Russian Red Caviar

Product Code: 0251
Great addition to any food or fruits basket - 120 g can of fresh Russian red caviar.
$ 22

We propose you to add this can of Russian red caviar 120  g to any food or fruits basket you can order from our website. Or you can order its separate delivery - we shall do premium packing and it will be the right gift as well.

Why red caviar? This is something that must be on the table during family holiday celebrations. It is like turkey for Thanksgiving Day or Christmas goose. The Russian red caviar we propose for delivery is from the best company, imported directly from Sakhalin, freshly made. It is just the best red caviar you can find on Ukrainian market (on our choice).   If you need to show your respect and real interest or want to surprise your beloved one - add this item. You will not miss! We do our best to deliver exactly what you see in every area of Ukraine where we operate. For this item - there will be no substitutions ever. This is a very delicate matter and we will deliver only what you see in the picture.

This item can be a great gift by itself (our florists do premium celebration packing, so it looks really nice and promotional), but we would like to propose you to consider adding some Ukrainian flowers or soft toys of Ukraine to be added to your total order - all the items to be delivered to your special person will create amazing and romantic impression and will help you to show your feelings. 

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