Cake Prague

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Kyiv's classic cake - real cake Prague
$ 26

Please meet everyone's favorite chocolate cake "Prague". If You want to please someone with presenting the familiar and loved since childhood taste? Then let us suggest you order the delivery of Kievdelivery's delicious classic cake Prague. Here's the recipe for this cake - wonderful dessert we can deliver. Cake "Prague" consists of three cakes, soaked in cream "Prague", and poured on top of a chocolate fondant. Cakes for a cake baked from biscuit dough with the addition of soft butter and cocoa powder. The cream consists of butter, chicken egg yolks, condensed milk, and cocoa. After impregnation, the cake for a day in the refrigerator, the upper and side surfaces of the cake smeared fruit and berry jam (usually apricot), coated with a glossy chocolate fondant and decorated with cream and chocolate chips. Attention! Sometimes it happens that we cannot find exactly the same cake as on the picture. We shall contact you to agree on the options we have.  

  • This product is delivered in special cake packing. We deliver fresh baked cakes only. 
  • Same-day delivery, return and exchange of the product is not available.

The cake we deliver is taste and wonderful surprise by itself. But, please, agree with us, that beautiful bouquet of flowers and (or) teddy bear will become a great addition to your order and will try to convey your feelings to the recipient in their full. Please do not forget to add your text to the recipient and we shall put it on the card and deliver together with your order. 

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