Update about our services


Dear Customer.

It has been more than 9 months since the war in Ukraine started. Together with all people of Ukraine we are struggling and surviving.

We continue to provide our services in almost all cities of Ukraine. The list of cities is changing (thanks to Ukrainian Army, it is only getting bigger). Though, there are still some cities and towns where we cannot restore our operations. If you want to be sure about the delivery in this or that town - just drop us a message at [email protected] or via Whatsapp or Viber (visit Contact Us page for details) and we will confirm availability. Or If you do want to check, you are welcome to make an order and if there is no such possibility, we will make you a full refund at once.

We would like to ask all and every one of our customers, former and new ones - we work hard to deliver exactly what you have ordered and exactly at the time you need to. But it is a war! We are having air raids, rockets, bombs, no electricity for hours, no water, and road and border closures. So, we are asking for your understanding and patience when there are some delays or some exchanges in the list of foods or items in the baskets or any other items and services. We have to write it, as some customers do understand it, but there are still some customers who do not understand or do not want to understand that we have WAR and some problems are possible. If some items are not available or we have trouble delivering everything in the normal way we are making a full or partial refund.

Please remember, that every order of yours helps to survive florists and delivery managers. Should you have the desire to donate to Ukrainian Army or to people in need - please us know, we will help you and we will cover all transaction fees and will be sure your money will arrive to the recipients. Just in the same way, we still make sure that your feelings are being delivered in Ukraine right!