Giant Teddy Bear

Product Code: 0241
The Giant Teddy Bear is the right choice for huge and warm hug
$ 85

The Giant Teddy Bear is the right choice for the one who wants to express the giant feelings to the special one with style of teddy and honey hugs. Just imagine huge toy of about 100-120 (or 38-45 inches) height. It can not replace you , but it can definitely bring many warm, soft and lovely hugs.

  • Just adorable giant huggy plushy bear.
  • Toy measures approximately 42"H x 20"D. Made in Ukraine
  • Suitable and safe for all ages.

This soft toy can be the great gift by itself, but we wanted to propose you to accompany it with some Flowers or Candies. The cost of the added item(s) will be added to the total price of the order and will be delivered to your recipient. All these arrangements will make a sweet and tender impression and will help you to show the most special feelings. Don't forget to add your words and wishes to recipient into the card that we can deliver with your order.

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