Cheese Basket Provance

Product Code: 0880
cute basket full of French and Holland cheeses
$ 45

This basket has the set of tasty cheeses imported from France and Netherlands, accompanied with strawberry (or orange) home-made jam. There will be Bri de France, Camembert de France, Gauda cheese by Belle De Hollande and Landana Cheese. Yes, 4 different types of cheese, 4 different tastes, 4 ways to present positive emotions to your recipient in Ukraine. We will work hard to deliver the positions mentioned above, but due to location availability, small substitutions are possible. Please do not worry - if we make a substitution, it will be of the same kind of cheese, of the same price, but probably of another producer from the same country. Order with confidence and your recipient will get a beautiful basket, full of tasteful cheeses and jam and we are sure - you will hear words of appreciation for the care and attention. 

  • A basket is included in the cost. The food basket is shrink wrapped additionally. 
  • We deliver fresh products only. 
  • Depending on regional or seasonal availability, some items in the basket can be substituted.
  • Same-day delivery, return and exchange of the product is not available.

The basket with tasty foods is delivered in nice holiday packing. In the same time, agree, bright flowers mix will become a great addition to your order and together with the basket they will try to convey your feelings to the recipient in their full. Please do not forget to add your text to the recipient and we shall put it on the card and deliver together with your order for free. 

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