Delivery Fee - Far Region

Product Code: 0901
Additional fee for personal delivery of your order to far region
$ 25

Dear Customer. On this page, you can select and add to your total order additional delivery fees. Yes, unfortunately, our offices and shops are still not in every Ukrainian city (but we're working on it and the number of cities with an additional delivery fee is reduced every day !!!). Maybe with your next order, you will not have to visit this page!

Most likely, you've found your city or village of delivery to the list of cities, where we have to charge an additional delivery fee - Far Region Delivery Fee. This means that our manager will have to:

1) Take the prepared order, his good mood, your best feelings

2) Make a phone call to your recipient once again before leaving

3) Take the car and drive more than 100 km one way

4) Deliver your flowers and gifts personally to your recipient with your sincere wishes and congratulations

5) Obtain the signature on the receipt, get back to the office and to tell Mr. Raccoon (our Customer Support Manager) that the order is executed successfully. And he will tell you about it officially.

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