Sorrow and Sadness (red)

Product Code: 0870
Elegant sheaf with roses and greenery
$ 49

This is life. There is a moment in life when you need to express your sorrow and sadness, to show your last token of respect to the one who is gone forever. You can express your saddest feelings together with this affordable elegant sheaf where 6 beautiful deep red roses are surrounded by huge leaves of aspidistra and aralia and more greenery added to make the picture of the arrangement finished.  

Attention. Please read the important information below

  • Same day or express delivery is available. No problems, we can. Please order.
  • We will need the name of the cemetery and the time of the ceremony and name of the responsible person 
  • You can write the text to be placed on the mourning tape
  • This price proposition includes sheaf made of roses and greenery, just like on the picture
  • Regular packaging (clear cello) will be used for delivery and removed before the ceremony
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