Eternal Red Rose

Код Товара: 0904
red rose with petals in a glass dome
$ 89

ATTENTION. We need 2-3 days to make the delivery of this item. This is the charming gift - the rose that will live for at least 5 years. We deliver French made, stabilized, special rose and petals of red color in the big beautiful glass dome. With the right care, your lady can enjoy your rose for years. To keep your flower in optimum conditions, the recipient should follow this advice:

- Avoid exposure to humidity above 80%

- Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight

- Only for indoor use

- No watering or placing the product in water

  • The height of the rose is 33 cm (or 13 inches) 
  • This price proposition includes delivery of the stabilized rose in the glass dome with wooden base
  • French made. 1-year guarantee with all special conditions applied.

This rose is a beautiful gift. But, please, allow us to propose you to add the teddy bear or delicious chocolate candies.  All of it will be the amazing gift, which will help to convey your feelings. Please do not forget to add text, we shall put it in the card to be delivered with your order.

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