Cake Saint-Tropez

Product Code: 5206
The most delicious classic French cake
$ 28

Elegant combination brioche dough and gentle light buttercream - these are the ingredients of cake Saint-Tropez. And the basis of this cake is your good mood and sincere wishes for happiness and kindness for friends or loved ones. And cake got its name "Cake of Saint-Tropez," Brigitte Bardot, famous French actress. Attention! In some areas, the cake may look different from what presented in the picture. When making the order of the cake, you agree that you clearly understand this fact. 

  • This product is delivered in special cake packing. We deliver fresh baked cakes only. 
  • Same-day delivery, return and exchange of the product is not available.

The cake we deliver is taste and wonderful surprise by itself. But, please, agree with us, that beautiful bouquet of flowers and (or) teddy bear will become a great addition to your order and will try to convey your feelings to the recipient in their full. Please do not forget to add your text to the recipient and we shall put it on the card and deliver together with your order. 

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