase. We work on weekdays, weekends and holidays, and if necessary, we can even fulfill an urgent order in a few hours.

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